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  1. JVC autocal

    That's great advice Dave thanks for them tips mate.
  2. Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2

    Same here Al.On bluray it was great.Loved it and will be getting it on 4k regardless just to say i have it.The music was too good and the colors were awesome.
  3. JB HiFi's advertising

    The product is fine in terms of defects and i enjoyed the movie as in this topic's case.Consumer affairs is their for a reason and they apply their expert advice and conduct to false advertising period.In this case there is no overreaction just a consumer who wants to get to the bottom of a problem which maybe no one else wants to do and for the sake of others so they can simply get what they want for there money.But there are staff out there that simply don't care and only go through the motions as in other cases too.The only overreaction in my case is of staff trying to pass the buck onto someone else that has nothing to do with my dealings and has accepted no money off me at all. Now that's not right.There is no secret here or middle ground as its just business on a principle that is clearly not there.As far as Threatening goes, that can happen Yes but i can assure you that no one was Threatened in my case.But i wont sit there and listen to total garbage by anyone trying to make me chase my tail when there is no need.That solves nothing.No need for a refund because the movie in region B or A for that matter is in 185.1 anyway.But i totally agree with you on the point that it can very well be an honest mistake and it probably is but having said that i refuse to chase my tail for the sake someone else's error.Now that gets up my nose.
  4. JVC autocal

    I have never used Skype before but was planning on setting it up anyway via my computer I also have an iPad with good wifi.I can also make a financial contribution to anyone foresaking their data usage for my privilege if that's how it works.
  5. JB HiFi's advertising

    Too right al, I then would have done some research.
  6. JVC autocal

    Has anyone ever sat in via Skype on something like this as I would love to sit in via Skype and listen.I have not got a camera yet for Skype but I can soon organise one and set myself up.I could lean something from this and hopefully be able to do my own and possibly take some notes.
  7. JVC autocal

    Same here Dylan and they are not that expensive.
  8. JVC autocal

    Damm I live so far away.
  9. JVC autocal

    I could not resist my self and picked up a new movie today in 4k so I have to get around to doing my x5500 as I need to brighten my image up when viewing 4k movies as some scenes are a little dark.Wonder how Kazz went with her projector.
  10. JB HiFi's advertising

    Dead right Wimbo as it's not rocket science and it would show that they are reliable.Communication is a huge quality in business which should never ever be ignored.Agreed mate.
  11. JB HiFi's advertising

    Yep, as in my case the problem is just small being the aspect ratio which they mis informed us consumers, but what makes it a big deal is their stupidity to the consumer giving people the run around and telling lies.Thats what gets up my nose and to be honest Why do it.I am pretty sure I can live with a 1.85.1 aspect ratio but I find it harder to live and tolerate total ignorance just like a typical politician that does not want to shame his face. It seems that these companies are never wrong,just us consumers, or that we should get over it and move on for the sake of them.It makes me laugh sometimes.But hey, it's something to talk about so I am getting something for my money.Never mind it will go away.Sarcasm intended
  12. JB HiFi's advertising

    Most consumers think that our rights are limited but in fact we have more rights than the average consumer thinks.There is a lot of bull crap going on in the retail industry as in my own building industry and it makes me wonder how a system like this can sustain itself.Also, one reason why it does is because people can not be bothered to speak out and let these companies know about even the little things which matter.These companies are not that clever when it comes to the crunch and most are in fact bull crap artists.
  13. App scams

    Sometimes I get the feeling that some of these major telecommunication companies think we are charity organisations.Its just paperwork to these people and they see it as nothing more.They go through the motions only and no thought into anything but helping run the show for someone else.Its a hell of a lot different when you run a business yourself and are doing all the work on a much smaller basis as the room for error is not so great because at the end of the day we have ourself to answer to.Some people can sleep at night and some can't.
  14. App scams

    Yea Al we def have to be on our guard mate with some of these companies as they will make life as hard as they can for us in the name of the dollar.