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  1. Yes that's the way to do it for a UHD device if you have a hdmi 2.0a avr ; with an older hdmi 1.4 avr you would have to send the UHD source straight to your display bypassing the avr as hdmi 2.0 with hdcp2,2 copy protection protocol is the bare minimum needed for UHD from a UHD player . Its a complete package source to sink and everything needs to talk via edid comms to everything else.. Basically the avr has to have the correct hdmi repeater chipset If you want to send HDR10 with that signal you need not just hdmi2.0 hdcp2.2 but hdmi 2.0a [ that little extra letter is what you want ] If your happy with plain 2k bluray though its a lot less complex ; hdmi 1.3 or 1.4 can handle this lower bandwidth no problem You don't want me to give you reviews ; Ide steer you towards the dear stuff ; the components at this price point tend to be updated yearly and I go for separates so as to keep the power amp at least Will say I don't like proprietary room eq like YPAO as recent models don't do a good job for low pass filtered bass and the lfe channel which is where room eq is certainly needed according to experts like Floyd E Toole [ upper frequencies notwithstanding to a degree ] If you don't have a treated room or otherwise..
  2. Should mention theres only one pre pro in this price category that is dual differential balanced from input/output for 2ch with no single ended conversions ; perfect for other fully balanced components both source [like a oppo bdp105/205 say] and power amp .And of course common mode noise reduction for those internal circuits .. http://www.audioholics.com/av-preamp-processor-reviews/xmc-1-7.2-av-processor And its modular design can be upgraded to 7.2.4 as can the classe sigma ssp be upgraded to 5.1.2 if you have a small room . The upgraded classe ssp only has 1 hdcp2.2 input though ..
  3. When it comes to passthrough of UHD Recusant we are limited to what hdmi 2.0a/b can pass at the moment ; higher frame rates than 60hz will have to wait for hdmi2.1which wont be upgradeable to for the vast majority of avr's and pre pro's .. What are the 4K formats supported by HDMI 2.0? 8bit 10bit 12bit 16bit [email protected] RGB 4:4:4 RGB 4:4:4 RGB 4:4:4 4:2:2 RGB 4:4:4 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] RGB 4:4:4 4:2:0 4:2:0 4:2:2 4:2:0 4:2:0 [email protected] BOLD texts are new with HDMI 2.0 These high bandwidths are getting even more incompatible imho with scaling chipsets in avr's ; best done where the $ have been spent - the display dlna is a hit and miss protocol sometimes depending on file compatibility . btw ; The reviews I take more note of [ not What hifi ] do comprehensive spec testing including comparisons with other components through a standardised test regime , not all do
  4. That was me recusant ; since then other makes have received hdmi 2.0a passthrough so your choice is wider . In fact certain Denon and Marantz models will be getting an upgrade to pass dolby vision [ if you prefer this ] but maybe only upmarket ones.. If you are happy with 5.1 though the HEOS paradigm has its pluses in this avr - and will be getting a DV upgrade and alexa ; no auto room eq though.. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/denon-heos-avr-av-receiver-review
  5. Bauhn and Sony

    Try a different hdmi cable ; sometimes tmds traces can become misaligned . Also try different ports ; are you sending uhd or sdr from the Sony ? try both to see if its a bandwidth problem .
  6. I tend to look at the whole ecosystem Serpeant not just atmos bd;s but streaming services and mass market devices like x box and xbox one , remember a major reason we have bluray was the ps3 .. https://media.netflix.com/en/company-blog/dolby-atmos-coming-to-netflix People have made a new 4k uhd display purchase and they want the best quality to utilise it and that's why studios plonk the best audio on those platforms ; nobody wants next best when they are paying to improve anyway Heres a good read on why the 2 delivery methods will coexist ; there will always be perfectionists [us] and those who have adequate network coverage are another[ growing] niche - a streamed 4k uhd movie can look better than a standard bluray.. https://www.engadget.com/2016/01/20/4k-bluray-already-dead/ btw I just lucked out on the jb 3 for 2 offer ; 3x 3d movies 2 with atmos for around $20 ; can pay to wait
  7. Indeed vagabond Those with upgrade for life 25% and pt7030 run out deals announcements aren't too shabby either ..
  8. Pretty close rocky ; the XMC1 2.5K us is going for 4.5k aus atm Cant afford 20k + though which puts it in perspective
  9. A little more to drool over at cedia ; note plenty of room for the 3 expansion bays Recently bumped up to 9.1.6 fully discrete awaiting dolbys ok .. No matrixed ceiling dsp like some.
  10. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    To be more precise ; on the 203/5 ; primarily from reading the 203 thread @ avs forums and noticed it popped up from Seandres too. Any correlation with the new disc drive is an open question I hasten to add . I just don't like being a beta tester and the track record on the 4k models release seems a bit rushed but Ime sure it will improve with each firmware [if it hasn't already]
  11. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Glad I sold my 103d Mobe ; I didn't know about the disc drive ; always booted the oppo last after the projector due to edid handshake times Yes they have improved things with the new faster quad core processing chip and totally new loader mechanism .. Probably why theres a few comments about disc freezing if its related ?
  12. Distortion in one channel?

    Specifically with 2ch lpcm + pl2x or thx 7.1 mode as you imply nedrum ? That would rule in your main dd/dts decoder chipset as the outlier . if its not the speaker as swervyn asked ?
  13. The trouble with reliable CEC control Pete is the many proprietary versions out there which sometimes aren't too compatible with others ; Sammys anynet ; Panasonics viera link ;Sonys bravia link etc Hopefully whats stable now will remain so .. https://hdguru.com/hdmi-2-1-to-bring-robust-home-theater-experience/ If you have troubles a good harmony remote can mitigate your remote proliferation
  14. electric cars

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-12/chinas-move-to-ban-sale-of-non-electric-cars-a-tipping-point/8894746 edit ;already posted by brisvegas
  15. Marantz 2017-2018 range

    Yes Pete ; if you want 9.1.6 it needs the latest analog devices griffin lite chipset ; that is ; something like this pre pro pcb vvv which has 2 of them and more horsepower than last gen falcon chips Its rather strange they persist with all those stupid analog video sockets but it does look impressive