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  1. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Follow up on this post of mine. I finally changed the original Hitachi HDD to a new WD Blue 3TB and it spins up immediately on boot now despite being cold so perhaps not a problem with the power circuit after all. The weird thing is the Hitachi behaves perfectly in my PC, it spins up immediately, passes the short and extended SMART tests and has a clean bill of health with 50% more life expectancy (2010 drive used daily since 2012). Hitachi: 7200rpm | 5V 0.45A | 12V 0.7A WD: 5400rpm | 5V 0.6A | 12V 0.45A The WD requiring significantly less 12V current might explain the difference. For anyone wanting to copy across videos to a new HDD, don't forget to copy the database files in the first partition or the videos won't be visible to the system. And don't try to run the repair without the database files since this will delete the video files and you'll have to copy them across again. ?
  2. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    I never noticed scratchy compressed audio with analog out. I tried to remove some old SD channels from favourites but they kept coming back, it seems that simply visiting a channel causes it to be automatically added which is easy to do by accident. I managed to work around it by enabling One-Touch Channel Selection which ends up working better for me but it doesn't seem right for channels to be added to favourites just by visiting them.
  3. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    I only started using HDMI audio a few months ago (firmware 8.18) with a Panasonic TV and was having audio cut outs until I changed HDMI Audio Out from Auto to On so I think that is the problem. Besides that, with both 8.18 and 8.22 beta3 I occasionally get scratchy compressed HDMI audio, sometimes brief, sometimes persisting until the channel is changed, similar to what others have described here and here.
  4. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Thanks, beta3 seems to have fixed it. A separate issue I noticed was HDMI audio stopping but I had this problem with previous firmware, changing channels doesn't bring it back but toggling bitstream output does. Because I did a factory reset HDMI Audio Out was set to Auto which I normally have set to On.
  5. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    I upgraded from 8.18 to 8.22 beta2 (+factory reset) and while surfing channels (channel +/-), I sometimes get a black screen with no sound. Going to the next channel usually gets it working but sometimes it stays black no matter how many channels I increment through and I have to use the guide to change channels and get it working again.
  6. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Takes a few minutes but all EPGs are eventually populated in the background. Cheers wklie!
  7. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Cold boot startup time for my Magic is getting longer and longer, particularly in cooler months, sometimes as long as 20 minutes. The system boots immediately with the HDD disconnected and the HDD works perfectly when powered by a PC PSU so it seems like a power problem. The power supply measures 12V so no problems there. I carefully measured the voltage at the pins of the HDD power connector, the 12V line is good but the 5V line is reading 3V for a considerable time after startup, eventually it jumps to 5V and the HDD finally spins up. So the power circuit is to blame, most likely due to aging electrolytic capacitors, I noticed some of them have slight bulges on top (EC8, EC2, C3). Thanks for the continued firmware updates wklie!
  8. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    My pet peeve with MTV is the EPG won't let you switch to a channel by selecting it like Freeview and most other EPGs. Currently you have to exit the EPG and manually navigate to the channel you're interested in with numbers or channel up/down buttons. It would also make it easier to manually populate the EPG timetable, since it doesn't self-populate using a tuner in the background like Freeview and Panasonic TVs.
  9. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Well that shatters all hope of continuous scrolling being fixed in a future firmware update. .
  10. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    Jungle Jumble = Crazy Stu. Crazy Stu took longer to ship than I would normally expect from an e-tailer but otherwise no problems. All units sold as mtv4000s in Australia are firmware updated mtv3700s.
  11. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    A single tuner Panasonic TV can do it so why can't a dual tuner PVR?