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  1. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Sorry for the late response, I was away all of last week on training :(. Thanks so much for the offer man, thats really kind of you. I had already paid the cash to the repairers though, i felt i was almost pot committed after having paid the quotation fee. I am definitely in the wrong line of business.
  2. Do Anthems usually have this many problems? You must have been unlucky i presume as you dont normally hear of Preamps having issues like this especially Anthem. I have always wanted one :(. I have never heard ARC but everyone seems to feel its the best.
  3. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    What do you guys reckon? Should i go ahead with the repairs at that price?
  4. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    WOW!!! Tecworks (seven Hills) just got back to me with the quote to fix it. 730$ to repair the ballast problem.... I paid 132$ already for the to look at it, so i guess its another 600$ on top to fix it... Ouch, I think that might be the cost of the projector on the second hand market? Or close to at least. They said that involves a complete clean etc but wow these guys really make a lot of money on repairs. The parts are apparently 350$.
  5. FS: JVC X35 - Home Theatre setup

    Bugger , would have bought this if i hadnt just bought a new lamp for my x30...
  6. Any idea on cost to ship to sydney metro?
  7. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Yeah That does sound scary especially since my new lamp only has a 6 month warranty so i was hoping to use it for a bit before the 6 months were up incase it ended up being faulty etc. Sad part is JVC themselves are actually right next to my work place, shame i cant just take it there to be fixed.
  8. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Thats what i mean, if that part is already over 200 US, then its going to be even more down here and then including labour, I might be out 500$ or so. I only paid around 1500$ for the projector 4 or so years ago. Given i spent 300 on a new lamp as well, it all starts adding up to the point where i could go get another second hand projector. I did call JVC and they have told me the 3 service centres in sydney, They said Lismore, Castle Hill or Seven hills. Strange, Lismore is definitely not in sydney. Castle Hill and Seven hills are right next to each other. Anyway i called up the seven hills place and they seemed cheaper so i am going to take it to them and see how i go. 130$ to look at it and diagnose the issue.
  9. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Ouch! if the part alone costs that much and its a decent amount of labour then i guess i am going to be out a decent amount of cash.... :(. IF I hadnt bought the new bulb, it probably would make more sense to just buy a new projector...
  10. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Wow thats so much better.
  11. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    They said when they fix it, the 198$ will go towards that too and if all up it costs more than 198$ then i need to pay the difference but if it costs less than 198$ then i still have to pay 198$ as that is their minimum price to diagnose etc. IT did sound a bit high to me but considering it will need parts and labour to fix anyway then its not as bad unless its just a capacitor.....
  12. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I was told about this place in Castle Hill called Westview Electronics, so i contacted them and they said its minimum 198$ for them to diagnose the issue and attempt a fix. I have also contacted JVC directly as i am not sure if this place is the best service centre or if they have others closer to me. But they havent gotten back to me yet.
  13. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I replaced the whole unit, so i think the ballast is separate from the lamp housing, I presume its what the lamp housing power connects to.
  14. Anthem Mrx 710 On Sale SNA

    How does it compare to the marantz 8801?
  15. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Hopefully they can get parts quickly :(, I did buy a Epson EH-TW9000W second hand a year or so ago and never used it as i had the JVCs anyway (sadly i gave my older JVC HD550 to my bro so thats no longer available for me to use) but i can use the Epson in the interim period while the JVC is being repaired. Hopefully it works, I never even tried it since buying it second hand...story of my life