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  1. Do to non paying winning bidder on ebay (never again !) I have put this out for a second chance offer to previous bidders. Will also extend the invitation to dtv forum members, now $320 as new sub is coming this week
  2. Ready to go now, PM sent
  3. Thanks for the offers but now on ebay. I tried
  4. Western suburbs. Pm sent
  5. Because I don't really know what they are worth, hence I am getting a guide.
  6. $340 otherwise I'll try ebay.
  7. I've renovated my HT Room and am upgrading the Plasma to a Projector in the coming weeks. I'm Just deciding on whether to sell my Plasma or put it on the Lounge room (then in that case sell my 46" Sony Bravia) At this stage I'm open to offers on this plasma for anyone who is interested.(no lowballing, reasonable only) To be honest and very conservative, the plasma has been used for about 10 movies (so 20 hrs or so) as it rarely ever got used. Its in Brand new condition with original box and receipts and includes 6 x pairs of 3D Glasses ! (4 x SSG-3100GB and 2 x Ssg-3300GR http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/plasma-tv/PS59D6900DMXXY
  9. You sure can, you can even use AirPlay with the zone 2, so you can have 5.1 in theatre room and run 2 speakers in another room. Assignable Surround back amplifiers Surround Back Zone 2 Bi-amp Front height Front speaker B Convenience features 2 Zone / 2 Source Multi Room Network Audio, Internet Radio and audio from the USB are available in Zone AirPlay Playback in Zone 2 Zone Settings New Easy Set-up wizard GUI (Graphic User Interface) overlay on HDMI source Audyssey Dynamic Volumeto level out TV volume levels Audyssey Dynamic EQfor great surround sound effects even at low volume levels