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  1. Vintage HiFi

    I've just listed 3 x vintage radios in the classifieds "Other stuff" section. $45 the lot. I'll put the pictures here too. See ad for more details.
  2. Item: 3 x radios, vintage retro, Telefunken, Philips, AWA Location: Sydney Price: $45 Item Condition: used and varied functionally, see below Reason for selling: rationalising collection, going cheap to interested party. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit. Extra Info: Clearing some surplus items from the vintage audio collection. These are in various states of functionality as per the following descriptions. The AWA Radiola is a classic Australian AM radio with the various state's station IDs, and is working. I've replaced the original battery connections which used a single 9v battery no longer available, It now runs happily on a 6 x AA battery holder, which fits into the body, no problem. The photo suggests an uneven gap on top which is not the case. It also has a handle, hiddden behind in this photo. The Telefunken is multi-band and mains powered, but the FM isn't working. Was originally when I got it. It needs a new handle, which would be easy enough to make. The inbuilt telescopic antenna has lost half its length, still works, and there are external antenna inputs. It's a very nice old radio, in fact a classic that's hard to find in Australia and expensive to buy and ship from Europe. The Philips is a lovely looking multi-band radio that wasn't working until I opened it up, jiggled the volume control potentiometer, added a little squirt of WD40. It worked like a charm for about a year then stopped again. May need a new volume potentiometer or some more cleaning etc. Uses Mains or Battery power. Postage: Sydney Metro $10.40, elsewhere ask for quote. Pickup Baulkham Hills 2153. Pictures:
  3. Excellent product, and a steal at this price.
  4. Richter Speakers

    For those who are interested, Ralph's very detailed articles on speakers - what makes them good, bad or indifferent - are here: http://homeentertainment.com.au/speakers.html There's plenty to learn from them if you're a DIY type!
  5. Richter Speakers

    There has been a lot of interest in Ralph Waters joining the forum, and there have been plenty of members posting comments on Ralph's new member introduction thread about their enjoyment of the products. As a former retailer (now retired) of Australian speakers including Richter throughout the 1990s, I've dug out my brochures and scanned them as pdfs. Rather than add them to that intro thread I'll post them here. Moderators can decide if they want them on that thread as well.
  6. DIY audio: what are you building?

    Here are a couple of speakers I've built and sold this year. A 12" three-way firstly, with a Coral midrange and unbranded other bits (!), and a 10" Peerless + Coral below. I have to keep selling to make room for the next build, and pay for more materials. Not done for profit, just for my own satisfaction as a retired guy with a history of music appreciation and as a retailer in the music and hifi world. It's hard parting with things that you've made sound just the way you like them, but that's the way it has to be! My next project will be underway soon, another biggish three-way model. Each one is different.
  7. Item: 25 LPs of Australian Jazz Location: Sydney Price: $50 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: culling the LP collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Some of the covers are a bit damaged (I had to repair the stupid cutout front panel on the George Golla) but most are fine, and the LPs themselves are very good, perhaps could use a bit of dust removal, but look nice and shiny the way we like our vinyl to look. Four of the albums are 2LP so there's 25 discs in all, plus a free bonus disc (sleeve but no outer cover) of the Ray Price Quintet doing an educational record of Australian jazz since WW1. Labels include EMI, ABC, Cherry Pie, Festival and Swaggie. Postage $10 Sydney metro, $18 rest of Australia - if I can sneak them into a 5kg satchel - it'll be close! Pickup Baulkham Hills 2153. Pictures:
  8. Item: Charlie Parker with (mostly) Miles Davis as his main side man on trumpet. Volumes 1-5 Decca London, plus Vols. 1,2,3 of another set from the same period but on EMI. Location: Sydney Price: $120 including postage to anywhere in Australia Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: doing a bit of a cull of my 2000 LP collection. Payment Method: Direct deposit, Paypal. Extra Info: These are classics and it's hard to get them as groups of discs like this. The covers are not too bad, but certainly not mint. The LPs themselves are good and very playable & enjoyable. Could perhaps do with a bit of a clean (dust is always hiding in there somewhere) and new inner sleeves, but they look fine and I've played most of them. They are artifacts from my days as a s/hand LP dealer! Pictures:
  9. Some info please

    The amplifier will not be the limiting factor, nor the price. The complexion of speaker which pleases you will be the important thing. I'd say you enjoy a full frequency range (3-way) but I don't know what music you listen to. While I maintain that a good speaker should be across most styles of music, there will be aspects that direct you to some over others. To those who want a live and punitive wall of sound with killer bass there will be a species of speaker that delivers it. Those who want full range but a more subtle set of internal tonality variations and spaciousness will select a different one.
  10. The case for DIY.

    DIY is a positive for the individual, even if not for the various companies that supply the market. As an individual you can learn, experiment, improve skills, and ultimately (as I have done) build speakers (and other components, some of which require more electrical qualifications!) which satisfy your own needs for a sense of achievement or a particular sound that pleases you. If you don't have to cost your own time and labour, there are benefits in the price sphere as well. But it's not something to go into with too little time, knowledge, or money. There's scope for expenditure of all those things. I've found it a very rewarding hobby as a retired person after a longish period in the hifi industry.
  11. Hi from Melbourne

    Passion makes the world go round - or was that money? Anyway, you've come to the right place. Float some ideas or questions and they're bound to attract responses.
  12. Hola from Melbourne

    Hi Paul, plenty of advice available here as a rule. Separate components is certainly the way to go. Old vinyl can be good or awful depending on the individual item, but cleaning is usually important. Micro systems are also a rather variable commodity and improvement is not always possible, but if the wife already loves it I'd say best concentrate on your component system and don't worry about the also ran.
  13. Beatles Anthology complete 8 VHS $35

    Thanks. I have quite a few left, and three players! Also Laserdiscs and a Pioneer player.
  14. Beatles Anthology complete 8 VHS $35

    I should also note that it's mainly archival material and doesn't really suffer from being on VHS.
  15. Item: Box Set Beatles Anthology Complete on 8 x VHS Location: Sydney Price: $35 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: cleaning out VHS library Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is something any Beatles fan will watch a number of times as there's so much in it, and it's from the guys themselves and the major people in their world. Postage $10.40 in Sydney Metro or probably a 5kg satchel to rest of Australia at around $18. It's under 3kg but not sure if it will fit into that one for about four dollars less. Pictures: