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  1. Bladerunner UHD

    Sorry, my bad. That IS what you said.
  2. Bladerunner UHD

    Thanks Quark. Looking forward to picking this up. Are you sure there is no Atmos? This review says there is: http://ultrahd.highdefdigest.com/48467/bladerunnerthefinalcut4kultrahdbluray.html
  3. JVC autocal

    Also, make sure the projector warms up for 30-45 mins beforehand.
  4. JVC autocal

    Was that an attempt to calibrate REC709 or BT2020? One thing for sure is that your 100% White is way off. Should be 6500k. I can see in this Gamma cal that you have it set to "Normal" which is correct. What I can't see ( you would have needed to do a screen cap of the CIE (xy) colour plot ) is what Colour profile you are using. For the X5000 model, the "Standard" colour profile should be selected for the initial "Gamma & Colour" calibration, and then a "Rec709" and "BT2020" colour only can be run at your preferred iris/lamp settings. For the X7000 model ( with the filter), there need to be two separate runs: (a) to cal Bluray: do a Gamma and Colour full cal, using Gamma = Normal , and Colour = Standard....then run a colour only cal for REC709 at your preferred iris setting. (b) to cal 4k/UHD: measure whether you have enough Nits to run in low lamp ( >80 is preferred), otherwise stick with High lamp ( the colour volume is better, but the lamp noise is a PITA.YMMV). Do a G&C full cal using Gamma = Normal, but this time you need to select, REFERENCE colour profile as it engages the Filter. Then run a colour only cal for the BT2020 colur profile provided by JVC, at your preferred iris setting. Hope that all makes sense.
  5. JVC autocal

    I couldn't get the speed guide to work, so just kept fine tuning from "first principles ". Everbodies curves will be different, based on screen size,throw distance, number of Nits, but Im really happy with the end result. Just takes patience. The good thing about the curve is that you can just keep making minor changes, upload and you can instantly see the results. Bloody amazing tool.
  6. JVC autocal

    I agree using the RM files it is pretty hard to differentiate between 77 and 81. I have to get right up to the screen. Are you saying that the curve you are using gives a image that is too dark overall? What inputs did you plug into the tool? For example, my current default curve uses this profile: bm= 500 bw=100 sc=215 se=0.7 st=0 sg=1 hard clip=4000nits bbi=0.005 For me I need to set bbo=0.011 to resolve a flashing 81 with a solid 77. Ymmv
  7. JVC autocal

    Yeah, i thought that from our communications you'd gone right through the whole process . Glad you got to create Arve curves as well. What is it you don't like about how the image looks?
  8. JVC autocal

    For those wondering what all this talk about Arve's custom gamma curves is all about, here is a link to the wip branch of the program. https://github.com/arvehj/jvcprojectortools/tree/wip It needs Python to be installed on the laptop to run, and works via the same mechanism of communication as the JVC software.ie the pj needs to be connected to the router and the arve tool uploads the custom curve you create directly to one of the Custom gamma slots in the JVC.
  9. JVC autocal

    I'm happy to do a repeat of what we set up at @:) al gtg a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how much success @Kazz has had so a refresher could be helpful for all concerned. As previously mentioned, at times the internet communication between the JVC autocal software and the projector can cause the most problems.
  10. JVC autocal

    Alanah Myles eat your heart out. Looking good @STAIN0
  11. JVC autocal

    @:) al With the new RM files, I haven't looked into them at this stage, other than to see that there is now a section under "Miscellaneous" that provides some test patterns for skin tones and landscapes. For setting Contrast and Brightness for UHD/HDR I keep the JVC at "0"BR/"0"CR and make my adjustments in the program for Arve's gamma curves. There are two parameters called BBo and BBi , and the premise is to set BBi at 0.05 Nits, which is the black floor for mastering in the new format. So using the RM files I use the Black Clipping_2_HDR10 file in the Basic Set up patterns folder, and make adjustments to BBo until the "81" in the pattern is just visibly flashing, but the "77" is solid black. This is usually a BBo of between 0.003 and 0.010. Very small changes are required. The Arve curve program also sets the peak white , and it is generally accepted that despite the fact that 4k movies are mastered at both 1000Nits and 4000Nits, there is only the need for one curve using the 4000Nits target. There is no crushing of whites in a 1000Nit movie using a 4000Nit curve. When you use an Arve curve that is specific to your set up, no other CR/BR adjustments are required. In fact , if you make an Arve curve THEN make CR/BR adjustments in the JVC, it make sthe curve redundant andd will crush both blacks and whites. Everybody using a Xx000 series JVC for 4kUHD/HDR should be using Arve's curves because it is the most straightforward way to get a "perfect" gamma for your specific room/screen. The alternative would be to buy one of the newer Xx500 series which has default gamma's that actually work, unlike our Gamma D.
  12. Cassandra wilson on vinyl

    JB have this one for $25 + $5 shipping https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/jazz/loverly-vinyl-reissue/238094/ Here's a review: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/loverly-cassandra-wilson-blue-note-records-review-by-chris-may.php Will probably grab it myself.
  13. Don't trust the wire colours. Trace the wires from the existing plug. Google is your friend.( sorry cant seem to post a photo)
  14. JVC autocal

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Though I wouldn't say I've "mastered" the process, as was evidenced by the couple of little hiccups we had along the way. At the end of the day,it was a demonstration that a home user can get a great result for a small investment in time and money. In fact ,without risking to offend any of our professional calibration fraternity, I would suggest that for 4k/uhd on the Xx000 series that defaults to JVC's proprietary Gamma D, the combination of the Autocal software and the custom gamma curves that can be created using the Arve application will provide the best calibration possible. Considering @:) al and I were amongst the first in the world to get our hands on the X7000 in November 2015, it has taken a long time to get to this point.
  15. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    http://www.gattiweb.com/bluraymod.html Two thirds of the way down the page. $120 ( free shipping ). Takes less than 5 minutes.