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  1. 110 volt versus 240

    In a general sense i would agree, that is why I believe with any purchase the person needs to do extensive research into a item/brand before taking the plunge. I also believe that when it comes down to it it doesn't matter where a product is made, that same research is required, no place (country) is beyond making compromises in a product when trying to reach a market. I don't favour any place as such where origin is concerned, these things need to be viewed on the individual case. A country like China can and does produce fodder that can even be unsafe, but can and does also produce very good products. This is why I dislike blanket views.
  2. I don't get it

    I'm not touching that one
  3. 110 volt versus 240

    I didn't even think of the mains frequency and the effects/affects there, shows my novice hobbyist roots compared to your professional background, Trevor
  4. I don't get it

    Not very many systems out in the wild that don't have compromises, mine included no doubt about this, the perfect setup is not easy or often possible for 99% of us. It's rare when I have been in a situation to even come close to having nothing in between my speakers................................................I was scared i might have a Freudian slip and say my ears there Edit: but then again would it be bad in that context? I better quit while I'm behind
  5. 110 volt versus 240

    Think you would need a regen thing for that. They aren't cheap. Don't think you really need it, in that it will work Ok without. . Edit: using just the step down.
  6. 110 volt versus 240

    It will be fine if the step down is well made and appropriately rated for the power consumption, needs to be higher than the consumption though, by a margin. But check what voltage you get at the mains outlets in the home it will be used in, Australia has varied outputs everywhere, i used a Altec meter to check here in a flat in Indooroopilly and get constant 250vac, over Virginia 245vac Herston 235vac, it varies a lot
  7. Who remembers?

    Why improperly installed? Edit: ah, i see.......probably not activated/registered in that shot.
  8. Music in the Dark.

    Especially during rest (sleep) Makes perfect evolutionary sense I agree. Edit: you a Dawkins & Darwin fan
  9. FS: Weston Acoustics

    Looks like it has KT150's in that same amp, can it take them? Nice amp even if not, GLWTS
  10. *sigh* I respect you ZB and your knowledge but this Chinese amp bashing is like a broken record. Yeah, I disagree with a fixed statement like that, I do agree the OPT's are very important to the sound possibly the most single important thing, but to disregard everything else that influences the sound is something I do not agree with. But I'm small fry so I'll leave it there Edit: forgot to mention that the OP has an amp and is not asking for recommendations, so....I don't understand the post. I also think Earle's amps are nice amps with fine transformers, and good value, but when It's often accompanied with the putting down of other amps, I don't see it as needed, Earle's amps can sell themselves, and Earle offers 5 star service.
  11. I don't get it

    Was definitely not a case of case closed. If that were the case every thread would be closed as soon as someone agreed with someone else
  12. Same, but need to know what they are doing there before doing anything. And if indeed PS caps the Solen PB is suitable, but not suitable for signal paths or not sound wise anyway. Edit: Someone like @rawl99 could be better at looking at this Premaluna thing
  13. If those 22uF 450v electro's are indeed feeding the input stage, maybe if they fit, Solen PB caps work well in this position in amps i have seen done with them, use them myself in those positions. Again, I'm part guessing what is what from the pics, so keep that in mind
  14. This is just my personal view, and as is known some don't even think cap changes make any difference. Anyway, things i prioritise in possibly upgrading as far as quality goes (can call it different sounding) are the coupling caps, input caps, cathode resistors and cathode by-pass caps if they are there. Definitely need the schematic to confirm things and know whats what for sure.
  15. All I can do from a pic (there be a lot in there for a tube amp) is that the 2 groups of 4x film caps are inter-stage coupling, at the front 2 of the 4 other white film caps would likely be input blocking caps maybe, and yes, those ones at the end of the big PS caps are by-passes. Sorry I can't help more from the pics. I'm not a Guru by a long stretch, maybe pre apprentice or work experience guy Edit: need a schematic, so take my post with a pinch of salt.