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  1. Right you are, looks like It's a work in progress. Hmm... Looking at discussions elsewhere it might be that the driver (if you find it) won't work with Win 10. Not sure. All links to driver download I find are also broken.
  2. Bottom of page 3 it gives a web address for the driver?
  3. Batty is correct with the bodies. The Bronze/Black body is made from a different composite from the Red/Blue body and uses silver plated wire coils as opposed to the copper in the Red/Blue engines.
  4. Vibration

    Make a Bamboo plinth.
  5. When did we become so lazy ??

    Nothing so fancy pants. With the advance of TV's we suddenly had a push button set, so a long stick was sufficient
  6. When did we become so lazy ??

    I'm too lazy to read the whole thread. I would guess it began to take hold in the 80's. When did escalators and TV remotes show up?
  7. Hello

    Welcome, Joshua.
  8. mark No 1

    Welcome, Mark.
  10. Is it 12ax7 tubes used, or octels (6SL7/6SN7)? I think the version2 came using the octel tubes or the 12AX7's, depending on choice.
  11. Long time reader, first time poster

    And sometimes bizarre Welcome
  12. The more things change

    "19" is the better mastered (sounding) album from Adele, "21" is pretty bad compression wise.
  13. That amp appears to have seperate power and pre amp pcb's. You could look at hacking in between and install pre out sockets and main amp in sockets on the rear. Just a passing thought. Use U connectors of whatever you fancy to connect when using as an integrated. Or use a switch.
  14. Would have been nice if those guys gave the manufacturer a chance by sending the unit back and citing those measurements, so they could be sure it wasn't a faulty one. Seems evidence is needed when they want it, but they are comfortable to assume it is not faulty and is poorly designed without qualifying it. Makes me wonder.
  15. my brain already hurts

    Welcome, Cam. Yup, there are so many paths to take it can be perplexing at times, have fun no matter what direction you go