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  1. If you had the same email adress, your DTVforum thread would have been merged into SNA and you should see it in your activities. If not, do a search and it should come up. Are you open to going second hand? Or, being a geek, only the latest? Will help if you define what is a must have and what is nice to have? And given your movie focus, a Denon, Yamaha, Marantz will likely do the job.
  2. HQ Player

    Thank you all for your replies. It is very clear that Roon is better to use. What I will do is start trials of both HQP and Roon. I can then make a decision on whether the current up-sampling superiority of HQP and cheaper cost is offset by Roon's ease of use, extra functionality and likely better R&D. And yes, I am sometimes a sucker for punishment by trying hard to implement and difficult software! Regarding room correction, I used multi-sub optimisation (MSO) (see review) to get my 2 channel + 2 subs to work well together. Above 200 Hz, there are some minor issues, what I am debating whether I need to do anything. Any convolution that I use will likely upset the MSO settings.
  3. That is what I would do, but you did specify floating shelf! The brackets I pointed out earlier can take some load, but as you know, the further out from the wall, the bigger the problem. You could cheat by using right angle brackets and embed into the plaster and then patch up? Steel ones, without a brace.
  4. Suggest using standalone shelving brackets like the two 30 kg rated ones here. Further down, the double brackets may not fit your studs. And best build the shelf your self. The commercial ones are unlikely to fit your studs either. Alternately, build it yourself from scratch and make it carry even a bigger load.
  5. HQ Player

    Currently researching HQP and will start HQP trial after DSD capable DAC arrives next week. Have Sotm SMS-200, currently using MPD server. Roon is no doubt the best UI, but paying $$ just for the UI, not likely? Alchemy looks a little better than HQP, but designed for a desktop. With Muso, I am a bit confused. I understand Muso is a library manager which integrates with HQP (and been reading this HQP + Muso thread without knowing either!). So, am I correct in saying Muso to manage albums etc, but playing is still in HQP? Agree. Users are accepting the poor UI because audio is better. My understanding is that a lot of grunt is required for PCM to DSD up sampling with filters for noise shaping and convolution using the GPU. I will test both PCM to DSD and also PCM to DXD (24/352.8 PCM); the latter is supposed to be much lighter on the PC. Do not intend to use convolution because it will interfere with existing bass management. Will be using Dell XPS-15 (i7-6700HQ, Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M) which should have enough grunt.
  6. Oppo BDP-83 help required

    Have a look at this thread for some suggested places.
  7. I believe CBS provided more certainty for employees. Implying that it is anti Murdoch makes good headlines but I think it is stretching the truth.
  8. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    This thread is going down the S&M gurgler! .
  9. Who remembers?

    Loved it, best ever file utility...
  10. Help me choose a second camera

    Not a big issue if you are aware of it and I have both Oly & Pana lenses. Panasonic started with image stabilisation (IS) on the lenses and Olympus chose body IS. So, when you use a Pana lense, you must switch off the Pana IS on the lense. Conversely, a long Oly lense did not have IS when used on older Pana bodies, but Pana is now using body IS as well. I believe that the body IS now works together with the lense IS, but I do not have hands on experience with it. Canon and Nikon have been reluctant to embrace mirrorless because it would cannabalise their profitable DSLR market. Plus the USA market was prestige focused and reluctant to go mirrorless; sales of mirrorless cameras continue to be poor there cf Europe and Asia. However, the collapse of the camera market, due to improvement of smart phones is forcing Canon & Nikon to reconsider. I used to carry a EM-5 with a pancake lense in my pocket, but now prefer the EM-1 with its larger grip & better IS. Difficult to beat the Leica M10 for size (139 x 39 x 80 mm, 660g) and quality. The Pana GX8Pro, (body 133x 63 x 78mm, 487g, lense 12-35 (=24-70) 305g, 74 mm long) comes close, but may still be too big. Suggest going to a shop and try a few different M43 bodies with the OIy 60 and other lenses.
  11. Help me choose a second camera

    The Olympus Pro range zoom lenses do weigh more than other M43 lenses and are weather proof. But significantly lighter & smaller than DSLR zoom lenses. You can find many examples of people shifting to M43 because of weight and size, even a few pros. Yes, there is some compromise cf full frame, but for many people acceptable for less sore shoulders and back.
  12. Help me choose a second camera

    Try the Olympus OM-D range. The EM10 Mk III just came out but if you want better, can go metal body to EM1 Mk II Pair it with the the 60mm macro. Also, have a read of this old but useful comparison of macro lenses.
  13. Not the end of the Gordan & Murdoch challenge. I think they will lodge an appeal. It is ironic that while Gordan & Murdoch had the biggest shareholding and therefore biggest votes when Ten was solvent, but they chose to trigger the collapse and gave away their voting rights to creditors. They thought they could pick up the Ten carcass on the cheap. Reminds me of Kerry Packer's famous Channel Nine sell high to Bondy and buy back low story, only this time the egg is on the parties initiating the corporate move.
  14. Another ex-NAD person. Had my NAD budget receiver and CD player for many years, loved it. When I started down the path of HT, would have considered NAD but their first iterations were absolute rubbish, little more than adding amps & channels to their stereo gear...
  15. Not sure why electrical qualification is relevant here? We are talking about speaker cables, hdmi, Rca/xlr cabling here. Having a HT installer pre-wire, and then returning to finish it will make the installer take ownership. Not an HT example, but I had an electrician pre-wire for solar, only to discover that they used the wrong cabling when solar was installed.