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  1. Auralic Aries vs MicroRendu

    See this thread
  2. Network player or not?

    The SOTM SMS-200 is a music player which can access music via a network. Whether you choose to use the network is not relevant as long as the music production is good. For me, it was a very cost effective upgrade but it also required a low noise power supply and an audio grade usb cable. Another way to improve music is to use a music server, they do more but a lot more expensive.
  3. Music Server question

    Oops, forgot about your dac! Pls ignore previous post, was not thinking.
  4. Music Server question

    Anything which draws power from the SMS-200 reduces its music performance eg. wifi dongle, non-powered usb. Note that you do not need to place the SMS-200 in your music room to use it.
  5. Music Server question

    Please have look at this Sotm SMS-200 thread. Some potential improvements for your setup are to use a powered usb drive and a low noise power source (the one supplied had a crappy Aus adpator as well!). Also remove wifi dongle and use a network cable. For a long, long time, I had the same misconception. I had a laptop running Foobar2000 to my DAC, using a spare generic usb cable. 1's and 0's in a true digital stream - that is all that is needed! And a cable is cable. Unfortunately, jitter and noise affects the digital stream, which in turn impacts the music production. Since getting the SMS-200, a mid priced usb cable and a Gieseler PSU, music has improved markedly.
  6. First Time Home Theatre Setup

    Go and visit Selby and audition some of the starter systems. Having done so, it will give you a good reference point for budgets, audio quality and some of the brands. Within your budget, do you want 2.0, 2.1 (left and right plus sub) or 5.1? For the same $, you can get better 2.0 speakers than 5.1. While it is nicer to listen to surround for movies, will the speakers be good enough for your music? Most importantly, let your ears be the guide....
  7. First Time Home Theatre Setup

    Suggest you go to your local (which city?) retailer and bring some of your favourite music to listen to some starter systems (Tip: listen at about same volume when comparing systems). This will give you an appreciation of the $$, audio quality and brands. Once you have done that, you can then decide whether to double/triple your budget and get a new multi channel starter system or start smart and get a good quality second main speakers plus AVR, which will far exceed the audio quality of those starter systems. With second hand, there is always a small chance that it will fail.
  8. First Time Home Theatre Setup

    Welcome to the forum... Your budget is very limited and you should consider getting something second hand. With big room and a desire for music as well, I think you should start with a pair of left and right speakers and an amplifier. When you have more funds, then you build up your system, get more speakers etc..
  9. I bought one new a few weeks ago, and just this last few days, 2 have come up for sale here. Nevertheless, delighted with PSU, review here.
  10. Gieseler 12V PSU outputs 1.8A according to Clay.
  11. Foobar or Musicbee

    Been using Foobar2000 for more than 5 years. Good to have the power and flexibility to do many things but can take some time to learn and customise. A few months ago, discovered that Logitech Media Server and its players eg SqueezeLite provide better audio quaility (both via a dac). However, have since moved off a PC and now using a network player (Sotm SMS-200) which has taken the music to a different level. Still using Foobar2000 to manage files, metadata but not as a player. Tried Musicbee long time ago, but audio then was poorer than Foobar2000.
  12. Dirac or Acourate?

    Yes, the Ddrc-88 is usually for surround systems, but because OP wanted 6 channels, the Ddrc-88 can manage it. The link contains the application note on using it for active speakers. The sub option can be ignored.
  13. Dirac or Acourate?

    I think you will need a Ddrc-88a to do 6 channels for your active speakers...
  14. What a shame! Bought mine 2 weeks ago new. Excellent power supply which improved my Sotm SMS-200. GLWTS....
  15. How do you prove ownership of the music if you sell the CDs?