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  1. Thank you. Yes, I was busy listening vinyl and neglect on her. I will spend more time with her
  2. I am actually seriously considering to keep it. It sounds so good. I never tried BDP 105D so cannot comment how it compares with EC800. Functionality wise, definitely BDP105D... Sonic quality wise... No idea.
  3. Just playing "Manha De Carnaval" by Paco De Lucia & John McLaughlin & Al Di Meola via Halcro EC800 > NAD 7020E > N.E.A.R.50ME and it sounds Superb.
  4. Great to know. The question is how do we know when is early enough? By counting number of hours played?
  5. Thank you for suggestion. I put pricing with trade only as description. Hope it is clear enough. If not, please advise me. I will do another edit.
  6. Good point. Thank you. I just edited accordingly. Hope it is now clear enough.
  7. Item: Halcro EC800 CD/DVD/SACD Player Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Excellent (2 months old and still under warranty) Price: This is Trade Only. If you have want to swap mint condition Halcro EC800 with your Oppo BDP 105D, shoot me a PM. Thank you. Reason for selling: Want to simplify set up in one unit (DAC/CDP/STREAMING) Extra Info: I now listen Vinyl most of time so want to simplify the rest of set up by having one unit that has DAC/CDP/Steaming functions. If you have want to swap mint condition Halcro EC800 with your Oppo BDP 105D, shoot me a PM. Thank you. Pictures:
  8. PM sent. Keen to take it.
  9. Very well noted. I will pay attention micro-details and clarity.
  10. I will also start making a habit of counting. I might count average number of hours that I am listening each day instead of clicking each side playing. I am listening 4~5 hours a day so it means that I need to replace every 6~7 months... Is there any sign when it reaches max lifespan of stylus in terms of sound?
  11. Thank you. I will try. Dumb question... So what do I need to check with fiche reader? The LP condition or Stylus?