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  1. By the way, GLWS, @buddyev Speaker looks amazing.
  2. Now understood. Thank you for explanation. Yes, I personally prefer neutral sound (may be different to flat) without particular emphasis on any part of frequency. Heard great deal about Magnepan speakers and love to try some day. At present, can't afford it .
  3. What is Flat Earth Society? Is it society who believes that earth is flat?
  4. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I guess that there is no other way but get USB external DVD/BD player instead. I will leave Sony BD player to TV and get external usb driver instead. @Full Range @Hergest @Jonny Thank you very much for your suggestion, too.
  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Stumbled upon these two awesome musicians and the album. And they both are Aussie. Love Paul's piano and Vince's eloquent smooth vocal on top of it.
  6. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Amen to that
  7. Wow. Looks Beautiful outside as well as inside. GLWS..
  8. Item: Swap books with your CDs, SACDs and Vinyls Location: Melbourne Vic, can Post Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Craving more CDs and Vinyls Extra Info: Hello, SNA Friends Do you have any CD, SACD or Vinyls that you do not listen to any more? Would you be interested in trading with best selling business and design related books? I got over 200 books and they were purchased by me from Amazon and 99% of them are pristine condition. (I read only one or two times only and took great care each of them). Most of them are best-selling business books and have great reviews. I recently started audio hobby and enjoy every moment. I used to listen mainly via Spotify Premium but recently got into CD and Vinyl as dedicated music source and much prefer these but do not have many at present. Hence, would love to check possibility of exchange books with other members' unused CDs and Vinyls. You can choose as many books as you like with whatever you have. I will consider any offer so feel to suggest anything. I listen Acoustic, Classical, Folk, Indie, Jazz, Vocal and even doom metal. Only genre that I do not listen are techno and hip-hop. Please feel free to browse the list attached. Thank you in advance. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k94jfbqbsnzhuhe/Books Lists - Pt1.pdf?dl=0
  9. Hello, I am not even sure if it is possible and love to get some advice if I may. Does anyone know how to connect Blu-Ray Disc/DVD player to iMac 27" (2011 model)? I just would like to watch some live concert DVDs/Blu-rays Discs before heading to bed while doing internet browsing. iMac 27 used to have internal DVD ROM but I have replaced it with with SSD to improve performance long time ago and no longer have it any longer. I have spare Sony BDP-S370 to use at the moment hence checking the possibility. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Thank you. May I know what you mean by 'software'? I could not figure out what it is referring to.
  11. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  12. Have you also tried Oppo BDP105D by any chance? I understand that Oppo 105 comes with a lot more features (network streaming capability etc) but how about sonic quality? Do you think Oppo is on par with EC800?
  13. The best it can get in this hobby (at least to me).. It is just stunning to look at and wondering how it would sound in real life.. It must be out of this world.. GLWS...
  14. @CafadIf you don't mind asking, can I ask a question re stands? would it be sufficient to use yoga block (foam block) for desktop monitor stand? I watched this video and it is definitely better than nothing underneath but not sure how good it is comparing with IsoAcoustic stands. Thank you in advance.
  15. Since, i got enough great advice and got TT, do I need to report moderator to close this thread? Recently joined SNA so not sure what to do.