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  1. EOI : Rega Elex R

    I do love it too. I have two pairs of speakers and it produces excellent sound stage and accuracy. What speakers do you drive with the Rega?
  2. Item: Rega Elex-R Location: Sydney Price: $1450 + postage Item Condition: Mind, this was bought brand new in June 2017 from a seller authorised seller. Reason for selling: I could not resist a cool looking tube amplifier. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: - Comes in original packing - Remote control is in very good shape - Protective seal is still attached to the front of the amp Pictures: Photos to follow.
  3. Leave it to the experts?

    Valid point.
  4. Another full range driver cabinet

    Very nice presentation. Would you consider recording the performance and share it on youtube?
  5. Leave it to the experts?

    Very happy with it now. I'm tempted to change the green capacitor.
  6. Leave it to the experts?

    Thank you all. I got the balance now. Spot on about the rookie mistake..... I do think the back is labelled incorrectly.
  7. Leave it to the experts?

    Will put some more pictures up, the connections and condition of the drivers.
  8. Leave it to the experts?

    I think they we on stands and placed atleast 3 metres apart (which is a luxury). Now is placed on top of a cabinet. May give the booster stands a go.
  9. Leave it to the experts?

    I'm not sure if trying other equipment would help. I thought about a new amp but it could turn out to be a expensive testing method. In testing these speakers performed amazing and engaging in a large room. But when I brought them home and positioned in a small room I find the balance isn't quite there. I still enjoy them and I'm trying to find out if there is anything I could do to make the speakers to reach its potential. I may start with changing the green capacitor and see how that goes.
  10. Leave it to the experts?

    Thanks guys. The makers are no longer around they were made in Australia by The Audio Group. It's a 2 way, focal tweeter and Seas driver. I have not done any measurements only by ear that the balance is not quiet right, abit too much high. I've done some looking around on the net and some says replacing the xovers can help to restore it.
  11. Leave it to the experts?

    I find the high is clear and powerful but the mid is on the soft side.