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  1. Suck them dry of their money my friend...that's what all the cafe's do, $5 single origin drip coffees with $11 toasted cheese sandwiches Dan Murphies now sell over 80 varieties of Gin! remember the cider phase... this too shall pass!
  2. If it's in Northcote they could just build a cafe into it with maybe a gin production vat as well....anfd an onsite barber....hipsters will be crawling up the walls!!!!
  3. Jebus! I thought that sticker was a misprint! Great album though, I bought Like Drawing Blood a few weeks ago (think $20 from US), also a good album!
  4. Search Button

    sunday morning...it's sleeping in.
  5. @disco75You'd previously sold these....any chance you'd worked out shipping prices to Melbourne? (perhaps the previous guy was from Vic?) about 20kg?
  6. Big thank you

    this 'Greg', this individual concerned, this public enemy, this scoundrel of a man is pulling down our Rega prices by just GIVING it away. I say flog him, then thank him, then flog him again!
  7. @vito roccoforte thank you, agreed...TT PSU has jst been released, so I'll get that and a new cart when it comes out in September....and I just stalk the classifieds for the remainder... Primare R32, Rega Aria... Do these Graeme Slees come in black? all I've seen is silver and gold.....I'm blinged out!
  8. Rega Neo Psu

    Bit early, but I read the instruction manual and feel positive about it coming out for the 3 and 6. Plus, a lot of extra sales by ensuring it does and rega seems to promote the upgard-ability of their tables Whilst the ones from the factory (with the Planar 6) are 'hand synced to the motor' in reality it can be user programed (needs a laser strobe pen which rumors were it was going to come with...but that didn't eventuate!) to your motor. Don't wait for silver - same housing as the Fono MC and MM - cut costs by producing group bodies and fascias.
  9. 20% Off Vinyl - JB HiFi July 19 Only

    Adele 21 was the only thing that was on my list that was within a decent range vs. import. other than everything was $20 more. Save my pennies!
  10. @Happy Than the planned Denon DL-110 or the existing Elys2. If better than the Denon you think Ortofon Bronze kind of level?
  11. This is a great thread and very informative. I'm in the similar situation.... Planar 3/white belt/ tecno weight/ Elys2/wall bracket Rega Elex-R B&W 602s3 money set aside for some speakers when they appear... thinking: Rega Neo PSU when it becomes available (September) Denon DL 110 when Elys2 cartridge goes to god nice phono (would like an Aria) when when one comes up and now I'll add to the list: sub-platter speakers & phono are 2nd hand PSU & cart are new in 2 months
  12. Michell Gyro SE

    That's the aspect I like about the Rega....slowly upgrading! it's not very economical - but it spreads the pain over a longer period of time! (kind of like an ex-girlfriend of mine!!!!)
  13. Oh, this is THE NEXT STEP.....now what we do (for Thimmy) is we start discussing the new Brio-R vs. this model....then we start talking about previous sales (one latest model in Brisbane, few months old, was $850?) and by the end of our discussion WE have worked out the price for him!!!! I think I'm developing a bro-crush on Thimmy.....he's THAT good!
  14. This guy is a genius.....don't put in the $ and you get a lovely chaotic queue forming, all raring to go.....then you announce the price (based on the size of the frenzied mass) and BANG sold within 3 seconds. Frickin Genius!!!!!