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  1. A lot of stereo guys have trouble with female connections....
  2. Currently Spinning

    The other threads are just a bunch of [email protected] talking about capacitors, this, my friend, is art!
  3. Your favourite SNA thread.

    I only discovered the spinning thread due to this thread.....I've spent $235 on records in the past 2 hours due to this thread!!!!!
  4. Currently Spinning

    this thread is insane, I only discovered it last night....it's cost me $235 already!!!! so many good records!!!!
  5. Large Vinyl Lot

    Are you shipping or local pick up only? Thank you Spider
  6. I present....my fine collection of black boxes! Thank god they sound good cause they don't exactly win beauty pageants....but there must be something I like about industrial design as my first systems were NAD. The Aria phono is very nice, going nicely with the new Denon cart which is bedding in. ....and for all the mid-century addicts out there that is a Kai Kristiansen credenza it is sitting on.
  7. This will keep me happy for years! How many hours should I expect from this cart? i now have the Rega Aria phono with both Mm/mc inputs.....so next time it will be even harder to decide. anyway....I have speakers as my focus from here on as everything else has come into place
  8. DL -110 thank you to @Mr Thorens for the suggestion!
  9. Rega RP6 - mod install help

    @Juicester You ever over S.E suburbs way? If you ever come near Glen Iris drop me a line and I'll do the install for you.
  10. Cartridge mounting screw

    and they are enjoyed hi end audio....happily ever after
  11. Cartridge mounting screw

    @mloutfie I'm going to Tivoli hi-fi today and work in the city...if you call Tivoli and they have em I can pick them up and then drop them off to you in the city tomorrow Spider

    Or show it my mum as she is now open minded.
  13. Agreed, never even put batteries in mine! Remotes are overrated!
  14. FS: Rega Upgrade Belt (White)

    I can help you out by 50% of your target requirements!
  15. When you have to match your belt to your cart....