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  1. No luck. Will have to book them in with a speaker technician. Speakerbits in Melbourne is good!
  2. Hey Wimbo and Trevor, I hate to admit this, but I will, I have just discovered why the 20mm x 5mm I got from Jaycar wouldn't fit. It took some time but I finally worked out that the ends of the original fuses must be stuck deep inside the housing (it must have broken off) thus not allowing me to insert the 20mmx5mm fuses. Wimbo, thanks for the original manual .pdf. I have no idea where my original manual is after 30 years. Yes the specified one must be correct. I now have to find a way to get the broken off piece out of deep inside the housing.....hmmmmm. Thanks again for your help and interest guys. Have a great one! Cheers Gary
  3. Thanks Trevor and Wimbo for your advice. Appreciate it.... I don't have the original fuses anymore to read numbers. I have been using them with tin foil in the fuse housing as was advised at a Hifi store this was fine as long as I didn't drive them too hard. (This is probably not advisable long term - hence me trying to get the correct fuses now). The fuses I got from Jaycar are the 2ag quick blow 20mm 5mm. These are too long and the diameter too narrow. From memory they were stubby with very little glass and thicker metal ends.
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to find replacement fuses for my set of old DM580 B&W speakers. I tried Jaycar electronics (i gave them the B&W recommended spec 2A - 250V) but the ones they supplied were too long and narrow for the speaker housing. Any suggestions? thanks Gary
  5. Yep Lee I see why you are undecided if much of your material is audio file. It's difficult to make absolute decisions when there is so much choice out there, all competing for user preference, but in contrast to your dilemma I have 2000+ CD's, many of which are rare and I won't be passing up soon (also I love the tactility of the CD and LP's for that matter, which is an important part of the experience for me), so the transport is a no brainer. I am about to look into some better cabling too so thanks for the tip. Best of luck with your decision! cheers G.
  6. Hey Lee, Yep, I sure am. And very impressed with the irDac too - have been using it all evening! Have paired it with my TASCAM CD-RW900sl CD recorder till the dedicated CXC transport comes along. I like a really warm analogue sound for vocalists, Jazz and soundtracks and the irDac certainly delivers this. Are you after the Cambridge CXC also? I'm hoping one will come up on here but prepared to get one new if I have to. Have a good one! Cheers Gary
  7. Thanks David for the greeting. You guys are pretty great! Have read / learnt so much here. I've only just joined and already got one of the components I was looking for. The Arcam irDac - got it through here a few hours ago! It is brilliant! Now onto the Cambridge CXC transport! cheers Gary
  8. Haha...thanks for the greeting djb. cheers
  9. Hi guys, I'm a new member here from Melbourne. Re-kindling my passion for audio after years in the wilderness. Love the supportive community on here and look forward to getting to know some of you. Some of my past equipment includes: B&W Dm580 speakers Rotel RA-840BX3 Proton power D1200 & Pre 1100 Nad 352 integrated amp Currently seeking an Arcam irDac and Cambridge audio CXC CD transport. cheers Gary