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  1. Thanks for directing me to this page Brian. Good to see that you are active again. I have read this page and realised that I may have been able to help you. Before I left my previous relationship, I was researching spatial information and what exactly constitutes imaging. I also found literature denoting that most "positioning" cues are held within the lower registers. So yes, never mono your bass! And believe it or not, the bass drivers should be positioned outermost, mid drivers next to them, and high frequency drivers innermost (giving a more mono setup, but really isn't because of the wavelengths involved and how the HTRF actually works) Now, with the XO work. It's one thing to calculate from a book, but how it's interpreted into real life listening is the "magic" part. Microphone measurements help, but you must really understand what is going on. Done "correctly", will result in a lifelike representation of the program material, compared to the dullness that normally occurs when you follow 'the book'. You will also notice that the crossover will resemble nothing like what is recommended from text. Mind you, these discoveries have taken many years of R & D, and I usually keep them to myself as the "experts" will shoot you down for straying from the accepted norms, even after agreeing that the sound is closer to the recorded material. Go figure! Anyway, the point was, that it's OK to use mismatched (sensitivity) drivers. Attenuation resistor placement is vital though. If you wish to talk further, I can PM you my contact details.
  2. This GTG has been one of the most informative and entertaining meetings I've attended over my lifetime. The hospitality shown by our host and partner has been second to none, so a sincere thank you for the wonderful cuisine put in front of us and making rooms available for our overnight slumber. Always good to meet new faces and any reservations quickly converted to camaraderie. The quality of conversation was of a very high standard and everyone learned something new (not always about audio). The photos should reflect the variation in characters present that made for a very enjoyable weekend. The equipment was as varied as the characters themselves, ranging from DIY, antique, to cutting edge commercial amplifiers. The loudspeaker range was just as varied. The music list was extensive and also varied over an extreme spectrum. Reluctantly we had to part ways. This weekend will not be easily forgotten. It was a privilege to attend and hope to attend many more.
  3. Hi Matt, TomYum Goon soup sounds yummy. What does a browser taste like? This 50 watter has had a lot of interesting descriptions for its sound. I'll leave it at that, -no clues either. What type of tin hats should we bring?
  4. Did you want another 50W/ch amp to compare to? (No trouble throwing it into the back of the car.)
  5. Sad to hear these stories. I'm interested in hearing about your tech endeavour Matt, to see if there is a work-around and stretch your income stream for a few more years. Do you have an estimate at this stage of numbers for the 24/25 th weekend? Trying to judge whether it's better with two cars or a mini-bus from Hobart.
  6. Sorry, forgot about the mushrooms...
  7. Drinking, tin-foil hat wearing, audio crazies... This would scare hardened criminals!
  8. Hi fellas. Just a bit of sad news. I've gone and got myself employed. Bugger! Driving ("managing") the NBN promo truck around Tassie. First day today in Ulverstone. Since this is a casual position, I'm not sure how it's going to impact on this GTG yet. Fingers crossed.
  9. Wishing you a speedy 2nd recovery. Can't wait to hear your latest audio developments. Just take it easy, -no rush. Just had a strange thought...... If you could organically incorporate the hallucinogenic qualities of these mushrooms into your audio system, will there be an acoustic improvement, (say improved imaging) or make a mess of it? - In which case you can revert back to the alcohol. Better still, how 'bout I just shut up!
  10. Is it the mushroom you object to, or that a fairy has pooped on it? Anyways, my partner hasn't booked me in anywhere on that weekend (yet), so you can pencil me in. Recently purchased a 7-seat 4WD (secondhand) if that would suit as a taxi up there.
  11. Legend? Hardly, but thanks for the vote of confidence though. However, from all accounts, your wife seems to have aquired legendary status with her culinary skills. I look forward to the trip.
  12. If the Easter weekend is anything to go by, then the Northern leg will make for fantastic event also. Logistically, I think we can give the mainlanders something to compete with. So, if any are reading this, "come on down!" On the down side, July is out for me.
  13. Couldn't agree more. A rare occasion where one gets a real education about sound systems. Soundbyte's system whilst looking unfinished, shows just how well an open baffle can perform in an average sized living room. The disconnection of one pair of bass drivers was an interesting exercise. Lunch was immensely enjoyed with good company and conversation. Thanks Russell and Sue. Then we ventured onto Brian's lair. What a setting! Nestled within the mountains, is a shack, - but what a shack! Audio gear everywhere! An impressive amount of handmade speakers with highest quality of finishes. Many hours of work there. A passionate man indeed. Thanks for letting a rabble of audio nuts invade your serene environment for the afternoon. I hope to do this all again sometime. Annual event maybe?
  14. A sincere thank you to the Upfront household (including fur kids) for their hospitality yesterday. Lots of discussion (some of it even audio related), coupled with an antipasto platter and beverages, later followed by wonderful dinner (compliments to the chef). All of which made for a very pleasant afternoon/evening indeed. Linc's system sounded very well balanced and detailed. Acoustic panels made quite a bit of difference, as Soundbyte pointed out with a little hearing test.
  15. Whilst you guys are playing with horns and open baffles, I am impressing visitors by forcing them to look at a wall full of plaster vaginas at MONA. I wonder how they'd go as room treatment?