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  1. arr sorry mate sold last week forgot to mark it!
  2. Rega shootout

    Yes that would be ideal having the same cart... i am very interested in comparing RB700 to the rb303, rb330 and rb808... i keep getting told over on steve hoffman forums that the 303 and 330 are better than the rb700 but i refuse to believe it until i hear it.
  3. Rega shootout

    Damn that would have been a great shootout with your RP3 and my P7 as i also have the Exact cart
  4. Rega shootout

    Win or lose ill put my P7 up against a modded P3
  5. 1978 Planar 3 which arm?

    Yeah mate RB300 on P3 RB250 on the rock
  6. Rega shootout

    That would be a great shootout between the RB600 and RB301 considering the other similarities
  7. Rega shootout

    I will 2nd this against my P7 in Brisbane. System is: Rega P7 > Exact cart > Rega Fono MM MK2 > Rega Cursa 3 > Consonance Cyber 800 tube mono blocks > Dali Zensor 7 floorstanders and my room has a fair amount of acoustic treatment.
  8. Over the top rega mods

    I think its an RB700 as it has a 3 point stainless mount.. did you paint it yourself mate? Great job.
  9. Over the top rega mods

    Which would be cool as i was going to upgrade my P3 24 or my P5... i had a GT ref sub and CW... was planning on motor isolation and pulley upgrades aswell. Then saw a P7 for sale sold both and bought the P7 i still have the gt cw but am yet to try it on the P7.
  10. Over the top rega mods

    @buddyev Do you live in Brisbane? Can compare to my P7 if you do
  11. Over the top rega mods

    Cant wait to see it
  12. Rega P7 does it have a tuned motor & TTPSU?

    thanks mate asking because i was thinking of getting the new Neo PSU and was going to see if it could be tuned to my P7's motor which i believe synergy audio will do
  13. Is the P7's TTPSU tuned to its specific motor like the RP8?
  14. Over the top rega mods

    @Capone I love seeing a fully upgraded old school P3 im sure it annihilates its former self. Have you thought about adding Michael Lims top and bottom bracing? Kinda risky i suppose considering the best way to install it would be adhesive and if you dont like it your stuck with it. I would love to do a comparison of a fully decked out 90s P3 against the RP3, 2016 P3, P5, RP6, P7 or even a P9 or RP8. I reckon it might stretch up there a fair bit especially with motor isolation. Not as far as a P9/RP8 but i reckon an RP6 would get some very stiff competition. Of course the acrylic platter may prove to be too different sounding and it might be better to do such a comparison also with the glass platter considering the acrylic platter goes against Rega's design ethos but the other upgrades dont. Have you done such a comparison?
  15. Thanks for the comments and compliments al. I have thought about trying to get the gear on the side wall but its just not practical because i have a Marshall stack, guitar rack, rack with 100s of DVDs on it and 4 more acoustic wall panels that i have to try and squeeze in somewhere eventually. I have a pretty cool design for an all inclusive cabinet that houses everything and will let me get rid of the separate table out the front which will leave my speakers well in front of the TT and the rest of the gear probably by about 800mm.