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  1. Thanks for the advice all, i wont get these after all. I cant listen to them first and they will just be a placeholder until i can find a set of Rega Exon 3's which is proving difficult (can anyone help here?). I will just keep using my Mira 3 for a bit longer before i make a decision on something local or find Exon 3's.
  2. Any opinions would be welcome i am thinking of getting a set to run off my Rega Cursa 3 into Dali Zensor 7 floorstanders. Does anyone know are they class A/B? Cheers.
  3. Why cant nice stuff like this come up for sale in Brisbane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. As the title states. I have been searching for Exon 3s for a few months now and had no luck and i am sick of using my Mira 3 when i have the Cursa 3 just sitting there doing nothing (my Mira doesnt have power amp in). I dont want to spend a huge amount because when i do find Exons i will get them so keep recommendations to around $500 (used) and i am probably looking at a stereo power amp here. Rotels circa 1990's come up all the time would that work ok? I want at least 70 watts per channel (the Naksa 70 in the for sale section?) and will be sticking with solid state. At that price point i dont think i can get anything decent with tubes but if you reckon i can then please enlighten me. Cheers.
  5. You cant do better for the money here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yea just read that should have researched more... what weight do you have... and what cart... according to GT site a 5 - 7 grams cart should use the 110... my rega exact is 6.5 grams with 3 bolts
  7. Just wondering are there any underslung counterweights that dont require the addition of a new end stub on an RB301? Cheers
  8. Its a MKII P9 which has an RB1000 arm and i wish i had the funds!!!!!!!!
  9. Any one know if these would be better with my Rega Cursa 3 than the Exon 3 mono blocks? BTW i dont need the extra power, but would it improve dynamics, imaging etc... are these warm or more analytical?
  10. Massdrop have it for $199 USD but with exchange and shipping its $365 AUD. Alternatively there is a seller based out of Hong Kong on Ebay selling it for $320 with 98.8% and 4500 sales that sells lots of audio gear, see the link below. Does anyone have experience as to where is the best place to buy this from.
  11. I agree Al, there are a number of AVRs that have bypass and analogue controlled volume, this post is mainly aimed at those just getting into turntables who probably own a run of the mill AVR bought from JB HiFi or the likes of, nearly all of which will be running a digital volume control.
  12. Just thought i would post this up as i made a few posts in a thread about entry level turntables recently and a few people were surprised by this, as was i when i first found out about it. If you are using an AVR with your turntable there is a very high chance it is running all analogue signals through an ADC DAC (analogue>digital>analogue) process in the volume control, therefore ruining your turntables signal. Even expensive units with a phono input will do this, only some high end models with a bypass function actually keep the signal analogue (i know a few marantz models offer this and yamaha). There are a few ways to check this i will detail below: * Play your TT then try to turn on dolby pro logic or Neo6 etc, if it still makes sound then your signal is being digitized * Open your unit and look at the area behind the volume control, if its a standard volume pot theres a chance it is keeping it analogue (run the test above), if theres no volume pot its digitizing your signal * If you can control the volume by remote that is a sign but not a giveaway sign, some units are controllable by remote but use a motor to turn an actual pot inside the unit, other units (Rega integrateds, i dont know if higher priced AVRs do this) use a set of stepped resistors that are selectable by remote but keep the signal analogue Basically if you are running an AVR check these things and in 99% of cases i think you will be disappointed, even higher priced units will do this, my $1k Harman Kardon AVR digitizes all inputs, my old late 90s Kenwood also digitized all inputs. I think this is a very important bit of info that a lot of people getting into analogue dont know about and its very hard to find info about. If you are running a budget system and find out that your AVR is in fact digitizing, go and buy a cheap integrated stereo unit and this will solve your problem, i have listed a few options at modest price points below. Rotel RA02, RA01, RA931 MKI or MKII, older RA820s and 930ax units, all of these you can find between $50 and $200. You may even be able to get an older Rotel Pre/Power separate system at around $400 - $500. Marantz and NAD also have very good cheap options at the same price points but im not familiar with their models. Next step up would be one of the older Rega amps, Brio/Mira/Elex clamshell, Brio 2000/Brio 3/Mira 2000/Mira 3 (Mira 3 starting to get up a little in price). The Rega units will be between $200 and $500. The sweet spot is the Brio 3 price/performance wise, $250 - $350 and a step up on other models although ive not heard a clamshell elex but it might be up there. Mira 3 i feel is a good step up in detail and is a little more refined than a Brio 3 and will cost $400 ish. I for the moment have chosen to stick with the Mira 3, for $450 used i dont think you can do better. The Rotels are rather clinical sounding great detail with forward mids/treble, bass is good and fast but doesnt dig as low as most Marantz and i think NAD offerings. However Marantz has a darker less clinical sound, NAD i cant give an acurate opinion on. If you can find one then a Musical Fidelity A100X may indeed be the best option if you prefer a warmer even boarding on tube like sound as they are almost entirely class A and they also offer MM and MC phono inputs, be warned though they run crazy hot and finding a non cooked used one is a lottery. Cheers.
  13. Super deal here for someone with that budget, way better than the new stuff at that price point.
  14. Ill take them