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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback to date, as I said I'm basically a newbie to hifi after so long away so I'm reading every comment with anticipation and then going away and doing research on the recommendations. Well I can say after spending much of today comparing the two amps back to back with lots of different music and at different volumes I can now say the Plinius is going back to the store. For our taste the M6i is more appealing and very likeable. One thing I noticed on several occasions, apart from a hollowness, the Haetonga actually sounded quite harsh if you listened closely with the volume at around 10 o'clock, while the M6i almost always sounded quite musical in comparison. So the search for a amp goes on with the M6i as the new benchmark, I like the idea of trying out a MF M6500i if the chance arises. The Luxman is also appealing as is the idea of trying a old Sansui, when I was a kid everyone lusted after Sansui hifi equipment. Plenty of other good recommendations that I am still reading about when I get a spare moment so please keep them coming. cheers Terry
  2. My present budget would stretch up to $4k (ish). I am more than happy to buy second hand so I guess that opens a number of options. cheers Terry
  3. For the last day or so I have been comparing back to back the Plinius Haetonga to the MF M6i (not the new M6si). I was originally using the Yamaha RXA3060 AV as the benchmark because it is what I have and for music I wasn't very happy with, so I wanted to compare several other amp combinations before deciding which one to keep long term for music with the Yamaha to just do HT . First cab off of the rank was the Plinius which gave, as expected, a big improvement in sound quality when connected to the VA Beethoven Concert Grands. Over the weekend I took a punt even without hearing it with my speakers and brought a M6i, mainly because of what I had read from owners of the amp and because of its price secondhand. So now I have compared the M6i to the Plinius and with some music, mainly bands like Queen etc played at volume, I like it better to listen to than the Haetonga, in fact to me the Plinius can sound slightly hollow and lacking when compared to the old M6i on occasion, but not always. The MF in general sounds fuller and has better bass and mid range definition. The Plinius is sharper and usually more accurate in the treble, but again not all of the time depending on what is being played. I noticed a big improvement in SQ from the Yamaha RXA3060 to the Plinius. Now I have found the MF M6i to be quite different again to the Plinius in its sound production and right now there is no clear winner, I do like both of these amps with the Beethovens which is a good thing. Again I would like to compare these amps to the Parasound Halo Integrated amp, this might prove to be a bit more of a challenge to arrange though. So I would be interested to hear from anyone who has compared the Parasound Halo Integrated to either the Haetonga or M6i? If anyone has any other suggestions for a roughly 200w Integrated amp with HT bypass and that will work well with 4ohm speakers please let me know. I have even thought about checking out the Parasound P5 and A23 as a option which at a stretch is in my present price range and then possibly up specking to the A21 when funds allow. Hopefully what I have just written about the amps I am trying out makes sense, its been a long time since I listened to music on good hifi gear. cheers Terry
  4. The Baby Beethovens are excellent speakers and even with a biggish room would still do the job, that is as long as you have the right amp. We back to backed a set of BBG's and BCG's for a week and both had their strong points. In the end I picked the Concerts, mainly because chances are I will be keeping them for a long time and I always work on the, often proven incorrect, bigger is better principle. cheers Terry
  5. We just went through the same exercise, compared a number of speakers, Dynaudio's, Focals, Elacs and VA's, I know there are plenty of other great speaker brands out there but VA's just worked for us straight away and won hands down. But what speaker we like the sound of might not be the same as you, only you can judge for yourself. VA's from Mozart's up to Concert Grands are very easy listening speakers that won't leave your ears ringing like similar priced Focals will for example. The challenge I am having now is finding a amp that does justice to these speakers in a price range that I can afford at present. What model VA's are you considering? cheers Terry
  6. I would be very interested to hear what amp you would look at then if the Hautonga is not ideal? I am limited at this stage in what I can spend on a amp and accept chances are what I end up right now will more than likely be a compromise. One thing I can say though is the Yamaha RXA 3060 AV is way out of its league when it comes to 2-channel with these speakers. It is a bloody good home theatre receiver though. cheers Terry
  7. While I am a very recent return to listening to reasonable hifi equipment after decades away, one of the things that has blown me away, but is also very annoying, is that many of the CD's I have collected over the years sound really rubbish now when previously they sounded fine with bottom end equipment. cheers Terry
  8. And plenty of distributors will go out of their way to do the right thing by their customers, but that's not quite the point I was making, rather I was talking about our so called by many great recent consumer protection laws. cheers Terry
  9. In my on going search for a reasonably priced integrated amp, today, I demoed both the Devialet 200 and the Plinius Haetonga with a set of VA Beethoven Concert Grands which is the speakers I have at home. I had expected much from the Devialet as if picked it would seriously stretch my present budget, even secondhand. Call me a heathen if what I am about to say goes against the accepted grain but to my ears I found the Devialet some what under whelming when driving the Beethovens. So the amp I brought home for a weeks trial is the Plinius. I intend to sample one or two other amps next week to compare as well, so only time and lots of back to backing will tell which one is the keeper. cheers ... Terry
  10. Whether it be HiFi, Cars, Motorbikes or any other product purchased you will find lots of people talking on forums about how good Australian consumer laws are now and quote them when ever something like this happens outside of warranty, but I have never heard of anyone who has complained to the relevant authorities getting anything replaced after the makers warranty runs out. Equally so I would imagine once one has decided to give the broken item to a independant repairer after the product fails out of warranty when the manufacturer was prepared to fix it at your cost then I would think then any argument that the manufacturer has a obligation goes out the window. Not a good position to be in though and it's reasonable to expect that a expensive item like this should last much longer. Good luck. cheers Terry
  11. Thank you very much Michael, I have kind of blown my budget on the Concert Grands, which is fine but the Yamaha is now annoying me when I listen to music so I'm now searching for a integrated amp that won't break the bank. I will be in contact, thank you again. cheers Terry
  12. My search for a decent integrated amp to power my Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands for music goes on. As some of you may have read I recently demoed the P5 pre and Halo A23 amp and came away very impressed. However I want a integrated with HT bypass. So the Halo Integrated, which I am yet to listen to, sounds like it could be a very good option. I am interstate on the weekend and where I'm heading there is a second hand MF M6i up for sale at roughly half the price of the Halo. Any thoughts on the two amps? I know the Halo has more bell and whistles then the M6i but thought it worthy of finding out what peoples opinions are on the two amps. cheers Terry
  13. Actually my bad, I rang the shop this morning and asked a few more questions about the Parasound. Obviously at the time I didn't pay enough attention when he was setting it up, in fact it wasn't the A21 it was the smaller 125w A23 that I listened to along with the P5 preamp. Which makes the difference even more impressive when compared to the larger Peachtree Nova 150. My preference good or bad is that I'm after a good integrated amp and that in part is why I was going down the Peachtree path along with its pricing. While at the time I didn't listen to the Halo integrated 200w amp because of time constraints the salesman rates it very highly and reckons it will do a better job than the A21 with our 4 ohm VA Concert Grands. While I intend to go back and try it out when I can this is something I can't do easily as we live hours away from the shop. So does anyone here have the Halo Integrated amp? Any feedback about this amp and or what are its main competitors in that price range would be appreciated. cheers Terry
  14. No doubting the Halo has more power, but that was not all, with the Parasound I could hear in some segments of the music instruments clearly that were not that distinguishable when listening to the Nova at a similar volume. I had previously read repeatedly on a European forum that the Halo was a favourite of many VA owners. I guess I now know why it was so strongly recommended. I basically went in there today to haggle a deal and buy the Peachtree, I didn't expect to be going home without it. For now anyway back to the drawing board. cheers Terry
  15. Demoed the Nova 150 back to back with a Parasound Halo A21 Pre and power amp today driving a set of VA Mozart speakers. Have never heard the Mozarts sound so good. I know these amps are not exactly in the same league but what it proved is they are not in the same league. For now it's time to eat humble pie when it comes to how good the Peachtree is, the Halo was really damn good. Possibly the Nova 300 might save the day. cheers Terry