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  1. Pardon my newbie ignorance, but doesn't a equaliser just do more conveniently and in a one stop component what changing out and swapping around components and cables does? I have four sets of speaker cables and the difference in sq on all four sets is very noticeable, same goes for amplifiers, I have three and each has its own sound, then there is speakers, I have two different sets set up next to each other and each have their own sound. I have come to the conclusion, rightly or wrongly, that HiFi is just a big jigsaw puzzle where we all chase our tails constantly swapping stuff trying to tune the system to get the sound we desire. I don't have a equaliser but again I can't help but feel that a very good one would potentially do that fine tuning that most of us are always chasing by changing components. cheers Terry
  2. Good to hear. cheers Terry
  3. Very nice addition Ross, hope you don't mind me asking as it is off topic, but how is the Whest going? cheers Terry
  4. Sorry I'm confused, who is agreeing to what? cheers Terry
  5. Hi Richard, If still available I'd like to purchase these four CD's thank you. cheers Terry
  6. Morning Jeff, I'm sure there are a few members who have put up their hand for one of the EC800's that Magenta are selling off that would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the player once you do the speaker swap. I know I am anyway. cheers Terry
  7. I'm not surprised by the findings in the Stereophile report on the BBG's but relatively speaking the VA Baby Grands are quite easy to get decent base out of, it's the bigger sibling the Concert Grand that is a real struggle, that much so that depending on what style of music being played I often have to use a sub with mine to get reasonable results, don't need a sub with the BBG's in comparison. Please pardon the iPad low res photo of a Baby Grand and Concert Grand together. cheers Terry
  8. Yes I agree it is and I believe me I will be having a small drinkie or two this evening while listening to out recently received lovely turntable and phono stage and I am looking forward to it. No beer though, a cheeky little Shiraz is waiting upstairs patiently to be consumed. cheers Terry
  9. I thought this was a hifi forum, not a alcoholics anonymous get together ... ... cheers Terry
  10. You haven't seen my beer belly have you ... cheers Terry
  11. Unfortunately most Australian beer is crappy. cheers Terry
  12. Agreed, I have in the past gone to concerts that made my parents old long discarded 78 Gramophone player sound like a new flash $100k system. ... cheers Terry
  13. Now that I have the Lehman up and running and are really enjoying it I will more than likely sell the Redgum RGPH, that I purchased from a SNA member, if you are interested. How does it compare to the Vincent, sorry I don't know. Here is a bit of a blurb and it shows what it looks like, actually the pictures don't do justice, the highly polished timber fascia looks great in real life. If you are interested just pm me. https://www.usahifi.com/products/redgum-rgph2-phono-preamplifier cheers Terry
  14. You weren't kidding about it all being Greek where you. I just left a message on your voicemail talk soon. cheers Terry