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  1. I'll take Ultravox Vieanna for starters if that's cool. + Black Eye Peas ... bridge the gap + Peter Frampton ... I'm in you I'll add to the list as a read through if you don't mind. cheers Terry
  2. Bugger! ... Now I will have to go read what a Fibonacci sequence is. ...
  3. That was quick it has now sold out.
  4. When I was looking at Dac's for the M6i I went to Len Wallis's to listen to the PS Audio Nuwave (I think it was called) the salesman bolted in to a system with top of the line Krell Mono's and some massive big dollar B&W speakers, sorry don't know what model they were and to be frank I wondered what all the fuss was about. That wasn't a combination that I would rush out and buy even if I could afford it. cheers Terry
  5. Poor old Irek might be wondering what the hell he has walked himself into here. Regarding the PrimaLuna amp, I was saying that the PrimaLuna is what we enjoy listening to out of it and the MF M6i, though I do reckon there's half a chance a PrimaLuna Integrated HP might sound pretty damn good teamed with the 936's, which is a speaker I like and would happily own. By the way I listened to the 936's teamed with the new Peachtree Nova 150 and it was much nicer and easier to listen to than teamed with a Yamaha AS3000 which sounded to bright and detailed for the Focal's but I reckon the small Nova was a bit lacking. Maybe also as a option (which there are many)check out the big brother Peachtree Nova 300, I reckon that might be a really nice option as well. Good luck with your ongoing search Irek. cheers Terry
  6. Hi Irik, We also have a M6i and its a great amplifier, in most combinations we prefer the PrimaLuna valve amp though. But my short time back in hifi has proven to me that there are no absolutes and what works for one system won't always work very well with another. If you tried the M6si was it at a shop and did you try it with 936's and just as important with the same source and your speaker cables and interconnects? I and many others before have learnt the hard way the only true way to find out how something works and sounds is with a home trial in your room with your gear. cheers Terry
  7. One has to be quick around here, congratulations Al very nice catch. If you like I will pick it up for you next week and bring it up here for a few weeks and make sure it works ok? ... cheers Terry
  8. This evening we did a back to back comparison between the SL-7 and the new Oppo 205 playing side two of Brothers in Arms through the PrimaLuna. Played the record version of each song first then straight after the CD version and slowly worked our way through all four songs a couple of times. Much to our surprise the base on the record version was far stronger and more accurate than on the CD. The guitar work was easier on the air and sounded more real on the vinyl version where as it was quite bright and abrupt on the CD. The vocals on the CD version had more detail, but not in all of them. As with most things in life ignorance is bliss, still early days yet but really not so sure that we should have bought this $200 rough looking old turntable, I really was very happy in my previous ignorance. cheers Terry
  9. Is it considered tabu to name a product that you don't like on this forum? The whole thread would make a lot more sense to read if people just said I don't like brand X becuase of xxxxxx etc. cheers Terry
  10. Nick have you considered the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated amp? We are rapt with ours, roll some different valves and in five minutes you have a completely different sounding amp, so you can almost tune it to what ever sound you like or what ever listening mood your in. It's not like other valve amps either which quite often need manual adjusting to keep them working well, this amp pretty much looks after itself. Might be worth a try and if the Music Fidelity sound works well with Focals then I reckon the PrimaLuna would work even better. http://classaaudio.com.au/index.php?id_product=398&controller=product cheers Terry
  11. My last comments were a bit tongue in cheek Rantan, but yes we are really enjoying hearing vinyl again after decades of not. However this doesn't mean we will be giving anything up, just adding another primary source to the ever expanding extremely enjoyable end product. Given just over eight weeks ago we didn't have a stereo or HT and the only music source in the house was a $200 cheapie three in one we have come a long way in a short period of time. Haven't had so much fun in years, even if it's costing a motza. cheers Terry
  12. ... and here I was thinking you were taking pity on a poor CDphile in helping him get to play his old nearly forgotten stash of vinyl cheaply and all along it was a plot to covertly swing me over to the dark side! Oh well Greg listening to Sade, Kate Bush, Don McLean and Grover Washinton to name a few that we have been listening to today might nearly have done the job in less than 24 hours. ... Bugger I knew this might get expensive! cheers Terry
  13. I'm more than happy with the SL-7 for now, it sounds surprisingly good teamed with the rest of our system and I reckon it was a very good recommendation for a starter and as the original post is named 'toe in the water' I think that says it all. However by the time we have cleaned and listened to all of our old records then I reckon we will know roughly which direction we will be going in. cheers Terry
  14. If Michael doesn't take them I will. cheers Terry
  15. Cliff we just bought the Beethoven Baby Grands last week (the smaller of the two sets) and have been back to backing them with the valve and SS amps to see what amp best works with what set of speakers. That is why the speakers are on mats with the spikes pointing up rather than down so when each set is hooked up they can be slid around to where they work best. Once this is sorted the second smaller system will go with us in coming weeks to our new work place. The Baby Grands really sound excellent and in some respects are a nicer speaker than the larger Concert Grands, we really like the lush warm yet detailed Vienna Acoustic sound so it was a no brainer when the Baby Grands game up for sale. cheers Terry