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  1. FS: Technics SL-7 Turntable

    Would you box and post it Curtangerous? cheers Terry
  2. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    While I am rapt with the PrimaLuna Dialogue Integrated HP amp and don't see me moving it on any time soon given where the rest of my system is up to now if buying again I would purchase the PL Dialogue pre and separate Dialogue HP power amp with a view to purchase a second Power amp down the track. Admittedly this would be far far more expensive than owning the HP integrated which I consider a relative bargain especially if purchased secondhand like I did with ours. cheers Terry
  3. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    There are plenty of very good different brand NOS 12au7's available and many are at reasonable prices so why not try some others? That is what I am going to do. Why not give the 150's some more time I reckon. cheers Terry
  4. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    The NOS Mullards ( Australian made) I had were supposedly early 60's versions, but only lasted just over a month before going off. Then I tried some used Phillips versions that I had which weren't much better. So I went back to the Tungsol's, which sounded much better then they did when the KT150's were newish. After a hundred hours or so usage the 150's seam to lose quite a lot of the brightness they exhibited when new, having said that I will be replacing the Tungsol's 12au7's with some other NOS 12au7's soon. How many hours do you have up on your 150's? As for extra bass, if I'm playing music that needs more then I have a Rel T7i, in reality I hardly ever use it. As for SS amps having more bass, yes in general they do, our MF M6i knocks the socks off of the PL for base but base isn't everything. cheers Terry
  5. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Kelossus, If you have only used the OEM Tungsol 12au7's and feel the KT150's sound to bright (for the want of a better term) then I would recommend before buying either the KT77's or EL34's why not try a couple of NOS Mullard or similar NOS 12au7's in the centre two positions. I did this not long after fitting the KT150's and that changed the whole sound of the amp to be much more musical and less bright. cheers Terry
  6. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    I have a brand new octet of Psvane el34's that I bought late one night after to many glasses of red that I have never used and intend to sell soon, maybe we can work something out Kelossus. cheers Terry
  7. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    By far the preferred valves in our PL are the KT150's. Unfortunately though they are that big you can't fit the factory cover. ... and congratulations on the recent purchase Odyssey.
  8. "My music has to many notes your highness! Which ones would you recommend that I take out?" A fine choice LHC. It's been twenty plus something years since I last watched Amadeus, but I do vaguely remember quite a number of scenes in the movie and after first watching it I did buy the soundtrack and played it to death. cheers Terry
  9. One of the worst actors ever in my opinion is this bloke, I reckon he is totally overrated. No matter what character he plays I cannot watch a movie with him in it.
  10. Recomend me a system ~ $6k

    As others have said avoid Harvey Norman, they only sell bottom end products and often not at such a good price given the low end quality. If you want new then the Lifestyle store, which you have been to, has some great gear in all price ranges and they will haggle big time. Ask for Brendan. As others have said buy a decent 5.1 system and build on it from there once funds become available. cheers Terry
  11. I'm interested in the BlueSound Node2 if you decide to split the system up and I live local if that helps. cheers Terry
  12. Ok. Well given that many are listing multiple sound tracks here are several more sound tracks from an eclectic bunch that I rate and often listen too, but would rate behind the English Patient. In Second would be The Piano and then Ulyssis Gaze, both are at the least what you might call some what melancholy in nature. American Graffiti many years ago would have rated right up there but the sq of the Cd is that poor that I now can't listen to it. The sound track from Lawrence of Arabia is a stunning recording of some very powerful music. ... Cheers Terry
  13. Well we now have two systems and like Irek have teamed up a Yamaha AVR with a MF integrated for power amp duties. Given we now spend quite a bit of time per month working and living up on the Gold Coast for the sake of sanity we still wanted a good second system up here, as the main system will stay at home in Nelson Bay. After much looking around I purchased a second RXA-3060, this time as a run special price and have teamed it up with the MF M6i. The Yamaha AVR and MF used as a power amp work well together and produce a very nice sound quality.
  14. I own quite a number of, what I consider are, great movie sound tracks, but my favourite is from the 1997 movie the English Patient. What's yours? cheers Terry
  15. I'll go second if they are still available. cheers Terry