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  1. Perreaux power Amp on/off button

    Tony at Tivoli/Audio Dynamics should be competent with it.
  2. Vinyl lover

    Welcome mate. Great to see the young blokes getting into vinyl.
  3. That's for sure. I remember back in the early 80's when a Pommie reviewer had a pair of these as his reference and used to get bagged out as he didn't use Quads, Vandersteens, Linns, Maggies or whatever was the flavour of the month. How wrong were his mates!!
  4. I feel sorry for the Turntable underneath.
  5. Used to sell Arthur's gear. As reliable as they come. GLWTS mate.
  6. http://www.audioresearch.com/ContentsFiles/CL120_Manual.pdf check this. Common ground problems on Stats.
  7. The best Roller that I've found is this. Has anyone had any experience with it?
  8. SOLD: 80 Mixed LPs

    I'll go Band on the Run and the Tats album thank Geoff
  9. Richter Days

    I found the Fairytales a level or two up from the mainstream Richters and other speakers in that price category. From memory they deserved a very good front end and amplifier. Very low coloration.
  10. Stream Connor Mcgreggor Fight

    I prefer Kelvinator myself.
  11. Elvis Died 40years ago Today

    Two of my favourites.
  12. Elvis Died 40years ago Today

    I remember the day. Sunny day at a Wahroonga house where I was living with a couple of mates. Working on KuRinGai Council during the day and cleaning at Grace Brothers Hornsby of a night. Saving to go on a 13 month Van tour with a mate around Europe. Best Songs were Suspicious Minds and In the Ghetto.
  13. Any cyclists here?

    Showing my age. I still remember when Specialized first hit the market. Nearly bought the Allez but ended up getting a Ishiwata 019 frame made by Jonny Kitchen and built the bike up from there.