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  1. I had the E50's. Great speakers for a large room. Had a pair of E 90's too. Blew me out of the room and could'nt get back in.
  2. Thank god the NSW Government has banned it. Looks like a good room mate.
  3. Great. Used to Roller Skate around there looking for work.
  4. Loved it. I think I'll watch some re-runs.Tony was another bloke I enjoyed.
  5. Nothing off Blood on the Tracks? Does that tell you something? It tells me I know why he got the Nobel Prize.
  6. R.I.P. Roger. You were good fun and a great man re your work with UNICEF.
  7. Good topic with lots of smiles and no debates/arguments.
  8. This was the six grand variant of the Sovereign. All the speakers in sox were a cheaper line. Same as the Prince had a sock to make it cheaper then the Princess. The black Knight was shallower with less drivers and was lighter then the Sovereign. This photo is without the Sock on.
  9. The speaker that people forget about. The Black Knight.
  10. Such an underrated musician. I've got a lot of his vinyl.
  11. Those numbers wont work. You can get him on 9584 1822.
  12. This and the Cyrus/2 PSX were arguably the best amps they made. I remember once Driving a pair of Duntech Sovereigns with a 2/PSX.
  13. I'd be interested in the Cream album mate if you can post to Sydney.
  14. Thats just plain fraud mate. You should show the HiFI press this.