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  1. Sent you a [email protected]
  2. I think they go even lower!!! 14hz is what the spec sheet says and i wouldn't doubt it, they go deeper than most subs lol
  3. Heard these at Brisbane Hifi the other day & I must say they are very nice, the bass is phenomenal for a floor standing speaker! Because the subs are powered and built into the speaker the bass and midrange / highs blend together in a way that is very hard to achieve with normal subwoofer / speaker arrangements. Great buy for the price GLWS.
  4. Love Monitor Audio, beautiful speakers Awesome frequency response GLWS
  5. Love the design [emoji1360] so cool! GLWS
  6. Beautiful! Bob Carver is a legend. GLWS.
  7. Have one of these & it sounds great! This is a good price. It would be awesome paired with the Cyrus smart power also for sale on SNA! Perfect bi-amp solution too GLWS
  8. Good price, I bought 2x exactly the same for $500ea a few weeks ago. GLWS P.s awesome sounding in stereo or mono
  9. 1+ For Monitor Audio & Cyrus combo [emoji1360]
  10. Beautiful speakers, love my gold gx300's. The platinums would only improve from there. Good price. Wish I could justify such a purchase with my wife. GLWS.
  11. I love my hrs-10, Great little subwoofer. Awesome bass from a tiny box! GLWS.
  12. So beautiful. GLWS
  13. Thanks Marc Looks like he ain't getting a Dola out of anyone on SNA! Cheers. Signatune.
  14. That made me laugh [emoji23] Stay vigilant guys [emoji1365]
  15. Haha yeah, apparently they didn't change pants or socks even though they changed continents!!