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  1. I was reading a review about it and apparently the video connectors aren't actually wired up inside. Quoted from review "Included on the back are DVI-D and VGA connections, but these are not wired internally and as such won’t work, although the DS1 can rip and stream high quality video via SMB, DLNA or NFS if so desired". This was a review of the DS 1 which I assume this is.
  2. Hey Biggs, Are those pictures coming soon or have you sold everything? I may be interested in the Aurender if it's still available? Can you PM pics, your price and what music you have on it? Cheers.
  3. @Sir Sanders Zingmore PM sent with intention to buy.
  4. Thanks all. I'm sure I'll love it hear! Enjoying browsing through the classifieds, however not able to post comments yet. Can anyone shed some light on why? I don't even have the comment bar visible at the bottom to allow me to post...
  5. The names Rori, have often used this site for knowledge, but never really took the plunge to join until now! Looking forward to learning, helping and possibly buying/selling gear for years to come. Cheers, Rori.
  6. I'm having the same problem. Hoping to be able to reply now that I've posted here.