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  1. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    go for it, BUT go into it with your eyes open. here is my experience he did do a good job on my sansui receiver, however, it was the worst customer service experience i have ever had. i dropped it off in october, a week later he rang to say it was "only going to need some TLC, should only take a few weeks to have it ready". i left it a month then started calling him, not response. over the next few months i left countless messages on his land line, mobile, even email. In march i decided to try one more message. i left a phone message stating that i would take legal proceedings if he didn't get back to me by COB the next day. what a surprise, at 9am the next morning it was a jovial Dallas Clarke ringing to say he was meaning to call me and that i could come and pick it up.
  2. Hi guys, i have recently aquired a sansui 3000a that works very well but there is one annoying problem. the speaker selector switch for "A" speakers does not completely cut the sound when switched to the off position, it merely decreases the sound. switch B operates perfectly. any thoughts? preferably an easy diy solution. i dont want to have to deal with my repairer again