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  1. So I got the soeakers and stands... I have an issue w the stands condition. It wasn't disclosed to me so the seller thinks it is shippers problem but is willing to work with me to get it resolved. Would this bother you?
  2. I agree, the PM1 are special. They will be a great addition to my collection. I also have the BW802D3 and the Sonus Faber Olympica III.
  3. After keeping an eye on these to pop up on the used market, I finally found a pretty decent pair. I bought a pair and it is incoming and will be here in a couple days. I look forward to adding this to my collection, this will be my 3rd system for the gameroom. Anyone here with these?
  4. BW PM1 if you can find one? I like that one.
  5. What's the consensus on this piece? Looking at one.
  6. @Sime lol atleast we got the class d thing settled
  7. Classe would not leave their venerable class a/ab line. rotel got burned last time they did that. And Classe owns Rotel.
  8. I doubt it. I am not sure how much the sigma 2200 integrated is there... But here it's about twice that of my Rotel RA1592. that one is class d
  9. I get suckered all the time my wife's like... Are you listening to your speakers or the music... I'm like... "Uhhh"
  10. 2017 Classe delta amps. Doesnt look like class d to me.
  11. That was your quote. Classe DID NOT go to pure class D. You get that @Sime?
  12. No, you said Classe went all class d. they did not. Only on their cheaper sigma line. The delta lines are class a to ab.
  13. Are you joking? Classe has 2 lines. Delta and sigma. The sigma anps are class D. The delta amps are class AB with some class A bias. I owned the Classe CAM600 up to a few months ago. They have new delta amps coming this year, they are heavily biased into class A.
  14. Here's my review of the RA1592.