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  1. Give me a couple weeks when I finish the room, then I will post pics and REW
  2. I posted and asked him about the specifics of his room and how he positioned the speakers. SBIR might be at play as he might not have addressed it. Nor did he account for the standing waves in that particular room dimension. His seat height would also have a play in vertical standing waves. And he might not have treated the room. My room is heavily treated, I have researched room acoustics beyond what normal mortals though.
  3. Exactly! How do you like the redwood? That's what I was going to get until I stumbled onto my Wels.
  4. I own the 1592 and I like it. You should search for my review
  5. I see lots of computer based set ups here. The best thing about my DAC stack is that the Emm Dac2x can handle inputs from a digital source such as a computer or a streamer. THat's the next journey I have yet to take.
  6. Try to see if you can get the RA1592. I guarantee you wont be shortchanging your PM1 then. That's what I got on my Sonus Faber Olympica 3 and they sing.
  7. I have tried the RA1570 and its bigger brother the RA1592. I ended up keeping the 1592. The 1570 is a swiss army knife, it's got bluetooth and inputs for nearly anything you might ever need. I would go for it.
  8. Hello my friend, Decision is still pending... we tried to get an audition this weekend but had a severe thunderstorm so I was cooped up at home..... will try again.
  9. They don't use scan speak for the mid or bass, I believe Andy creates his own drivers. The tweeter is scan speak, probably because they build a really good one. when I had the Aviors they were really good. I enjoyed them.
  10. 2 things, you're causing sbir with the rear wall as you're NOT pulling it far enough. And you're probably sitting on a room bass node/peak of a standing wave. its not the pm1s fault.
  11. I enjoy the cm6s2... Job well done
  12. I've owned the Aviors before. Great speaker but went another direction
  13. What's your digital source? Where did you come from and where do you hope to go? ill start: cary 306 sacd then now emm stack (emm tsdx transport and emm dac2x dac) for the future... I'm not sure cuz I'm happy where i am.
  14. Sweet! did you buy the stands?
  15. Jeez... what a tour de force..... can't wait to audition one. Might just get rid of everything I got for it... goodbye audio gear, hello Beo90.