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  1. Goodaye all Got a mint Teac A430 Cassette deck with manual's here and l dont know how good these are. l would be struggling to find a tape to play. regards Bruce
  2. Goodaye all l sit here writing this with the little BIG Sansui AU 101 playing in the background. One of the mods suggested on the 101 (thanks Pete) was extra caps on the coupling caps. My first thought from the dim past of Tafe and Uni was this lowers the capacitive values a lot. But l did and improved the detail so what was happening. So spent a bit of time researching coupled amps and this is what l learnt. Big coupling caps improve the bass and should always be electrolytic, but mid range and high freq is downgraded. Mid and high freq improve with the addition of low value polyproplene caps. Addition of further lower value caps could also help. The different value's of the caps are allowing a stronger/ cleaner freq signal in certain ranges for each cap. So the amp designer using 1 cap needs to have selected the correct value for all freq but adding extra caps improve the freq response and the bean counters get uptite?? Better amps would have a number of caps on the coupling caps. Looking around l could not find any formula or charts of what sizes for the correct freq response. Its a suck and see as far as could tell. Didnt see any side effects noted but l am sure the law of diminishing returns would dictate how many caps would be a max. l hope this explains it easily and is correct??. Life was so much simpler dealing with on and off. regards Bruce
  3. Hifi is cheap, aviation you just keep adding zero's Cars are only a little better. regards Bruce.
  4. l'll take her. regards Bruce
  5. Thanks john l was thinking current through the fuses, l will check the cap voltage, l have a a basic scope but no signal gen, yet. What power cap and coupling caps would you reccomend? Upgrading the rest of the caps using the 101 upgrade as a template. These are the tranisiters l am subbing on the tone board. Fairchild KSC1845FTA transistors - sub for 2SC458 2SC1845 2SC1312 2SC732 My Boss has some Tannoy Gold monitors he got brand new in the 70's, thinking of trying it out with those. regards Bruce
  6. Thanks, l have the manual but no mention of the procedure. Crackling back after 20mins so will be replacing all transisters on the tone board. Got some Fairchild eqs coming. Had the same problem on the 101 regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Magic spray and a fuse and it sounds great. The filter and coupling caps have already been changed to Nichon Black so there staying, the rest are the old Elena caps so there going, Wont touch anything else. There is one thing Bias voltage or idle current has anybody got the adjustment procedure? regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye all New friends for my AU101 a AU505 and TU317 tuner. Fired it up right channel is fine on both speakers, left is nothing but crackle. Will test the tuner later. Not sure what l am doing with both yet but the 505 will get some transisters and caps for a start. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all So impressed with my AU101 l am going to pickup two new Sansui friends today. Will post pics later, will also be looking at mod suggestions. Still amazed at how good these things sound. regards Bruce
  10. But only if you can afford it. regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all l grew up through Dos and Windows, all the machine interfaces l used ran dos then windows. Apple , yeh that's what graphic designers used, real Engineers ran Autocad with windows. Its a windows world. l tend to pick the tech that suits my needs, my I7 is 8 years old and still does everything l need, had a few upgrades and extra hard drives and better video cards. l cycle PC;s down the line when l upgrade I7 as the main my old Dueo as backup and yes l just replaced a old P4 3.3 in the garage with a core Dueo. l also have 5 current data backups between all the machines. The wife and daughter use apple, the boys and myself Android. l think they pay too much for Apple but it keeps them off my stuff. What really Pi$$s me off when there sitting on the lounge with there eye's glued to there phone screens. The wireless has been known to go down from time to time. regards Bruce
  12. Dont mind doing some work on them, the Marantz needed a lot of work and $$$$$ to bring them up to scratch. Now grrr, grrr, grrr, took the front covers off the Linear designs last night and was watching TV when grrr, grrr, grrr, l realized the midrange speakers had metal grill covers like what you would find in a car but heavier. Out with the cordless and off they came. Well the sound difference is so much better l have changed my opinion off them. New caps in the crossover and l think l could listen to them. Even the wife could hear the difference up the other end of the house. l will throw the grills under a loader tomorrow. regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye all If your into PInk Floyd you need to get this. The London Orion Orchestra - Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic (2016) if the plasters not cracking your not playing it loud enough. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye all Need some help. l love my Marantz DS 920's that l restored and the sit in my study for my use. Now this is where l come unstuck, l have some old Linear designs K2400's in the family room connected to the suround sound and the Sansui Au101. These are what the heathens use and the get bashed by a wheelchair regulary, sound ok but the Sansui is showing them up for what they are. They are being recapped tomorrow so they may improve a little. What l am starting to look for is a pair of large quality floor standers from the 70's in need of resto but what?? l like the Marantz sound but its so hard to find another pair. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all l have done the my computer case and its much quiter and my 57 Chev. regards Bruce