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  1. Goodaye all Built my own switch. Used a 2 pole change over switch that switches the positive outputs of the amps over. Ground is common. Sits in a RS black case with all the inputs and outputs on the back. Both amps cannot be on the speakers at the same time. You would make sure your amp leads are correct polarity of course. regards Bruce
  2. Shorted Sansui amp.

    Goodaye all Ok l'll stay with you. Did a in circuit test on the power and power board transistors they seem ok, but l dont trust that. Have a BC 639 in my box of tricks. Will do a test on the tone board. If all else fails l'll swap out one at a time and test. l'll swap one of the power transistors from the left side to check as well when l get to it. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Working in the garage today and had tool that was hanging up go through a speaker cable when it fell. Blew the fuse on the right channel of the Sansui AU505, no worries fixed the cable and put a new fuse in. Crackley and distorted right channel, grrrrrr. A and B speakers the same so for the moment l will rule out the power transistors. New over specked tone board transistors, hmm maybe. Power board original transistors, suspect. Go to the cupboard for the freeze release to spray the transistor to diagnose, grrrr out of it. Ok will pickup a can tomorrow at work. Went through my bits and have substitute transistors for all except 2SC875-3 what would people recomend as a sub? A NTE128 maybe? Anything else l should consider? It has new caps. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye how are you testing resistors? Seems a lot of faulty ones. regards Bruce
  5. Long speaker cables 10 meter

    Goodaye all Just finished running RG213 speaker cable's to the Marantz and Sansui system. Some cable had to go under the house and pop up by the speaker. Sansui was finished first and fired up, l could notice more detail, the wife says it clearer. 2m cable and 3.5m cable The Marantz system came alive, never been so clear or detailed. Had considered capping it, but not now. More woodwork too tighten. 2m cable and 4.5m cable. l had been useing 12 AWG fig8 as connects for years, not any more. Just need to find a more flexable cable for use on sattlite speakers and car speakers. The garage Sansui system will be a challenge. It will require a 20m, 14m, 7m and 2m run. regards Bruce
  6. High End prices....why so expensive?

    Its easy, its the Australia TAX, everything costs more for us. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye https://www.gme.net.au/catalogue/accessories/power-leads-and-cables/rg58au.aspx l was looking for new truck radio's at the time. regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye Have done 2 AU101 an AU505 now, apart from a couple of dumb mistakes got them done easily. The first 101 l got original transistors off ebay from England, used Panasonic and Nichon caps from RS. It had a bad tranny on the tone board, replaced all and it came good, then did the caps. Then modded it. The second 101 has A Fairchild replacement transistors on the tone board Had a bad tranny on the power board, found that by tapping it, matched 2 transitors as replacement. Also replaced 2 power transistors as they were mismatched. Then capped it and modded it. They sound a little different now, took the panasonic coupling cap modds off and used the Jaycar crossover caps, sounds much better got some Jantzen coming some may try those. l 'll admit l put one leg of the power cap in a support hole. The 505 has fairchild transistors in the tone board as one was making the left channel scratchy. (note spec sheets for the replacement was top view original bottom view, yes l did put them in the wrong way around ) Fitted and modded he caps. Eviel bay will get you original transistors, they will cost a little more and l would avoid buying from China. Modern transistors and caps l used RS. Do it all in stages and test it. And l need to thank a certain member, he knows who he is. regards Bruce
  9. Many thanks. It was the 50ohm mentioned that made me think. regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye all Using RG213U for my speaker cables and came accross RG56AU 50ohm muilti strand core. My question is with the smaller cross sectional area is it still useful for lighter speaker hookups? Satlite speakers or use in car audio?? Being lighter more plyable?? regards Bruce
  11. Justification of a purchase.

    Some thing to consider. Your a long time dead. regards Bruce
  12. Justification of a purchase.

    My wife gave up on me ages ago. 5 cars, One plane building and now fiddling around with three Vintage stereo systems. regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye all Finished recapping and modifing my second Sansui AU 101 amps. Both are late model units with adjustable bios. Each were repaired and modified differentley. Both used the same Nichon and Pannasonic caps on the boards. The first Original type transisters fitted to tone board. Caps replaced and upgraded. Jaycar xcrossover polycaps added to the filter and coupling caps. The second Fairchild transistors rated at a higher voltage on the tone board. Caps replaced and up graded the same as the first. Pannasonic poly caps added to the filter and coupling caps as well as 0.1uf film caps. Both sound very different, not wrong or horrible but different. The first is very bright and detailed, the second warmer, less brightness but still detailed. Cant make my mind up which l prefer. Used the same speakers. Not sure if it was the transistors or coupling cap change that has made the difference, l suspect its the difference in brand of the poly caps on the coup[ling caps. The AU 505 l did is powering the garage, sounds awsome on the TDL speakers. It uses the Fairchild transistors but Jantzen Audio caps on the coupling caps. Becoming my favourite. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye My 2cents l have a few systems now, although banana connectors are good for quick changes l prefer the good old fashioned screw clap type's, they dont come off if properly terminated or play up. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all Had one of my children playing music on one of my amps. Had to ask myself was he abusing my speakers and amp playing heavy metal and hiphop. regards Bruce