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  1. Thanks regards Bruce
  2. Capacitor thump. regards Bruce
  3. Oh rats l might as well say it. l know people who brag about how they payed record prices for cars. l am sure there are Hifi people the same. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye all Business need to make money and want to get the maximum return on there product. YOU have the choice weather to pay it or not. regards Bruce PS went through a few drafts so as not to offend anybody.
  5. Goodaye all Now l have got my Marantz system running as it should l need some advice on adjusting the crossovers on the Marantz DS 920 speakers. You can adjust tweeter and midrange via 2 pots on the front. Every setting from source to speaker is set in the nuetral position. So how should l treat the speaker adjustments? regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Been chasing a intermittent loss and crackling on the left channel on my 2240 and finaly found it. The contacts on the protection relay are worn, pitted, or covered in corrosion. First used just a piece of paper covered in contact cleaner, bit of gunk. Tried it much better, but the base played up a little, best close your eye's before reading on. Got a piece of 2000 wet and dry soaked that in contact cleaner and cleaned the contacts, then cleaned with contacts with paper and cleaner again. Perfect. Now before people jump up and down there's a new Omron relay on the way. regards Bruce
  7. Was thinking of outputting to a DAC have spare. regards Burce
  8. Goodaye all Looking around a Chromecast is the most cost effective, l suppose l could setup a wireless channel just for my own use. regards Bruce
  9. Lets say l dont want to share the wireless bandwidth with the kids devices, bit old school and have a good wired network here at home. regards Bruce
  10. Yes the computer is 15m away. regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all Need some help and advice on getting a audio signal from my PC to my amp on a secondary system. Sitting next to the amp is a network hub so l thought a digital device but what? Set up the system roughly using a Chromecast it was ok but there some network issues over the wireless. The sound was amazing from the little Sansui AU101 and the old Linear Design speakers that l had inherited. When the wife starts screaming to turn it down you know its right. But l digress. regards Bruce
  12. Goodaye all Replaced the 6 25C871's with new mitsubishi of the same and all the noise is gone. It was the T701 or T703 Sounds much nicer now. Onto the recapp. regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye all Got the left channel working working sought of. First off when l got the left channel was static with some audio, after cleaning the pot l have audio low and scratchy until l turn the volume over 3/4's then its fine. Cleaned the pot a few more time's without any effect, so do l replace the pot or should l be looking for something else? Quick update Just checked the bias, right was good and stable. Left was jumping around 0.2 to 1 milli amp. Should say all the old flying saucer transisters had been replaced by someone else. regards Bruce
  14. Love this thread, make sure you keep all the pics and documentation, adds value if you have to part with them. On the subject of coating, when l was much younger l had a Jarrah floor in a old Chev ute was used for everything. l was told just to use turps and linseed oil in a 50/50 mix, any scratches just sanded out and reapply the mix. Always looked great. When l did the restore of the Marantz speakers they were originaly oiled, so 50/50 mix for the first 2 coats and 70/30 mix for the final coats. (oil/turps) Love the smell, but after a few weeks the smell goes. Note to self must put a coat on tomorrow. Also keep in mind that a high gloss finish would show more imperfections. (If any) Period correct would be a satin finish l think. regards Bruce
  15. l would be more worried about someone getting a shovel and killing the snake. regards Bruce