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  1. So, we're talking less than DVD quality for Netflix, on a good day, if you're lucky. I think I'll stick to spinning a disc.
  2. What is the bitrate of Netflix 4K? Given BR quality is typically 50Mbps, 4K must be much higher than that. In which case it probably won't fit down the pipeline of 99% of NBN connections, unless you're on a 100Mbps plan that actually delivers what is promised.
  3. New DSJ review: http://hometheaterreview.com/ps-audio-directstream-junior-dac-reviewed/
  4. $3000 for 0.75m Absolute Dream IC is a good price.
  5. Your lucky day... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crystal-Cable-Dreamline-interconnects-RCA-0-75-metre-BRAND-NEW-/172613889632?hash=item283096ee60:g:Uc4AAOSwB-1Y5la8
  6. These are very rare in RCA. I did see a pair of CC Absolute Dream RCA 1m for sale on eBay about a month ago. I suggest you contact Boris at Absolute HiEnd. Good luck, it's an excellent cable.
  7. For the more budget conscious, just opt for the Soulution 701 mono amps, they are only $200k/pair
  8. No need. I was just correcting what you said earlier about Pakedge managed switches providing wifi/network controller functions...they don't. The function is not built into any Pakedge switch, unless you count the Pakedge badged Fortigate router which does have a wifi management controller, but only for compatible FortiAP (which I also use for legacy B/G devices). Otherwise you need to buy separate boxes for wifi management and network controlling (actually you used to need 2 separate boxes but now they have a product that combines both).
  9. Easy. 1. Pakedge WX-1 2. Pakedge everything 3. Pakedge POE switches or injectors 4. CBUS 5. CBUS
  10. And here I was thinking you might spot me a free air ticket to Melbourne to see the new Halcro hardwares
  11. I don't know of any Pakedge switch that contains a wifi/network controller. And I've probably owned every switch they've ever built. The Pakedge managed switches are limited in the extent to which they optimize...if Sonos or Kaleidescape etc traffic is going through the switch an installer should be doing a manual STP configuration on the ports connected to those components, set the appropriate bridge priority, and path cost etc etc. The switch isn't going to do this automatically for you.
  12. If you see some of the houses being built in Perth at the moment the budget is an open cheque book.
  13. If I was splashed with cash and money was no object I wouldn't buy any of those speakers in the list, not even the Magico Ultimate. Besides, it takes a year to build a pair of Magico Ultimate from time of order.
  14. My beef is not $30,000+ speaker cables, but $30,000+ speaker cables that are finished with $1 heat shrink tube at each end. Which several of those examples do. The cable missing from that list is Crystal Cable Crystalspeak Absolute Dream which are $39,000 USD for 3m pair. To me it doesn't make sense using speaker cables that are more expensive than the speakers they are connected to.
  15. I see it often. Customers buy what is recommended without asking or understanding why. And whilst there are customers like that, there will be integrators who sell them a L3 switch, or whatever else.