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  1. It does everything you ask for, plus more....see eBay link in my previous post. $40k gets you a new system, obviously not what you want.
  2. You can get them on eBay. The older spec perfectly good used entry level Kaleidescape hardware is about $5k. Worth aiming for... This would be a good buy...I *think* that model cinema one does music. You won't need the M700, just sell it and you might come out within your $300 budget (note: a new M700 is worth about $15k here). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kaleidescape-System-Cinema-One-Vault-M700-System-/112490095114?hash=item1a30eea20a:g:wJYAAOSwwyFZcg-v
  3. In addition to the post title you specifically asked about streaming, and my answer was relevant to that part of your question. Regarding your original post, I answered that question elsewhere. Save your $300.
  4. You wanted something with a decent interface and SQ...Kaleidescape fulfils that requirement. Whether you want to pay what it costs to achieve that outcome is a different question. If you're using freeware some clunkiness in operation is to be expected.
  5. Spend $40K on Kaleidescape and you're done. Cheaper options are out there, it's just a question on how much you want to spend.
  6. You get what you pay for. It's just a question of money.
  7. It doesn't matter whether you spend $300 or $10,000 on a CD player. You still have to get up out of the comfort of your chair to load the CD. Which is a real drama once you're used to the convenience of playback from the server. I wouldn't be selling your CD's, or buying a CD player. Remain as you were.
  8. Going to a dedicated CD player when you already have all your CD content on a HDD is a step backwards. Especially a $300 CD player. Save your $300.
  9. I've got a hunch the digital input mod is probably not possible. The SSP series and I suspect also EC800 all had rebadged OEM digital gizzards. Where Halcro weaved the magic was the analog side after the digital stuff was done by somebody elses hardware.
  10. The price was too good to be true, only it was true. If they'd custom pimp one of those almost finished EC800 they'd sell another one, to me.
  11. Speakers and sources and cables and other things all come and go, but the imoveable objects in my setup is the Halcro stuff. I've been eyeing off your EC800 to add to my collection.
  12. As expected. With an EC800 I could connect it directly to Halcro dm8 pre-amp and retire 2 DACs and an SACD transport. But it would need to be a cosmetically perfect one, which I'm hoping they will find in the corner of that warehouse.
  13. There is a reason why the paint job on the speakers ups the price by $6k. You could probably paint them any colour you want, but expect to have to pay big $$$ to get it done properly.
  14. I'm pretty sure one of those books in the set deals with HVAC, I recall reading about it when I did my HT.
  15. Of course amplifiers make a difference. The power amplifier is the 2nd most important component of the whole system. Speakers are the most important.