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  1. I loved my Rotel amp back in the day and aspired to brands like Musical Fidelity and Primare. Fortunately, through a series of unfortunate events, I found myself in a situation whee I could recognise one of those dreams.
  2. Music in the Dark.

    It is easier to concentrate. And easier to nod off...
  3. Yeah but mine plays at 24/192 ...
  4. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Sydney in Sydney first up. Geelong in Geelong, Adelaide twice (we have to but that's not "easy"), China, West Coast in WA. It wasn't an "easy" draw. Yes, for a change. 5th..? We defeated two teams that played finals, WCE and Sydney. But yes struggled against good opposition due to our atrocious turnover rate and inability to convert our fairly good inside 50 rate. . After two wasted years my pass mark was in the 8. A few "scribes" didn't have us in it. That was the story of 2017. And Ryder, an all Australian ruckman. I hope not.
  5. 24/192 Couldn't honestly say. I have my CD player set to play CDs at 192khz which IMO sounds better than its other options.
  6. What DAC to buy?

    This is a good starting point. I have their phono amp and it is superb for the money. From what I've read their products seem to share this characteristic. http://www.schiit.com/home
  7. Why? My CD has a good DAC. I agree. That is not an endorsement but it will only lead into the analogue vs digital debate. Yes. I totally agree and have both.
  8. Not by everyone. Except when you have a cupboard full of physical spinning discs. Shades of the "demise" of vinyl?
  9. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Koch was recorded on a pivate mobile phone addressing the supporters after the game. The rest of the media grabbed it and made a mountain out of it. The fact is Koch has brought a lot to the club and helped dig them out of the red. He has brought big name sponsors and been responsible for some great innovations ie China. Off field the club has never been better. He has a right to expect the on field side to get their act together. ps I think he is a bit of a flog but he has been great for the club. Hinkley speaks well but his coaching is still up for debate. After a great start Port wasted two years despite keeping all of the payers they wanted and adding to the list. He was very inflexible last year but seemed to overcome that a bit this year. Port had to make the finals this year for him to keep his job IMO and they need to go deeper into the finals next year.
  10. I heard the speakers I eventually bought on Naim gear and I have no doubt it helped. I didn't buy Naim equipment though. There is a certain enigma that surrounds the brand which is you either love or hate. There are enough people in both camps and enough to ensure you will sell your gear. Sorry to hear of your predicament and good luck with your sale.
  11. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Unless you lived through the SANFL pre Crows, the creation of the Crows and the ultimate entry of Port Adelaide into the AFL you cannot understand it. It may not be rational in as much it is only sport, but it is entirely defensible.
  12. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Utter hatred.
  13. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Again, I never mentioned "pressure".
  14. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    I didn't say who had the most pressure I said West Coast will need to play a whole lot better next week. West Coast didn't play particularity well after the first quarter. Ports typically crap disposal and goal kicking kept them close. They weren't really impressive although GWS were worse albeit agaisnt a better team. WC have to do another big trip which isn't going to help them. I wouldn't want to have to put money either way on the outcome of that game.
  15. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    I think Port actually owned the game from three quarter time. We just did what we have done for most of the year. Kick points instead of goals. There are a few games that we would have won if our best players could have kicked straight. There is no excuse for that. We put a lot of pressure on and had the ball in our forward 50 for a lot of the game but we are not skillful enough with our disposal and quick enough to isolate forward targets. Dixon was brilliant despite his uncharacteristic misses on goal but he needs to be kept forward as a target. Not playing Trengove was costly also but the experience given to the new players will be helpful going forward. At the start of the year my admittedly low benchmark was to make the finals after two wasted years. If you asked me then I would have been very happy where we finished and going out like that last night, while crushing, is not embarrassing. Especially when the deficiencies are so obvious. Next year we need to be playing in a Grand Final or find a new coach. West Coast will need to play a whole lot better next week. Go any team that plays the Crows. Please don't let them win the GF.