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  1. Item: 1pr KEF Ci200QR in-ceiling Flush Mount 8" speakers Location: SAVI Systems Showroom, Bentley, Western Australia Price: $699 for the pair ($1098 srp in Australia) Item Condition: Open Box / Ex-Demo (static display only - not mounted in ceiling) Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties. Extra Info: What we have here is a pair of in-ceiling KEF 8" Q series speakers. These can be used as stand alone for music listening or as part of a Home Cinema system where speakers in-ceiling keep things neat. The stylish Ci200QR's thin bezel and narrow rim allow for flawless integration into your ceiling and room. Featuring KEF's sophisticated 'sit anywhere' Uni-Q driver array, which places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone, this allows both the tweeter and woofer to act as a single point source that disperses the sound widely and evenly throughout the room. Together with the discreet Ultra Thin Bezel (UTB) design, offering the slimmest possible visible rim around the speaker, the Ci Q Series range gives you tremendous freedom to position the speakers where you please. NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 ohm SENSITIVITY 90dB (2.83V/ 1m) FREQUENCY RESPONSE 35Hz - 34kHz (±6dB) 2pi/open-backed DRIVE UNITS LF: 200mm (8.0in.) HF: 25mm (1.0in.) RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER POWER 10 - 150W PRODUCT EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS Diameter : 289.6mm (11.4in.) Depth : 109.8mm (4.33in.) CUT-OUT DIMENSIONS Diameter : 240mm (9.45in.) MOUNTING DEPTH FROM SURFACE Product only : 103.3mm (4.07in.) Pictures:
  2. Item: MITCHELL & JOHNSON Location: SAVI Systems, 1168 Albany Hwy, BENTLEY, Western Australia Price: $699 (not including shipping - contact me for prices on shipping within Australia if required) Item Condition: As good as new (ex-demo) Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties. Extra Info: Mitchell and Johnson are an English company that started producing Quality Budget Hi-Fi around 5 years ago with the aim of introducing good Hi-Fi for a great price. The Mitchell & Johnson SAP201V Stereo Amplifier with integrated DAC has an Australian price of $999 srp So be quick to grab a great open box price bargain. SAP-201V stereo integrated amplifier with DAC (Black Colour Only) A solidly built stereo amplifier featuring audiophile grade components throughout including a toroidal transformer, a feature not usually found in budget amps. It also has a built-in Wolfson Micro WM8761 DAC chip making this amp one of the first in its price category to offer a built in DAC. This amplifier performs well above what would usually be expected from a product of this price. Needs to be heard to be believed! INPUTS 4 RCA stereo analog inputs for CD, Netplayer, TV and Aux allowing for 4 potential input needs, Plus a phono stage for a turntable with Moving Magnet cartridge PLUS 3.5mm Line-In jack on front panel for MP3 player or other portable sound source. There are also COAX and Optical digital inputs allowing two digital sources to be connected. OUTPUTS 4mm banana plug brass speaker terminals with plastic screw threaded tension nuts for bare-wire connection to loudspeakers. Front panel ¼ inch headphone socket. Pictures:
  3. The CHORD Mojo sounds great - In my experience it is Punchy, hint of warmth and transparent/detailed across the entire audio spectrum, not just sparkly treble. It also packs a good output stage to drive over ear headphones. There is a reason it has captured so much interest from reviewers within the industry. If there is a shortfall, it is a lack of any analogue inputs - but that doesn't concern me in the slightest. Enjoy whatever you decide to go with
  4. Hi there Trunt, Your Sub should have RCA inputs on the rear, your Yamaha has a sub out on the rear - just connect these with a regular RCA cable (to the Left input on the wharfedale). Your main speakers should definitely plug into Front L + R NOT Surround L+R (that is for rear speakers). As long as the speaker wire is Oxygen Free Copper of around 14AWG it should be fine for your system.
  5. Item: NHT Absolute Zero Bookshelf Speakers (1pr) Location: SAVI Systems - 1168 Albany Hwy, Bentley, Western Australia, 6102 Price: $529 pr Item Condition: Excellent (includes original boxes) - ex Demo Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties. Extra Info: This is your chance to get an open box deal on a pair of NHT Mini Monitors that are normally $770 /pr srp These speakers sound great, and we only have 1 pr available at this cheap price. The Classic Absolute Zero is truly flexible. Don’t let their diminutive stature fool you. These amazing little gems are ideal in a stereo, home theatre and even in a distributed audio system. The tonal characteristics and driver compliment give you the opportunity to mix-and-match the Absolute Zero with other NHT Classic speakers giving you a cohesive sonic soundscape. These can be used as a front pair of mini monitors - or as a rear channel speaker. Pictures:
  6. Item: Elipson Planet L speakers with matching metal Elipson floor stands and Elipson Planet Subwoofer Location: SAVI Systems, 1168 Albany Hwy, Bentley, Western Australia, 6102 Price: $1999 local pick up only Item Condition: very good - ex-demo Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties, Cash - Pickup in store. Extra Info: The striking looking Planet L loudspeaker is the latest in a long line of spherical designs dating back for most of the history of the brand. Elipson says that the shape of the Planet L is the result of years of research into cabinet design. Available in black, white and red, the visual impact of a pair of speakers, each the size and shape of a bowling ball, is such that serious hi-fi or not, the Planet L makes a considerable statement about style. Each Planet L is supplied with a ring that allows it to be placed on a shelf, or table, or technically on a conventional speaker stand. Each Planet L makes use of a 6.5-inch paper driver with a coaxially mounted soft-dome tweeter. A small rear port provides bass re-enforcement and a single pair of binding posts protrudes from the rear. Sensitivity is quoted at 90dB/w with impedance given as six ohms, so while not hugely sensitive, the Elipson ought to provide no real problems for a similarly priced amplifier. Fit and finish is top-notch with flawless paint, a solid-feeling enclosure and magnetic trim tabs for the grille. Any lingering perception that the Planet L is some sort of lifestyle trinket is destroyed shortly after you put some music through it. Placed roughly 20 centimetres from a rear wall with a little toe-in, the speaker shows some star qualities. The coaxial driver arrangement gives it a focus and sound stage that is uncannily accurate and extremely detailed. The Elipson also has a relatively wide 'sweet spot', that means it can produce an appealing presentation over a wider area than is usually the case for speakers of this size. The Planet L is also capable of extracting nuances from recordings that even considerably more expensive speakers can fail to reproduce. Tonality is exceptionally good and it rarely sounds anything other than utterly believable and very assured. The spherical shape is no gimmick either. The Planet L has very little in the way of colouration that can be traced to the cabinet and the bass port is commendably well behaved. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THE UNIQUE ELIPSON PLANET L DOME SPEAKERS (including THE MATCHING METAL FLOOR STANDS AND MATCHING PLANET SUBWOOFER) Pictures:
  7. You are correct, Nordost is a US company. Bjorn is one of their product specialists/trainers - he just happens to live in Sweden Looking forward to a great and informative evening
  8. It is a shame you are unable to make it - it should be a great night. Hopefully you can make it to the next free event we organise here at SAVI Systems.
  9. DO CABLES MAKE A DIFFERENCE? FIND OUT WITH NORDOST AT SAVI SYSTEMS If you've ever wondered if cables make a difference, find out and hear for yourself at a special event to be held at SAVI Systems in Perth, 22nd March 2017. Bjorn Bengsston of Nordost Sweden will be in town, giving demonstrations of power cable differences, describing the science behind high quality ethernet cables, how speaker cables make a difference, and much more. These demonstations and questions will be discussed during the evening, along with covering the benefits of using quality connectors and accessories in your system, and explaining that in a hifi system, the foundation is the most important thing. Come and hear for yourself how cables can make a difference at SAVI Systems. PARKING Plenty of FREE parking both in front of and behind the showroom WHEN & WHERE SAVI Systems - 1168 Albany Highway. Bentley, WA 6102 22nd March, 2017 - From 5:30PM to 7:00PM To get your ticket for the event, please register at the Eventbrite event page. Visit SAVI Systems Retailer Page
  10. XLR at 10m is fine - they are designed for pro use where long runs are necessary... I would rather have 10m XLR than any other lead that long. The Parasound equipment is considered top notch within the industry.
  11. I would suggest listening to 2 channel with Audyssey turned off and see how that sounds, as that may be all that is making the sound unsatisfactory.
  12. Why would you presume that? iTunes still only sell 256k aac
  13. Yes, I have found that Tidal often freezes or skips tracks, that the suggested playlists aren't in the same league and variety that Spotify's are BUT Tidal sounds better..... So yes, this could be interesting.
  14. It was the Z Phono I tried as I cannot afford the Halo, I am sure if I heard the Jc Halo it would have kicked ass.
  15. I ended up buying the Primare [emoji3]