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  1. Item: beyerdynamic T1 headphones Location: Brisbane, Qld Price: 650, exclude shipping Item Condition: no defects, no damages Reason for selling: need more cash to upgrade/ too much Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: Does not have original packages, but come with a headphone box Feel free to PM me Pictures:
  2. Item: audio technica ath w5000 Location: brisbane Price: 550 aud Item Condition: good, come with completely new ear pads Reason for selling: too much, just got a beyer T1 from here (and some old headphones I owned) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer, Paypal (paypal may charged extra fee) Extra Info: Come with original case. I just changed a pair of new ear pads, you can see the old pads in photos. There is minor flaw on the left side, as you can see in the photos. Pictures:
  3. Pm sent Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to SNA, I am also a newbie. I saw you post vega dac fs... if you post it 1 week eariler... tbh, I would suggest you get a usb interface like weiss int204 instead of network streaming. I think you can try optimize you pc, I use audiophile optimizer and it shows a great improvement in my case. Ignore it if you are using MAC.
  5. I would suggest you to get a beginner model of custom iem , I got one and they do great job on planes. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, everyone I would like to know how you places your equipment. I believe that vibration will affect sound performance so its not a good idea to stacking all the equipment on top. However, I don't have enough space to get a hifi rack or placing all my components on the floor. I think head-fier/ desktop audio lover may face similar problem. Any suggestions?
  7. The amp got a weird shape.. it looks like a kid smashing some bulbs on a modern design things... why don't they do something like stax amp...
  8. I think you will notice the difference but upgrading component will be much more cost efficient unless you are using very bad cables right now. Comparing buying a power cable, using something like power re-generator with enough power for your system should have a better improvement. if you don't have enough budget right now, you may try hifi rack/ spike/ moving your system to a better location to deal with vibration.
  9. This is my first post. It seems stereo net is the largest site in aussie hifi community. Hopefully I can find some friends and get some advice in here :D.