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  1. The best switch is no switch. I forgot I had some old Mission speakers in storage. I'll have to double up until I work out the Switch part.
  2. 4K HDR AppleTV

    I have a hand me down Apple TV Gen 3 from my Dad who didn't use it. I actually gave it to him as a present to get iView on his TV. But using a iPad to push it to the screen was too hard for some reason. The Gen 3 is the least hackable. Kodi instructions of installing it is basically a guide to screen sharing from another Mac or jailbroken iPad. I posted in the Oppo 203/205 thread asking if a member who has one could test a Atmos MKV via USB to see if can do bitstream out from a file. Hopefully a response there will help me decide which way to go. But thats for the other thread
  3. 4K HDR AppleTV

    If you own movies on iTunes you get 4K HDR versions (if they exist) for free. That's nice. But new hardware sucks for recent buyers of the still kinda new gen 4 boxes.
  4. 2 Amps into 1 speaker pair

    I just asked the same question over here l'll have a look at some of the switches you've suggested
  5. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Has anyone tried a TrueHD(atmos) MKV file from USB or DLNA on either the 203 or 205? I have tried a bunch of devices and it either plays no sound or reverts back to the backup 5.1 soundtrack when I try. No luck running Kodi or Plex. If it does I think I'd get a 203 as I have been wanting UHD player for awhile and the other brands currently don't. I'd have to spend the cost of one to get Intel NUC to media player PC but would prefer the player. You can download free demo files here if you want to give it a crack https://we.tl/lPyonzA2BV
  6. @:) al you're right but some manufacturers have gone backwards and removed preouts even on a $1600 AVR. And some idiots (me) don't look closely enough in excitement of new gear. So I am still look for bandaid solutions till it's time to replace the AVR. Preouts will be top of the list! I didn't think it would work and now it's confirmed so I can move on. Thanks for for the input everyone!
  7. Good. I can stop thinking about it without a repair bill!
  8. Thanks Mike, looks like it has some good terminals on it. Just need to find one thats in stock
  9. yes, no pre-outs on the AV (Onkyo NR-656) the 2ch is CXA80.
  10. Basically I'm lazy and want to know if I wire my front speakers to an AV amp and a Stereo amp at the same time and will it cause problems or break something? Note that I will NEVER have both amps on at the same time! Any possible reduction in performance or damage that could be cuase to either amp or speakers? Will is change the load seen by the amp that is ON. I do think it does sounds like a dumb idea, but would be convenient in my dual amp setup as changing cables all the time is bothersome but I will keep doing it if it will possibly cause a problem. All I can imagine is if both amps are on pushing signals to the speakers could sound **** and hurt the speakers. Please rap me over the knuckles if required
  11. Justification of a purchase.

    So far buying a mix of 'on sale' and second hand gear I lead with the cost saving versus new, as well as the possible sale price of the old gear. Means the price difference makes it really cheap. I also kicked in to help her buy a new camera she wanted. So everyone gets a new toy Oh and subtle mention not smoking nor being a big drinker like other couples we know helps bring a bit of perspective.
  12. Hi, where in Sydney are you?
  13. The mastering on this track makes the bass bump even on little speakers, impressive.
  14. PS4 Green tinge, HDMI issue?

    Hey! Does this help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owePng6DyKo
  15. X Box one X 4k gaming

    I like how the abbreviation is XOX