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  1. Learning about HeadFi

    Thanks for all the input so far I should have also pointed out , that I have a set of Bose QC over ears for travel, so better than that is key I think.
  2. Learning about HeadFi

    It's true, I am unsure how to describe my sound preference, but balanced sound is important, clear highs and mids, on the slightly warmer side of the gauge, and enough bass to round out the bottom, but not EDM style if you know what I mean.
  3. There is always the Graham Slee loaner program. I am trialling cables at the moment and they are very good and even better when you consider their price. [email protected] he can help you out.
  4. Learning about HeadFi

    Hahaha, I hadn't even considered the addition coming at the later age bracket. Fortunately it's the smaller [emoji3] As for budget.... the current Amp speaker and cable setup is a 5-6k sort of system. I would love to maintain this level of quality when adding headphones. As for the headfi budget, I suspect I will have to be maxing out around $1k. Music. Hmm eclectic describes it, but artists currently include Fleetwood Mac, Sam smith, joe cocker, foo fighters, Simon and garfungle, just Simon, Adele, some classical and some jazz. Pretty much trying all types at the moment
  5. Hi, I am currently trying to learn about HeadFi due to a new arrival into our household. Their room is right next to my listening space, and as such I may be forced to use a more personal method for enjoying my vinyl records. So given this possible requirement, I am looking for advice... information or just plain old opinion about how to get the equivalent type of sound I have now, just in headphones? The Headphone out on my Amp is spec'd as follows: THD (20hz-20khz) - <0,005% at 1V out SNR - >110dB (32ohms loads; A-WTD, ref. 2V out, unity gain Frequency response - +/-0.3dB (20hz-20khz) Channel separation - >60dB at 1kHz Output impedance - 6 ohms So I am not sure what this means, but the manual suggests it will drive any headphones..... but me thinks this is not quite true based? Anyway, I am running a NAD C388 and paradigm signature S2, that are currently sounding pretty good, particularly with a GS Accession Phono Pre. The REL T9 has fixed the bass What headphone options would give me a good start into this space? Thanks Dan
  6. They are terminated with Banana plugs. Pics now added.
  7. Item: 8 ft Transparent 'The Wave' speaker cable Location: Canberra Price: $350 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Item Condition: Near new. 9/10 Reason for selling: Need longer cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Nothing much to discuss.. They are a great cable, nicely balanced and refined, no edge to the treble. I can pack and ship if required
  8. Great, lets keep up the solid work on this Spread the word my fellow ACTSNA'rs
  9. Hey ACT members, I have been in discussions with Keith from Wyndham audio, and I am interested in listening to some of their speakers. I am not sure how these types of things go here in the ACT, but given enough interest Keith mentioned he may be able to bring down a few of their offerings for ACT members to get in an have a listen to. Failing the enthusiasm for a GTG, I am also pretty sure I will organise to meet up with Keith and bring back one of his BR series or CH series for a home demo. So those SNA members interested in a home demo option could take advantage of the speakers once they are down here, as long as they organise their time slot of course I don't think it will be until early November at this stage, as I have a new family member joining us in early September, and my time may not be my own??? Unless of course someone else is a willing host and/or organiser? Anyway, it would be good to mobilise some support for this in the ACT. Let me know if you are interested, or contact Keith @cheekyboy and let hime know your interest directly. Who knows, with enough support for the GTG, he may even organise some of his other gear to come for a visit as well
  10. The V5 has the same tweeter as the V1 Signature range, I expect they are a great little performer. GLWTS
  11. Hey SNAers, I have taken advantage of the Graham Slee loaner scheme run by @cheekyboy. I have had the wonderful experience of trailing first the Reflex M and now the Accession M. I am also trialling the GS speaker cables Both of these moderately priced units proved me with a much enhanced listening experience, notably better than the onboard NAD stage, which isn't terrible.... clearly not comparable. I am unable to discuss the two sale units in comparison, so I will focus on my current experiences with the Accession. So since getting the Accession and setting it all up, I have found the enjoyment factor to be much higher, the sound is full, or rich in comparison. By this I mean the tones are all more vibrant, but nuanced. When listening to Paul Simons Graceland album, the African singers are all wonderfully clear, but placed in space, width and depth... I never really got that feeling until now, there has even been a few times I though my kids were calling out from their rooms, only to notice it was a singer in the sound stage. I have also found that on Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' the vocals on all the tracks a better defined and forward in the soundstage, surrounded by the other instruments. When I flicked back to the NAD stage, the life, the width and the fun were all less, a bit greyscale if you like. As for the settings available on the Accession, I gave each of them a whirl. The RIAA adjustments do what they say, I found them helpful in taming a couple of sides with tremble issues. I also gave the loading a bit of a change, only to determine the standard 100pf was the sweet-spot for my Dynavector 10x5. So I am really very impressed with the quality and value proposition the Accession M has shown me for improving my analogue sounds, and I can only suggest to all those newer converts, who are using on-boards, or more lowly spec'd phono stages; give the loaner program a go.... before you rush off and spend $$ on another option, because even if you don't buy one, you will have the chance to understand what differences a good stage can make. I am sure there are a few owners of GS products on the forum who can attest to the quality of the product and even the value of the loaner program. Thank you to the team at Wyndham Audio, particularly Keith, for the opportunity to trial such good quality gear! I have really enjoyed getting back into HiFi, there is soo much to learn and listen too. Life is much too short for low-res
  12. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    Welcome to the family. I, as many of the other member who have posted, have found the forums to be a great place to learn and discuss this audio phenomenon The rain has been needed, I just wish it didn't drop the temps so much.... but August in Canberra is a cold cold time of the year.... the wind, the damn wind How much radiant heat do you get of those tubes anyway? Dan
  13. So, I have now had the pleasure of listening to the GS Accession Phono pre. And it's all good. Following some warm-up time, I sat down to do some A/B comparison between the GS and the onboard MM stage. Well I really only spent 20 mins on this as the onboard stage is well, less! It is less: wide, defined, controlled, mostly it is less joy. On the flip side it is far more grey .... haha. It's not to say it's bad, in fact I do believe it would be as good as any circa $500 Phono pre, which is impressive given the $2k price of the Amp. So I can say the accession is really nice, I can't really compare it to the Reflex M as memories fade, but I recall the same sort of improvements being noticeable when I did the same testing. So I feel like the biggest difference is the additional outputs and controls. Having said this, I am sure an A/B between them would prove different. The accessions controls are a bit interesting. I did some listening comparison between the RIAA setting and the other two... it makes a difference, but the difference to me was on the lessening of the top end, which made it sound more targeted to Vocals on the American setting, and added sparkle and liveliness on the British setting... but not sure how else to explain it. I settled back to RIAA as the best middle ground. I am temped to get out an old British pressing to so how it goes though Anyway the next couple of weeks should be fun. Anyone in canberra who is thinking of trialling a Phono should get in touch with Keith at Wyndham and see if they can take it after me, save on the shipping.
  14. I have the S2 from this original series, and they are a lovely little speaker. These must be a great sounding unit. What is the timber veneer? GLWTS
  15. This thread has been a good read. I am in the process of loaning the accession now :-) I can vouch for the improvement the Reflex M made in my system on the previous loan, I can also vouch for the improvement to be had by upgrading the cart. So I am now running a Dynavector 10x5 and looking forward to listening to a top of range Phono pre :-) not sure how it compares to the Aria......