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  1. Does the price include postage? If it does I'll take it. Thank you
  2. I had Mark Levinson on my Lexus, sounded crap crap crap. I had 5k bose option on my Merc before, really disappointed. Car manufacturers loves to highlight these features which never deliver any real audiophile quality.
  3. Justification of a purchase.

    Sounds all too familiar. I've just sold most of my old gears to justify her before bringing the 802d3 home. By the way, I've shown her a picture of the 803 with the price of an 804.....oh, and it came with full McIntosh gear too, bargain!!
  4. Does it have the gold record weight?
  5. ACT based newbie

    Hi there fellow Canberran!
  6. Hi Mr M I have a Luminor 8 days Acciao white dial, a Radiomir 282, a pam356 Daylight dirty dial. I'm looking for $13k for the Submersible Amagnetic. cheers
  7. What brand and budget? I got a Panerai Submersible Amagnetic with Ceramic bezel. Limited of 800pcs. Sold out everywhere. Its puny at 47mm
  8. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    It's -2 degrees tonight, I took the family out for dinner at 5:30pm and it feels like -5 with the winds. If I turn the all the tubes monoblock, tubes pre-amp, tubes phono pre on, I reckon it can add at least 5 degrees to room temp. And if I want some more extra heats, all I need to do is put on Disco Inferno "burn baby burn" .
  9. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    That's why I love tube amps, it double as a feel good heater.
  10. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    I've always been a McIntosh fanboy. I tried to look for other amps to pair with the 802, PS audio, Classe etc, but always going back to the McIntosh. You're right about their approach to construction, it's one of those amp you'd keep for decades. I've deposited for the mc452, but still incline whether to get 2x mc601 or not. Since the 802 recommended amp rating at 50-500w, I'm not sure if the 601 is an overkill.
  11. Hi from freezing Canberra!

    I must agreed this is a fantastic site, there's a sense of belonging, almost like a second home to me. I'm sorry to hear about your situation but at the same time have a deep respect the community spirits here. Just like you I was once lost everything and I really mean everything, house, car etc..... But instead of of asking "why me", I started asking "why not me", So together, me and my wife took on the challenge and succeed. It's something that I taught my children everyday, be humble and never afraid of losses. Things happen for a reason. I wish you best of luck towards your recovery. Cheers Damien