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  1. I'm after a bigger amp now, I dropped in Miranda Hifi yesterday and finally ordered 802 d3. I was hoping you have something else on offer that suit it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What other toys are you consolidating Mike? I'm eager to know.
  3. That's one gorgeous looking sub (at 90 degree angle). GLWTS!
  4. I would rather implant a 802d on my left and right jaw instead. Forget about living long, I rather die happy.
  5. I'm about to get my teeth done for $14k, I should forget about it and buy this and ease the pain instead. GLWTS (like you need any luck)
  6. Perth Perth Perth....Why does all the good stuff coming out of Perth?
  7. @Psyberpunk if only you sell your other mc275 to me I'll be on these bad boys right now. Anyway I'm half way to 802d3. But still thinking...should I?
  8. Show us your Turntables!!!

    I can play 'Unchained melody' all day on this.
  9. How do these compare to a Quad II 80? Where do they manufactured from may I ask. They looks stunning, I might make an offer soon.