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  1. Great show. I hope there is another season. Won't say anything else in fear of spoiling.
  2. I'll buy it for $300. I have a mojo but would prefer this. Will PM
  3. Apologies Bluesman my post wasn't very well written. I was trying to say my apartment looks like a shed as I am a single male who likes stuff. No shed for me but I'm thinking of buying a small caravan and leasing a small factory / shed and parking it in there. I have just been given a 60 day to vacate notice and getting sick of the rent move when they decide to renovate game. Everyone needs a shed
  4. Yes those 5 x 5 Ikea units sag. The 4 X 4 have always been good though.
  5. Because I don't have a shed my apartments ends up looking like a shed. I like it like that.
  6. Ok. Different way of doing it. I never got to using mine as a media server but have planned to get it going again for this purpose when time allows. Your method sounds like like the way to go. So so I assume you control playback with your phone/pad after setup is completed ?
  7. Really ? I haven't played with these for maybe a year now but when setting up a RPi2B a screen, keyboard and mouse came in handy.
  8. I'm using a ipad 2 now. I had to delete a lot of the apps to unclog the system but it's fine for browsing and email. Also use a iphone3 for on the go music playback. All the other iphones up to my current 6s haven't lasted more than 2 years. Also use a 2008 MacBook Pro for basic stuff. Emails and surfing don't need much grunt. Have a more recent laptop for other stuff. Yes but but I would love one of those newer iPads Mac seems to get the job done and I will keep buying there products even though I think they've run out of ideas. They still beat the other stuff IMO although I think the older stuff was built a little better and pity the factory workers and neighbours in the Chinese factories.
  9. Yes endings can be challenging as can intros......
  10. I phoned them a few years ago about getting some work done but the guy on the phone wasn't very convincing so I let it pass. A few people I know have had work done there and they are more than happy. I don't like unanswered correspondence so this shop isn't a good fit for me. Good luck to all those waiting.
  11. Yes I have heard of people doing this with VPN's but I haven't tried it. My VPN subscription has just lapsed as I'm close to moving so I can't try it. Malcolm Turnbull uses a VPN for those that only think people use them for illegal activities, I mean he wouldn't do anything wrong would he......
  12. No never tried vinyl 78, sounds interesting. I try and stay away from that stuff The Garard changer also sounds interesting. I'd definitely look into something like that at some stage. Apologies to others as I was talking about 7". I like lofi mono when it hits you feel ok.
  13. Love the sound of 45's and for the same reasons I like 78's more. Longer running time and so much information. Unfortunately more speed also equals more surface noise as everyone knows. i just don't have the patience to flip 45's every 2.30 odd seconds and the rabbit hole of collecting those things is an expensive hobby as everyone knows. If I come across a collection of Blues 45's someone's going to have to hold me back.
  14. I'll sign up if they go lossless. I like there library, stuff available there that I haven't seen elsewhere. I've been thinking about trialling a few streamers lately but still struggling with the concept.
  15. Click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.