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  1. Yes I have heard of people doing this with VPN's but I haven't tried it. My VPN subscription has just lapsed as I'm close to moving so I can't try it. Malcolm Turnbull uses a VPN for those that only think people use them for illegal activities, I mean he wouldn't do anything wrong would he......
  2. No never tried vinyl 78, sounds interesting. I try and stay away from that stuff The Garard changer also sounds interesting. I'd definitely look into something like that at some stage. Apologies to others as I was talking about 7". I like lofi mono when it hits you feel ok.
  3. Love the sound of 45's and for the same reasons I like 78's more. Longer running time and so much information. Unfortunately more speed also equals more surface noise as everyone knows. i just don't have the patience to flip 45's every 2.30 odd seconds and the rabbit hole of collecting those things is an expensive hobby as everyone knows. If I come across a collection of Blues 45's someone's going to have to hold me back.
  4. I'll sign up if they go lossless. I like there library, stuff available there that I haven't seen elsewhere. I've been thinking about trialling a few streamers lately but still struggling with the concept.
  5. Click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.
  6. No worries, Quoted for OP
  7. Here's a Muse in the classifieds I got the Chord Mojo of Sean84 the other day and you should give that one a try. SH they are $600 and work well with phones. I've only used it with a laptop so far but seems pretty good on MP3 but still investigating.
  8. Stan Kenton is worth checking out as is Nelson Riddle for the big band stuff. If you don't like Kind Of Blue I'd start with pre 60's Jazz Find a era which you like and listen to as much as you can. Lots of good revival bands over the years as well.
  9. Would Jaycar sell plugs and cable for some middle of the road DIY interconnects. I'm guessing they don't sell high end quality but anything probably better than what I have lying around. I can do basic soldering. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. Someone will be happy. I have a pair of these in original boxes but not as clean as these and they are sweet.
  11. I used to go to the Camberwell Town Hall and Essendon record fairs. Prices have to be a bit lower for me to justify buying records you can't listen to in a dark room with people reaching over you to check the crate behind the one your looking in. John from Sydney that used to come down and take up 10 or so tables. He had a shop in Newtown Sydney. Nice guy and great prices as he just wanted to move the stuff. I went down to Box Hill late last year and it was all a bit too hard for me but worth a look if you have the energy and patience. Pricing was too much. Scratched US imports for $30 or $40 dollars so have to agree with OP
  12. Yeah Cessna to Amsterdam... I'll need more than noise cancelling headphones. Those SE215's look ok. I normally stay away from the buds but haven't ever tried anything that didn't come with a phone. Might give them a go. Cheers
  13. Bird Noises for me. Wedding Cake Island sends chills up my spine. I got to see them at the Cottesloe Hotel in WA when they were on the 10,9,8.... tour. I was getting ready for bed and my brother rang to say they'd just hit the stage and there was only about 20 people there. I would of loved to hear them on the Sydney Nth shore when they were starting out. As with most bands/musicians I prefer there earliest work. So wish Garrett didn't go into politics.
  14. In ear buds with noise cancelling over the top has been recommended for optimum cancel. The constant hum of the motors takes more out of you than you think. Shame me the Jam Transits didn't cut it as the price is good for headphones that won't get much use. I need some NC phones for a 24hr flight in a few months. I'll look through the suggestions here but I know Bose have been in the NC game for longer than most.