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  1. Yeah Cessna to Amsterdam... I'll need more than noise cancelling headphones. Those SE215's look ok. I normally stay away from the buds but haven't ever tried anything that didn't come with a phone. Might give them a go. Cheers
  2. Bird Noises for me. Wedding Cake Island sends chills up my spine. I got to see them at the Cottesloe Hotel in WA when they were on the 10,9,8.... tour. I was getting ready for bed and my brother rang to say they'd just hit the stage and there was only about 20 people there. I would of loved to hear them on the Sydney Nth shore when they were starting out. As with most bands/musicians I prefer there earliest work. So wish Garrett didn't go into politics.
  3. In ear buds with noise cancelling over the top has been recommended for optimum cancel. The constant hum of the motors takes more out of you than you think. Shame me the Jam Transits didn't cut it as the price is good for headphones that won't get much use. I need some NC phones for a 24hr flight in a few months. I'll look through the suggestions here but I know Bose have been in the NC game for longer than most.
  4. Top right hand corner of firefox has settings dropdown for the site you are on. I re-abled some of them and the popup disappeared. I love addblocker youtube is unusable otherwise.
  5. I've always used MAC at home apart from a brief Linux check last year. I could use Linux but do like the interface on the Mac. I hope they can come up with new stuff now that Jobs is gone but I think it will be hard. Iphone 8 I will have to check out
  6. Searchers in Smith St Collingwood has some interesting stuff Also and
  7. Yes It can't be beat. I use digital for quick access but always refer back to vinyl for the full spectrum. Good to hear sales are up but the record fairs are too busy for me these days.
  8. Please post a link when you are open for business
  9. Hello everyone. Great forum. I've been Lurking since September. Mostly into vintage stuff. I love records but am a bit lazy and have been spoiled by access to digital music. I rarely listen to anything later than the 1960's and mostly 30's 40's Jazz and Blues.