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  1. Yes, it is a bit ordinary, qualifying that by saying i am not an audiophile & am just using basic mostly Japanese 1970s equipment. I am giving it to my son & cleaned it with high pressures brush-less manual washing using L'Art du Son. it has improved no end, as i only want to give him quit records.
  2. The Cramps, Voodoo Rythm O.K R Records. I can hear the late Alan Vega influence on these guys now. Haven't played it in years...
  3. The Beatles, Revolver Parlophone PMC 7009. Mono UK 1966
  4. John Coltrane, 1963, The Paris Concert. Pablo Live 2308 217. US 1979, reissue.
  5. Some music to sort CDs by: NKC, the essential NKC & Clifford Brown, More study in brown.1983 EmArcy ‎814 637-2. Just as well the Clifford Brown is a CD, would worn it out by now if it was vinyl....
  6. BWV 211 'Coffee Cantata' before bed, coffee after midday, not a good idea....
  7. Zhang Rui could be the Starker of the East, not a lot of info on the WWW, per a quick & lazy google, will look a bit harder later. I think this was part of the one collection owned by an eastern European family. Saturdays' 'dirty diggers' had mixed it up a bit, but the euro pop & the Baroque were still aggregated in amoungst the wall to wall Montovani, Hugo Walter James Last, Ferrante & Teicher, Kamahl and of course Nana Mouskouri! I wanted to go to that shop on Saturday but was under CFO orders not to be out all morning....
  8. staying with unaccompanied strings, a change of direction: Zhang Rui Erhu Solos Composed By Liu Tianhua Bailey Record Company NRS-50 Hong Kong 1981. Masterful playing, hauntingly beautiful.
  9. Yes, volumes 2&3 are even more eye watering than volume 1. the chances of stumbling across those is pretty remote & unlike Starker on Saga, there does not seem to be any lower priced reissues.
  10. The Pick of yesterday's gold coin Bach selections: Bach / Johanna Martzy The Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas (Volume One) Columbia 33CX 1286 UK C.1955. Tracking wise, it sounds good, does not seem to have been ploughed up by some old worn out mono stylus! This is my first Johanna Martzy recording and I can see why the Japanese go nuts for her recordings, she is definitely one of the greats.
  11. @Marc Hi Marc, my poor old analogue brain can't figure out how to PM you. when i first joined i thought PM meant prime minister
  12. Wow, sounds like you have an interesting family, the Cecil Lloyd Group were a Jamaican based band?
  13. Enrico Rava Quartet, 1978 Enrico Rava Quartet. ECM Records ECM-1-1122. US 1979 reissue.
  14. Tallis, The Choir Of King's College Cambridge With C.U.M.S. Chorus Directed By David Willcocks, Tudor Church Music Record 1. Argo ZRG 5436. UK 1965. Spem In Alium is gorgeous, must get the Tallis Scholars recording for comparison.
  15. Loving Loop, Listen To That Fat Bass. Spaceflower Records SPF-0021-12. Germany 1997. Hmm, this ain't no Armin van Buuren......