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  1. SACD Players

    Hi, Okay, let's stick to one variable cookie then, which dac will suit my Topaz KT120 ? preferably valve and one that can accept a usb/ssd for playback with a display ?
  2. SACD Players

    Hi, Yes, I have Sony gear, always been great to me, okay, I am interested in that Pioneer unit, but I'm in no rush, I plan to use as a amp, my Topaz KT120, now am I right to assume that there are two distinct ways to do this, either media player or a dac hooked up to my Topaz that I can hook up a usb/ssd with my music files loaded on it ? if so, that may be the better way for me to go, having said that, which is the better way out of the two ? Thanks.
  3. FS: Led Zeppelin 200g Classic Records

    Hi Guys, Okay, if I break them up, I am going to want $200 a piece, if still interested, let me know before tomorrow night. Thanks
  4. SACD Players

    Hi, You can also add the Pioneer N30AE and N70AE in the mix as well. Thanks.
  5. SACD Players

    Hi. Beacon, Yes that is one of the units that I am considering, thanks for the heads up, I did have a demo on Friday with a Cambridge Audio cxn it was great, especially through a pair of 2 way B&W shelf speakers, they blew away a pair of 3 way B&W floorstanders, the Cambridge is my first and only, thus far, of hearing one of the media players, so far so good, how would the Cambridge compare to the Sony ? anyone have either or both ? Thanks.
  6. FS: Led Zeppelin 200g Classic Records

    Hi, Okay Tubularbells, let me know soon. Thanks
  7. FS: Led Zeppelin 200g Classic Records

    Hi, Powerglide I would consider separating them, let me know which ones and I will work out a fair price, the remainder, if not sold here by Monday, I will then put them up on eBay for some price gouging there instead of here. Thanks.
  8. USB Amp

    Hi, I'm not after anything computer wise Alberto. Thanks
  9. SACD Players

    Hi, I guess that I will have to go for a media streamer, potentially it will be too featured for my needs, but, I can't seem to find a box that only has what I need, at least in some ways the media server will give me future proofing if needs be, the only other problem I can see is for how long is one of these are supported by software upgrades ? before said support stops and from there how long before it starts to give you trouble because of the lack of software support ? it is a concern, but how much so ? also, what download service gives hi rex downloads in all music genre's ? and, as Beacon has pointed out that he mostly goes for 96/24 is that equal to cd quality ? or do we need to aim higher for that ? if I can get, at least equal cd downloads, I would be happy with that and I do mean equal bit rate download to same with cd, also Beacon, great response and explanation of pcm/dsd, I did know that info, but you really put it together in a very concise and focused manner in a easy to understand plainly, I wish hifi reviewers could do the same. Thanks
  10. SACD Players

    Hi, Thanks Beacon, yeah, I'm relieved myself, I am definitely wanting to head away from physical media, DSD is not a big deal, at present, as I only own one little ol' sacd disc, go on laugh, I did, I bought it to investigate the medium as I did for a bluray audio disc as well and the whole idea has lead me wanting to ditch said physical media, so, I assume DSD downloads are to do with sacd format only ? I really don't know, I have ever only used FLAC, I did try all of the different available formats and bitrates some years ago to compare and yes, I could tell a big difference between them all and I could also tell a big difference between the same format and it's bitrates, I found that on all formats the best sound WAS AND IS at the highest bitrate, I could not live with anything below that and I found for me that FLAC was/is the best format for me thus far, now as we all know, time moves on and I am now revisiting all of this with the intention of either ripping, as I have been doing, but move on up to a better format than FLAC, suggestions welcomed here and it must be equal to cd quality at same equal match of data held on cd disc, I am about quality not quantity, or preferably go fully into download mode with same for quality of said downloads matching cd, as a minimum, why ? because I will hear the difference and I know I can, because even at the highest bitrate with FLAC, I can hear it's limitations. Thanks
  11. SACD Players

    Hi Guys, It's all now a moote point as I am moving into non physical media playback, sacd/cd player no longer required. Thanks
  12. Item: Led Zeppelin 200g Classic Records Location: Lavington N.S.W 2641 Price: $1,500 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Selling all of my vinyl Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi, They are all 200g pressings by Classic Records. Thanks. Pictures:
  13. USB Amp

    Hi Betocool, Yes, I was considering this one as well, I don't wish for a built in amp, as I have a Weston Topaz, which I wish to keep using. Thanks
  14. USB Amp

    Hi bzr, To add further, this is only a headphone amp, I need a audio amp, not a headphone amp. Thanks.
  15. USB Amp

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a two channel amp that has the ability to playback all hi rez files off a ssd, sd card or a usb stick ? I know about the network servers, I am interested in the Pioneer N 70AE and the Cambridge Audio cxn, but, feature wise, they are overkill for me, I just want to rip my discs, transfer them to said storage device's previously mentioned, stick it into said amp and press play, I don't stream nor download, streaming is no good as I don't play music enough to justify it for myself and I can't find a download service that will cover all of my music tastes and hi rez, so I am back to where I currently stand with rip etc, surely by now there must be a amp or a similar device that covers what I am asking ? Apologies if this turns out to be the wrong topic here but I really don't know where else to ask. Thanks.