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  1. Maybe he's can't hear the differences because he's not using quality power cables and quality speaker cables?
  2. That digital white paper is old school and just technical waffle. Anyone with a half decent system can hear improvements in 1 cd transport up sampling to 192 vs std 44.1 2 playback on a pc using 24/192 vs 16/44.1 3 MQA vs redbookj
  3. Hi Richard, happy to demo in your setup with your pre and speakers. PM me with your preferred date and time if you're interested to try them out.
  4. Item: Quad 909 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Location: Melb East Price: $1850 pickup + Freight charges if applicable Item Condition: Both power amps are in mint condition and work perfectly, any audition welcome Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal to a friend Extra Info: I have the original boxes for both amps. Had both amps serviced by Dada Electronics and have receipt In the following article by Ken, he recommends the Quad 909 stereo version with LS3/5a in a small room. The 909 monos will have even more control as the LS3/5a can be difficult to drive. Can demo with a pair of LS3/5a in the Melb metro area if anyone is interested. Pictures:
  5. Yes, my $500 mini pc is the best I've heard but that is just my opinion hence my offer for a gtg in Melb East. It'll be good to compare notes with others who have also been down this path.
  6. Yes, this cheaper cable is more revealing but can create other issues with the top end and brightness. I compensated for this using better power cables and now the balance in my system is perfect.
  7. my mini pc usb 2.0 port is isolated from the dac with an Intona which works really well. The isolator is connected via 2 x short 15cm silver usb cables. Contrary to some reviews of the intona, I have found that both usb make a difference to the sound ie the one feeding the isolator and the one going to the dac. I tried the curious regen cable and it wasn't as good as with these
  8. My Asus mini pc costs approx. $500 and it sounds fantastic. The trick is to optimise the OS and usb connection. You are welcome to come have a listen in Melb east. If there are others interested I could have a GTG for up to 3 people.
  9. Item: NUFORCE U192S USB to S/PDIF Converter Location: Melbourne Price: $135 + postage is extra Item Condition: Mint never used Reason for selling: Not used as I have usb input on dac Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (pay a friend) Extra Info: CD is missing but I've located the driver download as per pic NuForce releases low-cost USB to SPDIF converter. Already have a DAC, but it doesn’t have a USB input? Nuforce has just what you’ve been looking for! Its new U192STM converts USB to digital audio, after which you can use your existing DAC to convert the digital audio to analogue. ‘This new device from NuForce is really interesting,’ said Michael Thornton-Smith, of International Dynamics, which distributes the NuForce U192STM in Australia. ‘It’s a signal converter that transforms digital audio signals from the USB port of a computer into standard S/PDIF digital audio and then outputs it via both coaxial (RCA) and optical (Toslink) outputs. The U192S accepts data word lengths of 16-bits and 24-bits at all common sample rates up to a maximum sample-rate of 192kHz, thus permitting playback of high-resolution digital audio recordings via computer USB ports. Because of this, it allows users to keep their existing non-USB DACs, and add a USB capability to it.’ Thornton-Smith told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he was currently awaiting his first stock shipment and that he wasn’t going to set a firm retail price until he shipped units out to his retailers, but that he expected the NuForce U192STM would retail in Australia for $179 (RRP). For more information, please contact International Dynamics Australasia (IDA) NuForce U192TM USB/SPDIF Converter Features • USB 2.0 audio to S/PDIF converter • Coaxial S/PDIF output • Optical TOSLINK output • 16 or 24 bit resolution • 44.1, 48, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz sampling rates supported • USB-powered, no external power supply required • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OSX • Digital Output: Coaxial RCA 75-ohm and Optical Toslink • Digital Output Signal Level: 1.0Vpp • Maximum power consumption: 150mW • Dimensions: 68×38×21mm • Included Accessories: USB cable (1 metre) Pictures:
  10. Just to add to @rocky500 comment, I believe that your Magnet LC1 has US sockets so you should use a properly wired US power cable which has the L & N reversed when plugging your subs into the sockets labelled amp outputs.
  11. FYI, the Ebay seller "xangsane" has not responded to my questions so based on their lack of response, I'm not comfortable buying from them.
  12. Best Aus compliant cable is the Audio Principe signature power cable. Peter also makes up different lengths and it's a better looking cable. I think I must have at least 10 in my system.
  13. Hi Bob, After further thought, I can probably live with 2.0m but it will look a bit untidy. I have asked the seller some serious questions and may end up getting two. Will let you know how I go...
  14. Here's one to consider, 2.0m are a bit long for me and I haven't purchased from this ebay seller. The US plug would need to go into your conditioner and not the wall, but the price is good.