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  1. I've got one original copy for sale on my website. www.ozmusiconline.com.au
  2. Picked up and paid for. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi John, I'd love to have them if still available.
  4. Interested in Gecko Rack and Isotek. PM sent.
  5. Purchased and picked up. Fanatastic condition. Great guy to deal with.Very helpful.He was happy to pass on info to a novice from his wealth of knowledge.. Thank You.
  6. Thankyou. No good to me unfortunately.
  7. Hi, USA or Oz Sockets ? Can't tell from small pic on my phone.
  8. Kevin, Keep him in your little black book for later though. He is good .
  9. Hi Kevin, I just got a job done (non Hi Fi) at Chrometech here in Castle Hill. Small operation. Good service/price. Check out website and Give him a call on monday. Regards from your mate Ozmusic Gavin. Small world eh!
  10. Good Morning and Welcome. Still putting a my new CD player through some listening tests with my top 5 auditioners. So this morning it's - Blue Oyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune / Lindsey Buckingham - Out Of The Cradle / Air - Pocket Symphony / Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes / David Gilmour - On An Island . Sould see me through till lunchtime.