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  1. Vintage HiFi

    Unless your a boffin with a smoking soldering iron I think vintage hi fi is a slippery slope. Like hi fi , vintage musical instruments, amplifiers etc certainly have their fans. I bought a beautiful vintage Roland JC160 amplifier only to watch it go up in a puff of smoke with a rather loud bang.
  2. I will follow you, will you follow me All the days and nights that we know will be I will stay with you, will you stay with me Just one single tear in each passing year
  3. Best scream in a song

    Ian Gillan with "Black Sabbath" on the track 'Trashed' from the 'Born Again' album 1983
  4. Best scream in a song

    The late, great David Byron of Uriah Heep on the track "Bird of Prey" from the 1970 album 'Salisbury'
  5. I've got a PS Audio product which the company literature recommends leaving it on all the time. I live in Queensland where we have some of the wildest electrical storms on the planet. There's no way I gonna leave my boy's juiced if I'm not home...
  6. Metal: Currently Spinning

    I think the closest Witchfynde ever got to the Magus was a pint of Crowley's Northern Bitter, however they conjure up some truly dark tones, especially on key track "Unto the Ages of the Ages"
  7. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Witchfynde "Give em Hell" A classic from the NWOBHM, (dodgy goat illustrations aside)
  8. Shiny new counter weight for tonearm
  9. That is quite a 'needle'. Lovely...
  10. Michell Gyro SE

    Check out an early version of the Gyro in 'A Clockwork Orange'
  11. Michell Gyro SE

    LP12's just aren't as cool as Gyro's.
  12. Michell Gyro SE

    After all that I bet you wished you went for the Gyrodec.....
  13. Best material for putting components on?

    I've used these Agora Acoustics 'Hexapods' under my turntable with good results. About $8 each.
  14. Some classic Van der Graaf Generator on vinyl. Gotta love that crazy prog madness....
  15. Furman M10XE Power Conditioner.