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  1. These are sold right?
  2. FS: Audiolab M-DAC

    Hi would you take $500 thx
  3. Yeah Kenrick love their video!! I'm still waiting for my JBL 4344 to come out of Customs. Hopefully this week or early next week, Mike
  4. Hi I have a pair of JBL 4344 coming. Looking forward to listening to them. The Jbl K2's look fantastic Cheers.
  5. Old Post. But how impressive is this amplifier. Such clarity and clear sound stage. Feels like your right there in the recording studio with the artist or band. Really brings your speakers alive. I give it 5 stars easy. Very different from many other Amplifiers in a great way.
  6. Yamaha NS 2000 Surrounds

    I know this is a bit old. But anyone know where you can get Foam surround for NS 2000
  7. Diatone Professional Speakers

    Nice Speakers
  8. Diatone Professional Speakers

    Yes I received the Victor SX 900. My god the sound is incredible. I feel they have a more enjoyable sound than the Yamaha NS 2000's. A bigger sound.Right there with the band sound.Tight bass. really good quality bass and lots of it, clarity, Lots of detail and an incredible sound stage. Really smooth flowing sound. I'm blown away.They have such a nice sound that you could listen to them for hours without fatigue. I have a pair of Tannoy DC10 and they are worth over $15,000 and they hold there own against them easily. Guys if you can get a pair do so they are well worth it. They bet my highest expectations.
  9. Diatone Professional Speakers

    Oh yeah I purchase a pair of victor SX 900 speaker and they are on there way. I wonder how these will sound against the Yamaha's. I will let you know,.Got a good deal on them. Can't wait to hear them. I love the styling on them
  10. Diatone Professional Speakers

    I think you might be right,. It could be the listening room I had the 2000's in was not suitable for them. But very good for the 1000's. I will try the NS 2000's in a different room altogether and see how they sound. Yes it would be good to hear other peoples thought of this.
  11. Diatone Professional Speakers

    What do you guys think? I have a Pair of Yamaha NS 1000 XY. I also have NS 2000's. I know this is against public opinion, But I like the sound of the NS 1000x more than the NS 2000. Anyone feel the same? Maybe they are less honest, than the Yamaha NS 2000's. The 2000's I find are brutally honest. Some material you play can sound very mediocre. I find the 1000's easier with different amplifiers and material.
  12. Diatone Professional Speakers

    This one I just got. Its the Yamaha 101M was only made for the professional market. Studio Amplifier. Not for home use. I think this beats all of them,. It has an incredible transparent sound. It has two power cords. Each channel is completely separate of each other. OMG it sounds incredible. Especially with the Yamaha NS 2000's. 61 kg. 580 watts per channel. They say its Yamaha's Finest Stereo Amplifier ever I think that will do me for awhile..haha
  13. Diatone Professional Speakers

    The Yamaha sounds amazing. But I think the Onkyo M510 Beats it. When I first heard it my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe how incredible it sounded.
  14. Diatone Professional Speakers

    Hi There. Yes they are 240 volts. I brought the Diatone Ds 700 from Japan. I also got Onkyo M510 which sounds incredible.
  15. Diatone Professional Speakers

    Fantastic setup(s). I hear great things about the Sony TA-N7 VFET. I was going to get one of these or the Yamaha B2. The Sony looks amazing. Love the design. The Yamaha GT 2000 just gorgeous. Wow you have some great stuff. Those Diatones look incredible and bet the sound they produce musty be out of this world. What an amazing company to produce such incredible speakers. I have Diatone DC 700 speakers. I'm very impressed with these.