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  1. Don't come home after a few and try to light a fire now, will you?
  2. Quite interesting.....
  3. Can do....!
  4. I use a d'fly red. So where should I go for some MQA samples just outa interest?
  5. Thanks Owen! Much appreciated. Mat
  6. Good to know! Who did the retip for you?
  7. Great stuff Owen. Goes to show what a bit of effort can produce! I have a silly question. I note the surfactant mix you're using. Is there a role for use of the sort of fluid I use in my good old Disco Antistat, such as Melody Mate or similar (perhaps in a diluted form)? I note filtering and reusing fluid is the next challenge! Is there room in the bottom of the tank for a submerged electric filter which could run when the bath is running? Keep up,the great work! Mat addit- woops just saw the post re using a filter. Anyone else getting good results with this? Suggestions for filters?
  8. Impressed?
  9. So did anyone go with he Hana SL in the end? I'm keen to hear reports, 'cause they sound like they should represent great value....
  10. Yeah I'd imagine tubes would have a pretty easy life amongst their friends in these amps - no stress!
  11. Nah - wear it out!
  12. Cheers Mun! Pm sent
  13. If there are indeed two sets in Perth, and they fired up at same time, they would precipitate another energy crisis like in South Australia.....
  14. Yep. The one you want is mfsl2-45011
  15. Actually I just looked up the numbers. Looks like they're all mono.... but from what I can recall, anything after about '68 will play well on a stereo cart, even if "mono", unless I'm mistaken?