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  1. Zerodust x2. Great investment....
  2. Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks mate. Yeah the next step is trying a subscription (the free stuff is low res), so you're prolly right - it's most likely the resolution to start with. We might trial the higher res and I might muck around with a USB dac such as a Dragonfly....
  4. So who wants to go and get these for me, drive them to Melbourne, and set them up in my lounge?
  5. Geez what a lazy bastard.....
  6. Loving the thread by the way guys. As I had mentioned, my folks have one of these turntable with likely about 10hrs or less on it! I'll get some pics, and I'll certainly be picking brains down the track!
  7. Another option is CNC. I have access to a tool maker (family!) and he normally cuts steel or aluminium on the CNC. He just changes bits and can do stone too! You just need the CNC program (autocad). Might be worth asking around.....
  8. If it's Any help, try a kitchen place. You can often score the cut-outs from bench sinks very cheap, and they'll polish the sides for you....
  9. Splash back is "black mirror". Worked well as we couldn't look outside behind the bench, so gives the feeling of more space. as for the oven mitt, they are carefully carved from white mahogany....
  10. Hi all. A quick NOOBish question. I currently use a Consonance Suzanne DAP as my digital player. It sits in a dock most of its time, which is connected via the headphones-out socket to rca on my preamp. I can also attach an external drive via USB for material, and it also has an internal MicroSD. I control it from an iPad app (8player). All good. however... In the short term the missus is enjoying some Spotify stuff, and we just connect her phone or iPad directly to the preamp (headphone out to rca). Sound is average (yes i know - Spotify is lower res and so on). I am wondering if I can either: 1. Use the Suzanne as a DAC only (it doesn't seem to offer this function), thus iPhone>Suzanne>pre 2. Could anyone recommend a cheap fix alternative DAC (portable or otherwise) to make iphone>dac>pre? Portable good as I'll also use it with my own iPhone out and about.... The longer term plan is something like Klein DAC and a proper Roon setup. thanks guys! mat
  11. All very possible. My brother-in-law is a toolmaker in Melbourne with his own business, and can do timber in his cnc machine (currently making some amplifier fascias in aluminium). It's a great way to make a plinth if you have the ability to do the drawing on computer. Deadly accurate and very strong tooling (as his machines mostly work with steel!). Love the ironbark. It's one of my favourite timbers, along with messmate, and spotted gum....great job! stick a link in the timber work thread we started a while back.....!
  12. "What are you doing Dave.....?"
  13. I think these have a fax and printer too....
  14. I need to replace the platter with same weight and thickness? Total is 3045g (platter+glass+felt), andas I understand it, loading has to be pretty same same due to the 6.1's suspension system.....