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  1. Auralic Aries vs MicroRendu

    I see your UltraRendu, and raise you an ultra SMS-200!
  2. Looks sold. Out of interest has anyone compared the SQ of this unit to the Mojo?
  3. AM Audio 805M mono blocks

    Would be handy if you like to switch between amps a bit.....
  4. AM Audio 805M mono blocks

    I've heard these with Osborn Epitomes. Glorious amps.
  5. Multi arm turntables

    Hi again Suresh. It looks like this is likely to be the direction. I have a descent Creek OBH-9SE, that whilst nothing fancy, does a nice job. It's not worth much so I'll likely keep it for the second arm, and add something special for the stereo (main) arm - likely something tube with an SUT....
  6. Rack for turntable and stereo components...

    It's also worth suss I get out local woodworkers. You can buy the isolation spikes/hardware online, and take some pics to a furniture maker. It's a really easy job, and you could choose some really nice Aussie hardwoods. It may work out cheaper!
  7. Audioquest Dragonfly for iPhone

    Quite a large difference. I have the red and in my opinion it's worth the extra if you intend to use it a lot. on the downside, mine (like many I have heard about) has developed a loose input (on the headphone side) and has stopped working. I'm trying to get it sorted through the distributer. I feel there's a fundamental design issue, as these USB DAC's stick out of the USB socket on a computer and are able to wiggle a lot, and with portable use the headphone socket cops a lot of movement stress.....
  8. Hi all. I have a silly question. I have a great Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp. Current in's: phono, digital, cd (all RCA) out: xlr to power amp (solid state) there are 3 choices on the back for output - 2 sets xlr and 1 set rca. I'd love to be able to also run some tube mono's off the pre, and to be able to choose which power amp to run by assigning the selector switch (as with the inputs). Thus, no plugging/unplugging. My understanding, however, is that all outputs are active (for running biamp configurations, or maybe a powered sub), but I'm interested to know if it's possible to have such a "switchable" setup? if it is indeed possible, can one also manage to hook up speaker cables in such as way as to avoid switching back and forth? cheers, Mat
  9. They've been in business up the road from me for as long as I can remember....
  10. Hey mate do you have approx dimensions?
  11. Just don't take his beer....
  12. Love the Festo sander too! I can't do without mine! Id love to hear more about making these? Would you be able to post a quick recipe in the woodwork thread?
  13. How old is your phono stage?

    I've used a Creek OBH-9se since 1997....