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  1. Sounds like a nasty noise after an unprotected power surge....
  2. How 'bout "Sohn"? Son of a DAC....?
  3. Yeah! It's pretty nicely laid out. Like looking inside the Bent Tap-x or AM's passive - just neat symmetry!
  4. To reinvigorate my own thread, here's another rather rare passive. is that Duc's eBay store? Anyway, this unit looks like a beautiful build under the hood!
  5. I'm a wandler, yeah wandler. I move around around around........
  6. Damn you got me procrastinating, and I found an article which just blew me away a few years back. Just look at the detail and craftsmanship at play here. Unbelievable. The man is a god.
  7. I'd read about what Tweaky is referring to. Very shabby behaviour. Yes I agree - avoid new in these brands. Also beware - a "service" (recommended every few years) tends to creep close to $800 to $1k for a Sub. Ouch! sorry for all the hijacking! There's stil, a few great second hand dealers in Melb, and on Watchuseek you'll find stacks of great info for tracking a great piece down. Eg.
  8. Cool. Thanks guys. I'll dig through the missus' textile supplies or visit a local upholsterer....
  9. Cool. I have some lying around so I'll give it a try! Thanks. oh - fuzz up or down?
  10. Gotcha. Thanks. Just on a steep learning curve, given I just once again replaced a blown fuse in our Loewe CRT (our only telly!)....
  11. I thought these upscaled to 4K? What would you upgrade to?
  12. Ah - now the ad makes more Sense!
  13. ....and are you saying you have some HD800's for $265? I'm all ears! very cryptic ad. Sorry Tassie - I've re-read the bit starting with, " there are 7 sets.." a few times, and it makes less sense each time!
  14. There's a dude here in Melb that does this stuff: itll be what I use next based on reviews. I'm sure plenty of peeps here will back this product. Having said that, the stuff that came with the Disco seems to work really well....
  15. ill have to measure mine and check the weight.