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  1. "New and sealed black label". Reminds me of magazine racks as a teen....
  2. music labs. Melbourne made amplifier.

    Sneak preview!
  3. Geez! I might look for a pair of monoblocks just to come up with an excuse! Bargain!
  4. Where to from Rancillio Silvia

    http://www.talkcoffee.com.au/ this is the place for those who want to head up to the next level. Well worth a visit....
  5. Man that's value!!
  6. SOLD: FS - Audio GD Reference 7 DAC

    If falls through I'm in Melb and can pick up. Mat
  7. SOLD: FS: Antipodes DX *Pictures Added

    I'm not sure if I understand a single word of that.....!?
  8. I loathe corporate naming of venues. I refuse to use them, and will always refer to the place's original name.
  9. Hi. Is this the Linux or Windows (Roon ready) version?
  10. Yeah brands seem to mean less and less. All screens seem to come out of a few Chinese factories, and then go into various chassis' with different hardware added. They're all "bitsas" these days....
  11. Tracks with KILLER BASS. What shakes your system?

    Yeah that one opens with quite an amazingly recorded track. I've been using that to test equipment lately....
  12. Passive Pre's: Slagle Autoformers vs Tortuga LDR3

    Stereo coffee has a "boutique" brand called "Audio Java" http://www.javahifi.com/ which use Chris' hardware and design in a much better package. Worth a look! I started a Passive thread some time ago that you may wish to peruse...... http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/105008-passive-preamps-where-are-we-at-currently/