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  1. I did a bit of quick reading on this today, and according to this paper the answer is - probably yes (with a number of qualifications/doubts they put in the paper, which does not have too much detail or test results)
  2. Very interesting, I will read up on this. Doing diffusing in a thinner format than the venerable BBC-designed Quadratic Skyline Diffuser format has to be a good thing. I had seen on another forum that there was no point diffusing below 500Hz as it wasn't localizable enough to make a difference. Has anyone seen any other info on the lower and upper frequency limits that it is worthwhile diffusing musical sound? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hey @hochopeper any updates on this project?
  4. UPDATE: TSS picked up the speakers today, wrapping them in bubble wrap. The seller/sender also provided foam sheet to cover and help protect the drivers. But TSS only had one driver, so the seller/sender had to help man-handle them into the truck. TSS also didn't bring their crate with them, rather they said they would put the speakers in their crate when they get them back to their warehouse. Hopefully the transport goes smoothly and they arrive OK.
  5. I have heard good things about the REL subwoofers for music. Some people like the JL Audio subs and the Paradigm subs. Sunfire are well regarded but expensive. The Aussie speaker manufacturers such as Krix and Whatmough and VAF etc may or may not be quite as good but will probably represent the best value and more likely to meet your budget. You can also check past versions of the "Recommended Components" list from Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazines that you will find on the web, under the subwoofer category. They may tend to favour their advertisers so take these lists with a grain of salt, but you probably won't find bad products on these lists.
  6. The first track above is: Cosmo, Old Friend, from the Sneakers movie soundtrack. The second track above is: hok man-yim, poem of chinese drums. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Listening to them play bass drum tracks. REL subwoofers recommend tuning the very subtle background bass drum in this track to match the sub with your speakers: For evaluating subs I would recommend this awesome track: Should sound like real drums, not bass rumble or "doof" sound. Also read reviews of subs in audio (not home theatre) websites and publications. Many of the best music subs will be more expensive, so you may get better sound within budget by buying an older used one, just check it out carefully before buying.
  8. For music a bass drum has a definite tonal sound that requires accuracy to reproduce realistically. Otherwise you just get a general "doof" sound, which sounds wrong to our ears/brains. For movies the low-frequency sounds are made artificially by SFX people and modified heavily. Our ears/brains don't really know what those noises should be sounding like, so accuracy and speed is not as critical. So you can get away with a lesser quality sub for movies in many cases without it affecting your enjoyment much. For $500 it will be a bit of a struggle to get a great one. My Whatmough sub would go for that secondhand and was OK for music, but if you look around you should find some better options that are a bit older. Also consider that the low frequency sound will almost certainly activate room modes (especially in small to medium enclosed rooms), so on certain tracks with bass beats at certain frequencies the beats may sound unpleasantly long and loud and inaccurate. These issues can sometimes be addressed to some extent through moving listener position, and/or room treatment (bass traps etc), and/or EQ / DRC.
  9. Top bloke of the month award goes to @teagle Thanks for checking out the speakers for me Terry!
  10. TSS will put the speakers standing vertically in a crate like the attached photo, and the crate will then be filled with foam to stop the speakers moving around during transport. It seems like a good system. Hopefully all will go smoothly.
  11. To move the speakers I got quotes from specialist sensitive freight transport companies to package the very large speakers at the seller's house near Perth and transport them to me on the Gold Coast and unpack them. quoted $424 and they would bubble wrap the speakers and put them on a skid. quoted $575 and they would bubble wrap the speakers and put them in their own crate. The proposal from TSS with a crate sounds safer so I will go with them. COPE is another famous sensitive freight company mentioned earlier but I have found them a lot more expensive in the past, and their WA email address didn't respond to my email quote request this time. I know TNT and E-GO would be a lot cheaper for just the transport part, but they won't package the goods, and they are not sensitive freight companies.
  12. currently sell a QBE insurance policy, and quoted $240 for $4,600 coverage. currently sell a Zurich insurance policy, and quoted $275 for $4,600 coverage. Both have a $250 excess. And both have the following exclusion: "mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or malfunction of goods where there is no external evidence that an event insured against has occurred" which means they will only cover obvious damage/breakage, they won't cover it if there is electrical or electronic failure due to normal transport. Scanning the policy wording they seem pretty much the same, but (QBE policy) is cheaper, so I'll go with them.
  13. I have already received a generous offer via PM from someone nearby in Safety Bay to look at them, so thanks again to this wonderful forum community!
  14. EDIT: THANKS GUYS. HAVE JUST HAD AN OFFER FROM SOMEONE TO LOOK AT THEM FOR ME ALREADY! I am going to buy some very big used speakers off a guy near Rockingham / Waikiki area in WA, 50 minutes drive south of Perth. I am in Queensland, so I am buying them site unseen. Just wondering if anyone who goes by that area may be willing to check the speakers out for me within the next few days? (i.e. that they work and are in reasonable condition). They are very nice speakers so should be worth a listen. You will also receive a massive infusion of good Karma, so after this good deed the sun will always shine on your back, the mosquitoes will always be stinging someone else, and every time you look at females it will be as if you're wearing beer goggles... So please PM me if this is something you would like to do.