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  1. Item: Triad Bronze/4 LCR In-Wall Speakers Location: S.E. Qld Price: $1,150 ONO Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Not required as decided to use floorstanders instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Triad Bronze/4 LCR In-Wall Speakers. Can also be used as freestanding. Suitable for small to medium size media rooms (the Triad Silver and Gold speakers give the same sound quality but are more suited to larger rooms).The set includes three speakers for Left, Centre and Right channels in a surround-sound setup.As well as in-wall, these speakers could also be used in cabinets or even as stand-alone speakers if necssary.These hifi speakers are highly recommended by home theatre hifi speacialists and installers.They have had very little use and are in as-new condution both cosmetically and functionally. Grilles not included, but can you can buy these separately from the distributor and I will factor this into the price. Will double-box and then courier them Australia-wide at buyer's expense (negotiable).Cost over $3,000 new, will sell for a third of new price.Manufacturers information & specifications: http://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/iw-bronze4-lcr/ Pictures:
  2. Recommended in-car stereo system

    As always the speakers will make way more difference than the electronics. Second and last area that makes a huge difference is acoustics... I would investigate digital "room" correction for car audio if looking to make a really significant difference through electronic means: https://www.dirac.com/live-automotive/ Personally I think all the amplifiers/receivers you mentioned will most likely sound fine. Blind test the sound of the most expensive and cheapest to see if you can pick the better sounding one reliably... if not, buy the cheapest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Yep, well spotted. They sound very good to my ears, especially for the price they go for secondhand these days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Cost benefit is a factor in this. Yes a wooden box would be safer, but the cost to get a cabinet maker or similar to make one would at least double the shipping cost for speakers this size and make unviable. The seller in this case would not be in a position to make one. Putting on a skid would offer minimum benefit for the short trips to their local warehouse. Also the insurance would have covered major damage, so you can go overboard with the packaging when you're already insurance covered for less cost. Most importantly, it's like a good careful removalist can avoid damage with minimal packaging/protection. Likewise sensitive freight companies like TSS take way more care and have a completely different distribution system to a general courier company like TNT or E-go, and even if they were in a wooden box I would not be 100% sure there wouldn't be damage with such companies. Sensitive freight companies offer a good service to package goods where the seller can't or won't package them. I would have no hesitation to use them again, but I'd get shipping insurance just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Maybe he means the Crown Prince / Princess and their big brother the Sovereign are a step above other Duntechs??? I have heard the same said elsewhere. They probably all represent good value for their current used prices though (if you've got a nice powerful amp to run them). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Lyngdorf TDAI-2170

    I have read that the amp gives a high dynamic range presentation (I think Langford himself said they can achieve 20dB more dynamic range than competitors with this amp). Is this something you have noticed, if so is it obvious compared to traditional amps you've heard? Also they say it sounds significantly more dynamic at low volume than other amps. This is something I normally associate with highly efficient horn speakers. Again is this something you've noticed? Has anything really disappointed you about the sound of this amp?
  7. The closest current stereo amp from Parasound appears to be the A21 model, but looking at internal photos it looks very different inside. My understanding is the JC1 as the flagship amplifier was designed as a monoblock, and designed to be able to drive very low impedance speaker loads. Even their A51 5 channel amp is rated at less than half the peak amps in their specs.
  8. Item: Parasound JC1 Monoblock Amplifier (single only, so you can use it for a centre channel or buy another one for stereo) Location: S.E. Qld Price: PRICE DROPPED TO $3,250 Item Condition: As new functionally. Very good cosmetically. Reason for selling: Decided to use old ME amp instead. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This silver colour JC1 single monoblock amp only has around 12 hours use on it so not even run in yet. Cosmetically perfect apart from a couple of very small scratches which I only just found when photographing it closely in strong light. I have made them look obvious for the close-up photo here, but from normal viewing distance they are very hard to spot. This sale is for one monoblock only, so you can use it as an awesome centre channel, or buy a second one elsewhere for stereo. Awesome amp very conservatively rated at 400 watts into 8 ohms, 800 watts into 4 ohms, 1200 watts into 2 ohms, and 135 amps peak current! Cheapest I can find one for worldwide at present is over AUD$2,800 and that one's obviously a lot older and in very poor condition. The one I am selling is almost new. Cheapest at the moment in Australia is a pair being sold on Gumtree for equivalent of $3,950 each and they are older and not in as good condition cosmetically. See link: https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=jc1 I will double box it and can make suggestions for shipping and insurance which will be at buyer's cost.
  9. UPDATE: Speakers arrived in perfect condition and sound just as they should. They bubble-wrapped and cardboard-wrapped the speakers on pickup, then back at their dispatch warehouse they put the speakers in one of their own wooden boxes and filled the voids with foam. Then at the destination warehouse they took the speakers out of the box and delivered them in an enclosed truck. Based on this one experience I could recommend TSS Sensitive Freight for shipping sensitive items such as speakers.
  10. Metasurface Schroeder Diffuser is 10 Times Thinner Than Usual

    I did a bit of quick reading on this today, and according to this paper the answer is - probably yes (with a number of qualifications/doubts they put in the paper, which does not have too much detail or test results) http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/101635/1/angus2_postprint.pdf
  11. Metasurface Schroeder Diffuser is 10 Times Thinner Than Usual

    Very interesting, I will read up on this. Doing diffusing in a thinner format than the venerable BBC-designed Quadratic Skyline Diffuser format has to be a good thing. I had seen on another forum that there was no point diffusing below 500Hz as it wasn't localizable enough to make a difference. Has anyone seen any other info on the lower and upper frequency limits that it is worthwhile diffusing musical sound? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. AB Test Box(es) Project

    Hey @hochopeper any updates on this project?
  13. UPDATE: TSS picked up the speakers today, wrapping them in bubble wrap. The seller/sender also provided foam sheet to cover and help protect the drivers. But TSS only had one driver, so the seller/sender had to help man-handle them into the truck. TSS also didn't bring their crate with them, rather they said they would put the speakers in their crate when they get them back to their warehouse. Hopefully the transport goes smoothly and they arrive OK.
  14. Cheap sub for music

    I have heard good things about the REL subwoofers for music. Some people like the JL Audio subs and the Paradigm subs. Sunfire are well regarded but expensive. The Aussie speaker manufacturers such as Krix and Whatmough and VAF etc may or may not be quite as good but will probably represent the best value and more likely to meet your budget. You can also check past versions of the "Recommended Components" list from Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazines that you will find on the web, under the subwoofer category. They may tend to favour their advertisers so take these lists with a grain of salt, but you probably won't find bad products on these lists.