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  1. currently drinking

    Have you tried the Beer Lao black(dum) Happy?If not,do yourself a favour. Its very tasty and smooth.Not a heavy Black,more a tan/dark. Ive never seen it in Australia though.
  2. currently drinking

    Beer Lao Toppest drop in the Asiatic region. Dan Murphy can deliver.
  3. Hi craig10 your inbox is full.Im interested craka.
  4. Ive updated my forsale post with dimensions and weight for shipping.
  5. They are a classic.Apart from their great sound,they are so well made. Its sad to let them go.
  6. I agree,I will try to get some decent pics tomorrow
  7. Item: JAMO CONCERT 11 Location:BRISBANE Price: $1600 Item Condition:9/10 Reason for selling:UPGRADED to OSBORN EPITOME Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Will Ship. Dimensions for shipping below. Boxes are 350 x 480 x1180. 2 boxes. 32 kg each. This site will give you multiple options and costs for freight. local buyer preferred. Extra Info:I cant believe I'm selling them . They sound absolutely fantastic.I describe their condition as Excellent. Photos in the ad below are my actual speaker and accurate as to condition. Concert 11 use the SEAS Excel Range of Drivers made in Norway. Weight - 32kg each I have the original boxes, Manuals,accessories for these speakers. Pictures:
  8. Is this still available?Ill take a pair unless Huxmut has bought the lot.
  9. Ill grab it if its still available craka
  10. If you end up making beanies,Im in. Plain tight knit black to keep my nude noggin warm. craka.