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  1. Better than Jamo Concert 8's.These must sound fantastic.
  2. Ill chime in here ,I hope you dont mind erest. For what its worth,I have the D860/Concert 11's,they are 15yrs old and sound fantastic , versatile and will do a wide range of music very well. These D830/Concert 8's would sound great.
  3. One of the most tight and clean live bands you'll ever hear and see . Beautiful Set GLWTS
  4. Back up down the line.
  5. Pm sent with questions and intent.
  6. Hit the report button!
  7. Overkill on my desktop but it sounds great.Just needs something decent to replace the old Sony headphones.
  8. Does anyone have a pair in Brisbane that I can have a listen .Happy to hear with your gear.However Id really like to bring my amp over and hook that up. Cheers craka.
  9. @Jakeyb77 Thanks for the heads up.I was way to busy today to even sneak a peak at SNA.
  10. Lads, Ive got in early for once.Done and dusted. craka
  11. Ill take it.Send me your details.