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  1. You're welcome to drop by for a listen. I can usually make time every second weekend Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  2. I honestly don't know..... It uses a power brick so I guess it's a DC motor rather than AC. I wasn't too concerned other than how the table performs. I considered a speed box when I had my Ariston RD110 SL though the sound was so pleasant that I never bothered with it.... I won't worry about one for this table either. It's simply unnecessary. The only issue with these tables is motor noise, and that turned out surprisingly easy to overcome. The tables torque is also incredible. I suspect that has something to do with its incredible bass, slam and dynamics. Interestingly it's also the quietest table I've had in terms of hum. With my EAR 834P on full gain there is no hum. Not at listening levels.... Then again, the Hana EL is double the output of what I was running on my last system. I guess you could contact Ivan at S.A.M. He's a really helpful guy. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  3. I'd like to hear some maggies someday.... Can't Record that for a comparison though unfortunately.... Only sources. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  4. I'll see if I can record some samples.... If you don't mind hearing Eric Clapton Unplugged or David Brubeck's Jazz Impressions of Japan. You'll need a pretty decent DAC to do the samples justice though. S.M.S.L. M8 for entry...... Through a Gustard DAC-X12 I can't hear the difference between LP and ripped copy. Best I can do. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  5. If you're in Brisbane I'm very happy to demo. This is my final table..... Along with my JVC TT-71 Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  6. It will make for an interesting experiment Geoff. I've never tried an arm newer than from the 80's except the Calista II Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  7. The best place to ask about that would be the Facebook group "Yaqin Tube Valve Amplifiers" . Some really knowledgeable guys on their including the chap who came up with the mod. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  8. Vintage high efficiency speakers

    Make sure you wear the Daytons in. Initially they're bright and harsh. About 2 weeks playing the radio non stop with a few blankets over them should do it. If you go over my older posts you'll see I was originally not a fan of them. Funny how much it can change [emoji4] External cabinet dimensions are 461mm wide x 761mm high x 267mm deep. It has a 3" slot at the front that was their idea of porting. Sitting on stands about 280mm high Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  9. My Ariston RD110 SL took a good long while to move on also. I think the thing is to be patient. I ended up trading mine for some monoblocks which I hope will be a step up from my single ended integrated amp Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  10. Thankyou very much for the set up on this Geoff. I'd not have been able to get this working this beautifully myself. I spent a good portion of today listening to it. This is definitely my final table. I don't see that this table could be improved upon. It's output is nothing short of breathtaking. [emoji4] I still don't know why they don't damp the motor cavity stock as it's so easy to do. If that is taken care of S.A.M really do have a world class product on their hands. There's absolutely no way these will remain at this price point. If anyone is looking for a spectacular sounding table without it costing an arm and a leg, I can highly recommend the S.A.M Aldebaran Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  11. I believe he means the phono stage when referring to software. Basically boosts the signal to line level and applies RIAA EQ to it. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  12. Ok, picked up the Aldebaran from Geoff this morning and the first LP I put on was Roxette's Look Sharp, a pressing from Germany so pretty decent. I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the sound I'm getting. With the Hana EL on the FR-14 arm soundstage wide and deep, insanely dynamic and with bass that I simply didn't know turntables could provide. This exceeds what I've heard from the few idler drive tables I've heard and by no small margin.... Needless to say there absolutely no comparison between this and my JVC TT-71 either. Actually, I'm lost for words. I've never heard music like this non stop. Actually until now I though that my digital setup was approaching vinyl playback...... I daresay that will still be true, provided I rip my LP collection and play back over it. Insane! This table was definitely worth the time and effort.
  13. Vintage high efficiency speakers

    All three are great in their own way. The Daytons really are in a class of their own.... With the Oldchen SEP amp and Soviet tubes it's the most revealing, transparent and enjoyable system I've heard. Yes, I got them from Parts Express The B&W's are close runner ups though with big room filling sound and not bad imaging. A far cry from the laser precise imaging of the Daytons though these are the most enjoyable sounding speakers I've heard. The Pioneers don't really image at all. In a large room they're capable of filling it with a beautiful and engaging sound like nothing else I've heard with minimal amplification. On the other hand they're now in a small room.... Without room to breathe they're not much good at all. I'm actually thinking about moving them on. Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  14. @Happy Absolutely no way I'm shelling out money for the original article. I'm not that much of a perfectionist.... I'd rather stretch my money to trying yet more gear [emoji6] @pulinap Please keep us updated mate Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
  15. If you get the LCR I'd be interested in your thoughts. I think quite a few would be interested in a user review. For me my long term interests in tube phono stages have been the EAR 834P and Marantz 7 circuits. Once I've tried the MM-88 it might be time to try something else..... Everyone's interest in the LCR-1 has peaked my own interest..... It's a toss up in my mind between that and a Gustard DAC-X20 Pro. I don't need either.... Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk