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  1. Any one know what these speakers are?

    I just sold a pair very similar. Not sure if its linear design as these are late 60s and if the same have DIN connections. The woofer is good quality hokutone and the others might be too if original but looks like a bitza. Basically these look identical to pair i just sold but it looks like added midrange Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    Sure - tomorrow definitely preferred. PM if interested.
  3. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    2017-09-16 Added + Sansui 3900 speakers (free)
  4. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    R5 is now sold Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    Apologies - AVX-25, not AVX-200 https://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/uploads/images/116/AVXBroch.pdf
  6. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    No - Large floorstanding 3 way speaker. It was the top of the range in AVX land. I think 3 x 8" woofers, mid and top
  7. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    2017-09-16 Added + Technics PD-687 5-CD Player with remote + Lowered price on Celestion from $100 to $80 + Added Harman Kardon PT-2600 Pre-amplifier
  8. Potential blown tweeter

    Fyi .. i have a pair of nautilus tweeters from 601s2 that are missing domes .. welcome to them Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    Ill let you know later today if its still for sale .. someone looking at it this morn Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    2017-09-15 Added + Mirage OMNI 250 and OMNI CC
  11. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    2017-09-15 Added + Luxman 312 + Sansui 661 + Cambridge Audio A4
  12. FS: [Mel] Many items! Moving House

    Ah yes .. forgot. Of course it's for sale (will update now)
  13. Item: Various items - Krix, Dali, ALR-Jordan, Accuphase, Yamaha, Celestion, Sansui, Wharfedale, Pioneer, Mirage, Cambridge Audio, Onkyo Location: Melbourne / Bulleen / VIC Price: Varies - but cheaper than their respective listings on gumtree / eBay Item Condition: Varies Reason for selling: Moving house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Been having fun acquiring, trying, evaluating and selling hi-fi (and low-fi) for past year or so. It's been fun, but very time consuming and have accumulated quite a lot of stuff - some working, some not working. New house - so moving in a few weeks and don't want to take this stuff with me. Most of it is advertised on Gumtree / eBay, and you may have seen it already, but i'm posting it here at significant discounts. It will take me a while to put all the pics up, so for the short term have a look at the list and let me know if there is anything of interest. I believe my pricing is all fair to excellent. My preferences are to sell the LARGE stuff (speakers) as a priority so I don't have to move it Additionally, I did purchase @erest Coral flat-8 speakers some time ago, so my Coral X-VII may be up for sale. I've also managed to acquire some NS-690II and I can't keep them all, so some of these will be up for sale. If interested, just ping me. I have MORE than what is listed here and will update as I find/locate/test. ** Please just message me directly rather than respond to the post if interested ** ** If it's listed, it's available! ** Speakers: [SOLD] 1. Krix Lyrix (Black) - [$500] woofers re-foamed a few years ago. Grills have a bit of pilling on them. Excellent speakers with great bass and top end. Midrange is typically a little recessed for my liking, but normal for others. [Pending] 2. ALR-Jordan Entry 5m - [$200] - A moderately high-end speaker in it's day, retailing at around $2k. In pretty good condition and in silver colour. Very smooth / european sound, best suited to articulate / clinical amplification 3. Celestion Ditton 15 - [$200] - Classic Celestion large bookshelf speaker. Has a few scratches on it but working perfectly. Well known, lots of info 4. Dali Suite 1.5 [$160] - The first 'sutie' (they made 1.7 and 2.1). Nice thin profile floorstanding speaker with the 'red' Dali drivers. I kept/used my suite 1.7 for some time as a primary. Good for medium to small room, quite articulate but with full and warmish sound. 5. ALR-Jordan Entry s [$80] - In silver, these are a small speaker (s=surround) but I wouldn't use them as a surround. Big-ish sound for their size, quite open. Excellent bedroom or 'computer' speakers. Had these paired with a Sansui amplifier and it sounded really quite good. [Pending] 6. DB Dynamics Belmont IV + Rear [$80] - Surprisingly good. I believe these are wharfedale drivers, assembled in Sydney in the 90's. Surprisingly good sounding speaker with excellent bass. MUCH better than the price suggests, with matching rears. 7. JBL Control 23 [$80] - Small cafe' style speakers (black). Very open and forward sound 'house sound'. 2 pairs available 8. Marantz LS360 Digital Definition Series [$100] - quite rare and with stands. Require new foam surrounds which come with the item. Similar to here but with stands: LS360 9. Mirage Omni S-10 Subwoofer [$270] - Sister company to Klipsch, this one is immaculate condition in light birch. I also have the complete matching front and centre as well but require some work. There are 'Mirage' people and 'other' people I've found . OMNI CC and OMNI 250 (speakers) will require some work, feel free to discuss 10. Jensen AVX-25 [$200] - I've become a huge fan of the (older) Jensen SPX and AVX series speakers. These are large, heavy and in excellent condition. Currently being used downstairs for Home Theatre. Very Australian sound, similar to Richter. I've found the AVX better than SPX, bit more midrange clarity and punch. 3 x 8" Drivers Link 11. Yamaha NS-125 [$50] - These are pencil profile floorstanding. I've seen these for sale recently for a couple of hundred. The white cones are a little off-colour in places. I also have the matching front and centre (in box) for $50 as well if interested. 12. Sound Dynamics (Canadian) - 12s [$200] - These may be 10s or 15s, I can't recall. Large floorstanding speakers with original user manual and warranty card (from original owner). Require new foam, but quite a desirable speaker. [Pending] 13. Jensen SPX-7 [$50] - These have twin drivers in them, but one driver from each of them is not working (I hooked them up to an untested amplifier with high dc-offset!). Cosmetically 9.5/10 with grills [SOLD] 13. Pioneer [FREE]. Small pioneer speakers that belonged to some home system. Absolutely nothing special, but free. 14. Marantz Floorstanding [$50]. - These are in the shed and don't recall the model but large-ish floorstanding in good working order. Missing one Marantz badge. LS series (Australian made) 15. Celestion KR1 Monitors [$100$80] - Cosmetically pretty average with paint splashes on them but working perfectly. Perfect for studio monitors or desktop speakers. 16. Wharfedale CRS-7 Monitors [$130] - Cosmetically 7/10, but really pretty fine sounding speaker! Dual 8" drivers. Quite a natural sound, uncoloured [SOLD] 17. LD / Hokutone Floor standing. [$80]. These are true vintage (late 60's) with Japanese Hokutone drivers. DIN plug connections and in spectacular condition. Nice Warm sound and cosmetically easy on the eye (and rare). Unsure of 'LD' brand but don't believe it's Linear Design, but could be. [SOLD] 19. Mirage OMNI 250 and CC Centre. [$150]. Drivers need re-foaming and potentially more work. [SOLD] 20. Sansui 3900. [FREE]. These have been stripped back ready to recover. I believe all drivers are working, but one tweeter has a small tear in it Network Streamers: [SOLD] 1. Cambridge Audio StreamMagic 6 (Black) - [$300] - This is the original (not V2) version currently in use with my system. With remote and working pefectly. There are differences between the V2 and original for DLNA sreaming etc. Tuners: 1. Sansui TU-317 (Black) - [$200] Mint condition with Rack Handles and documentation (both Unopened!) Amplifiers / Receivers / Pre-amp 1. Accuphase E-206 (Silver) - [$1,400] - My current amplifier, in mint condition. Original and un-touched in champagne (not black). 9.5 / 10 condition but massively overpowered for my Corals! 2. Yamaha RN-301 (black with remote) [$200] - Came with some q-acoustic speakers I required, current model ($500 new), original box and remote. POSTAGE OK for this one. 3. Yamaha AS-201 (black with remote) [$220] - Single owner - current RRP $450 4. Sansui G55X (black) [$120] with T-5 Tuner. - From the 80's, maintains a lot of the sansui qualities but I would not call this a 'warm' amplifier. It's actually quite acute sounding, more like the 717 kind of sound or some of the later Alphas. [Pending] 5. Onkyo TX-SR501 (silver) [$60] - Comes with remote but from another Onkyo. Remote works on volume, power but not source change. [SOLD] 6. Sansui R-5 (silver) [$100] - From 80's, great condition. Maintains some of the warm gooey sound of earlier, less clinical but still reasonable buid quality 7. LUXMAN 312 with Manual (black) [$200] - Luxman from the 90's. Pretty decent sounding amp, but more clinical than earlier models and lesser build quality (from the Alpine era). 8. Cambridge Audio A4 (silver) [$200] - Not an A1, or A2, or A3 .. but an A4!. I think they went up to A5 before changing to Azure series. Lovely warm amps, IMHO much nicer than the later Azur ones. [Pending] 9. Sansui 661 Receiver [$250] - Good condition one 10. Harman Kardon PT-2600 HT Pre-amp w/Remote [$100] - 110v but comes with small jaycar transformer. Working, tested with remote. Turntables 1. CEC ST-510 (black) - [$50] - With dust cover but missing hinges. Working, but (very) likely require new stylus. 2. Technics SL-23 (Silver) [$170] - Good working order, recent stylus but issues running 45 speed. CD Players 1. Technics PD-687 (5 CD) - [$50] - Working perfectly with remote. Remote is technics but for other CD so works but won't change CD (stop/pause/power all working correctly) Systems [Pending] 1. Technics SE-CA10 (black) - [$350] - Complete and immaculate with big VU metres, remote, speakers, tape deck and 5 CD-Player. I believe this was Technics 'top end' Mid system in the late 90's. Other Stuff 1. Sansui SE-8 Graphic Equaliser (black) - [$130]. Bit scratchy but happy to put some cleaner in it. Missing one of the plastic knobs. 2. Marantz Equaliser (not working) FREE 3. Sansui Tape Deck D300M (needs new belt) - $30 ($50 for both) 4. Sansui Tape Deck D95M (needs new belt) - $30 ($50 for both) 5. Nakamichi Hi-Com II - [$250] - Noise reduction system. Quite rare but still plenty of info around on these. Pictures:
  14. I agree on the zensors ... but dont hear too much on here about them. They are stellar Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  15. Can someone assist with speaker selection

    The Richter sound and the B&W are quite different. If you like B&W (and personally .. I don't), I doubt the Richter would do it for you. My suggestion would be to have a look at some euro speakers - not super well known over here, but i'd have to say my pair of Elac FS68 are 'stupendous', outclassing anything i've heard. I've also had some smaller Canton's which were impressive beyond expectation. B&W put a lot of effort into their aesthetic design - unlike Canton and Elac. Regardless of how purist people are, the aesthetic component matters a great deal to a lot of people. Aussie made speakers tend to have quite a distinctive sound - i've owned Krix, Accusound, Aaron and Richter (Wizard / harlequin), Audioline and Jensen - and have to say the (older) Jensens outpaced all of them. Give the Euro's a look in and see what you think