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  1. Hi John, Take it to an authorised Apple centre or a computer retailer with technicians who know what they are doing with Apple products. Good luck. Cheers,
  2. Use Easeus Backup free edition. Works well for me. Cheers,
  3. Yes for me, I own a few Esoteric, Accuphase and other Japanese branded vintage and relatively new model amplifiers and turntables which I run on Tortech step down's. For the price I paid for those amplifiers and turntables, one has to simply forget about or even dream about paying the prices I paid for, here in Australia. As much as I like to support local retailers/brick and mortar walk in audio stores, the prices on a lot of international brands are grossly over marked-up for me to even consider buying locally. Why pay $19,000 for a Esoteric source combo when you can buy one for $10000 shipped from Japan, spend another $500-800 on step-downs and still save enough cash in your wallet to put towards something else? If you're lucky and hit home, sometimes the units come with a multi-voltage plug or jumper that needs to be moved or soldered/bridged inside the unit, omitting the use for a step down. Not to mention Tortech step-down's are very well regarded here and every other person I meet/talk to who runs equipment off them. Cheers,
  4. Those are very old Wima film caps, most likely fkp2 or mkp10. Quality has to turned to **** with some of the Wima's production in China. Cheers,
  5. What did Paypal/ebay do with your case? Cheers,
  6. Thanks eltech.
  7. Some pictures, what is pictured is what I saw opened and removed from the post packaging. Apologies if pictures are too big. Cheers,
  8. This is the listing the tubes are from: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182542462634?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I will upload some pictures that were sent to me. Cheers,
  9. Yes, out of the box both tubes had cracked bases and a milky top on the valves. The tubes were listed as a new matched set/pair. The pins show usage, not bent though, one tube has a date of 08 12 and other is 09 01 and the lettering is worn out at various places. Cheers,
  10. Thanks for the replies. This is not possible because I was there when he received the package from Startrack and I saw the tubes when they were opened. Hence the detailed description of the packaging. Cheers,
  11. G'Day all, I'm trying to acquire some second opinions from you folks for a friend who recently received a pair of damaged tubes purchased on ebay. The ebay listing only showed the tube boxes so no actual pictures of the tube itself. They were listed as a new matched set. The tubes were double packed foam inlay-ed with another bigger box outside of it and then sytrene foam wrapped again and finally packed in parcel post bag. No damages with the packing, both tubes had a white getter in the glass from what I've seen and the bases cracked in the same positions. Now my friend has gotten in touch with the seller who was very suspicious in his replies thinking my mate is blaming him for sending damaged tubes (which he didn't, only indicating that the tubes arrived damaged). But I've seen the tubes myself, I'm no expert but for the packaging to be fine and double wrapped/packed and the bases of the tubes to crack it definitely looks like the tubes were sent damaged. If the tubes were damaged during transit the glass itself would shatter first but for both tubes to have cracked bases near the pins and in similar areas indicates this isn't a Post handling issue. The tubes also show signs of wear on the pins and lettering on the tubes have faded a bit. I just got off the phone no more then 10 minutes ago and he indicated that after having the items shown to his LPO they also said the same thing that it's high chance the seller sent the damaged tubes, as the packing was fine and it takes a considerable amount of impact or force (i.e. ripping the tubes out a socket abruptly) would cause those kind of cracks to the bottom of the tube bases as the glass is thick. Anyway he got a complaint form and the parcel was posted via parcel post (he paid for registered postage though). They said if he opts to lodge the complaint form (which the seller needs to do on his end as well) they would need take pictures of the item and AusPost will determine if it was a problem on there end or not and may/may not process a full refund, not to mention it will take a few weeks at minimum before getting any response from Post. I can post some pictures that were shown if needed. What should my mate do? Tell him to lodge a Paypal dispute or go with AusPost damage claim? Cheers,
  12. No point bypassing as they are not electrolytic capacitors, you may as well remove the Vishay's and replace it with something better. Bypassing the films with another film will be paralleling, i.e. increasing the capacitance. Those Vishay's do the job just fine. You'd get a bigger difference by tube rolling, from a glance you have ECC88 to roll. You don't need to have everything in tightly, just use a hook up method to the solder pads. Cheers,
  13. I had the EST4 kit version and it sounds excellent, punching above and beyond for its size and what I paid for them. Certainly collectors item nowadays. Cheers,
  14. I don't believe it is a good idea to run 4 tubes of X type then 4 tubes of Y type on the 8 tube version of the Prima Luna amplifiers and I don't think that is what they are implying you can do (unless they have stated that the different banks of tubes in each row has its own circuitry and can accommodate it) as auto-bias doesn't do anything about the current draw and HT supply to the different tubes used if you mix and match. Auto-bias only sets the bias voltage and potentially current for the heater of the tubes, nothing it can do to set it if different grid, cathode, plate voltage and current draws used for different valves. Best stick to a type of tube for all rows. Terry you need to try some NOS EL34's, 4 or 8x of good NOS (not the cruddy Russian stuff) but Mullards, Telefunkens, Brimars old European stock (could potentially end up costing more then the cost of your amplifier) to get the best sound possible. You can also however use this approach for other KTxx variants as well. RE: rebranded PrimaLuna Tung-Sol's, I've seen many manufacturers do this (same thing with my Kondo monoblocks) is that the manufacturer usually tests for a lot of tubes that has passed the reliability tests then they rebrand it with there house brand. Cheers,
  15. All laptops are the same if you get past the hardware specifications, brand, size etc. The software you're using, drivers, DPC latency in the OS and external DAC has a bigger impact. Cheers,