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  1. This is a better deal: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/abyss-ab-1266-planar-magnetic-headphones?ref=isp_rel_prd&isp_ref_pos=4 Cheers,
  2. Thanks Marc.
  3. G'day all, Any owners of the mentioned amplifier in Victoria or any distributors that carry the amplifier for retailers here in Aus? Looking to audition and potentially buy one if it lives up to my expectations. Cheers,
  4. The new Gold Lion's aren't any better in terms of reliability compared to the JJ. I myself have been soured by the poor experiences with practically all modern re-issue tubes and have gone back to old stuff from the 40-70's period. Cheers,
  5. Really? The trailer doesn't make it seem all that different to the original (heck the classical curb drain scene is in the new movie from the old). The original Exorcist however did scare me, wouldn't a more modern and realistic Exorcist movie remake or sequel.
  6. To be honest the original is funny, not anywhere remotely even a bit scary (unless you're a 5 year old). The new remake should be interesting. I've been waiting over 20 years for a remake of the The Shining. Cheers,
  7. Interested but.. Would know any place which can rejuvenate or restore the pitting and oxidisation on the platter and table itself to original condition? Cheers,
  8. Hi Bruce, You can try Element14, RSComponents (have a limited range though) or Mouser (practically has everything). For more fancier boutique stuff PartsConnexion or Ebay is your best bet. Cheers,
  9. Can confirm this is true, was close to buying one as I keep tabs with my connections in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan and confirmed it with a distributor manager that it is pulled from reaching retailers/distributors till Oppo rectifies software/firmware issues. Cheers,
  10. Never mentioned that Stereophile were of, hence why I still do enjoy a couple of reviews time to time on Stereophile. Old man John Atkinson's reviews are worthy pieces to be read. I like his musings/opinions/approach to how he structures his reviews on X audio product. Another great thing about the human perception and our 5 senses to things is that something that may measure and look bad on paper or by eye may sound a symphony of bliss to our ears. And something that may look exceedingly spectacular on a technical blueprint and point of view or look as exquisite as the Mona Lisa may sound like human faeces. The devil is in the detail.... Cheers,
  11. It absolutely should for anything not limited to just audio, try before buying where possible and I agree with you. But unfortunately its a problem I see many times thanks to the rise of the internet where people are so focused on the "words" of others that they forget the fundamental logic of the "listen to it before buying, seek technical details before buying". It's either this or people parroting incorrect and non-sense information made by others where it forms "stereotypes" (i.e. "all tube amplifiers sound warm and all solid state amplifiers sound bright") and people take it the wrong way and make purchases that ends up letting them down. Anyway enough old man ramblings from me as I feel it is derailing the point of this thread. I recently purchased one of those Tivolli all in CD player/radio player, horrible little bugger. Cheers,
  12. Honestly reading reviews on 6moons website is like reading a fantasy make believe book or a literature on fairy tales where everything falls in place, works well, looks and sounds good. For the sake of not naming and shaming said specific products, it's not that I don't like Goldmund or MBL it is the fact that the "things" I had purchased is not on par based on what X reviewer describes or written about them as. It took me 4 very very expensive purchases (moderate 6 figure price tag territory) to make me realise why many people either on Audiogon, whatsbestforum, AK and many more; tell newcomers getting into the foray of high end audio to avoid 6moons as the last holy gospel on high end audio reviews. Listen with your ears otherwise your money will bleed tears. Cheers,
  13. @hyper I want that case! Cheers,
  14. I remember reading old Stereophile reviews where they actually pushed gear till it either broke down or blew up and they would point out the obvious flaws. They have changed from that massively nowadays. I still enjoy reading some of there online reviews from time to time. I generally find that most popular reviews for uber expensive audio cables are paid reviewers (shill's) spewing nothing but delusional garbage in text format with overuse of hyperbole's. 6moons is also one website I tend to avoid when it comes to reviews, some of the stuff I've tried based on Srajan's overwhelming positive reviews for various Goldmund amplifiers, MBL cd players and many more exquisite high end European manufacturers have left a sour taste in my mouth. Cheers,
  15. Tried the GEC 6SN7's, RCA Redbase 5692 or WE 421A's? All considered to be holy grail status 6SN7's similars or equivalents by many out there.