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  1. Selling this made me afford a ultra rare autechre Ep , so win win both ways
  2. I thought so , seeing the reissues popping up at $60 !' Noooooo way .
  3. Great band when I was in my teens , I didn't listen to anything more from them . I was a serious Ride fan haha
  4. Sold to ben
  5. Item: teenage fan club Location:perth Price: 60 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: thinning out records Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Classic original creation release from teenage fan club cover and insert are near mint - the vinyl is vg+ clean . please see pics . Postage $10 will be packed with care . Pictures:
  6. Here is Richard h Kirk - virtual state (warp records 1993) Hunt this down and enjoy
  7. Great to see tidal exploring a little deeper from their commercial side .
  8. Biosphere-the petrified Forrest brilliant new new album just released, grab it while you can .
  9. Here is the first version of the a21a , built in 1999 with signature of the builder inside the chassis . Claimed to be the best and most sought after a21a , they said that haha
  10. Below is taken from the sugden audio fb page Rescuing music from technology Sugden have used this ‘Tag line’ for many years and we are often asked what it means. It might appear a little negative, as if Sugden is stuck in a 1960’s time warp and in some ways this is quite true. We still reject mass production techniques such as surface mount circuit boards or external assembly, preferring the traditional hardwired, handmade approach. Our electronic designs however are very up to date and we are always looking at using the latest high quality components. What we won’t do is implement the latest technology because it is ‘the next best thing’. We only use technology if it can improve the performance and sound of our equipment. Why change a good product ? Once you own one there is no going back ..
  11. Sugdens do not have a dominant listening domain here in Australia. Take this thread with a lot of the comments here regarding lack of power and this would blow minds . I have used speakers down to 92db and being in a suitable sized room and with a very good quality tt or cdp ect is as good at what the money can get you into and well above amps that cost well above . Chat with some sugden posse from headquarters and they will lead you into the right direction , they respond quickly. I have the older version which is 20w . Never sell a sugden it will last you for a very long time with minimal service .
  12. Bola- kroungrine D.E.G. New album released in a couple of weeks . Skam records
  13. I'm in perth , mm . @pauloch7
  14. unfortunately I moved the ps audio on .
  15. Item:phonostage Price Range:650 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a phonostage in the area of $650 tops . Also a network streamer with a built in dac in the $650 area . Willing to organise a courier or pick up locally . Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).