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  1. DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    I got one exactly the same, from a garage sale also ($2.00) I haven't used mine yet, so thanks for forwarning me ;-)
  2. Am I ever gonna see your face again
  3. Any character that Steven Segal plays.
  4. I just listened to a bit of that on YouTube and yeah, that's cool. What struck me, listening at about the 11 min mark, that piano (Mal Waldron) just screams Supertramp to me. Listen to Child of vision off Breakfast in America, from about halfway especially.
  5. Bought a couple of CDs on the weekend, but just listened to them a few minutes ago. Got them for $1.00 each at a local OP shop The Creedence album is pretty obvious, but the second album, The Silencers - Seconds of Pleasure, is [email protected]@dy awesome. I can't believe I haven't noticed the band before, considering they've been around since the 80's. More of a pop rock and ballad type of music (I don't understand the nuances of genres), but with that definitive sound that many Celtic origin bands have. Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with it. The Silencers - I can feel it. Small Mercy Misunderstood
  6. DIY Speaker cable using RG/213

    Bugger, for some reason I lost my reply, so I'll start again. Actually if he used a higher current supply he would have a more accurate reading due to the higher voltage drop on the wire. This would lessen effects of lead length, contact resistance etc. So using a 1A supply, and 10M of 16AWG copper at typically 13.7ohm/Km would be 0.137ohms (too small to accurately measure even on a Fluke 87V) he should get 137mV dropped across the cable. So it is possible for your average sparky to accomplish. He just needs to work out how to supply a constant 1A current through the cable. I'm guessing that's where he'll have problems.
  7. Speaking of Huddy Leadbetter (if he did actually write the song) or Iron Head Baker (first recording), Both Ram Jam's and Spiderbait's version of Black Betty are pretty good. Iron Head & Leadbelly Edit: Dino Valenti's version isn't bad either. Dino Valenti - Black Betty
  8. Great Buys on Gumtree

    They may be similar to the autographed cricket bat I sold at a garage sale. Signed by Ibroke Mehandad.
  9. DIY Speaker cable using RG/213

    As you say, that will also be fairly inaccurate, due to the problem of being able to supply an accurate low current source, and have a multimeter with high enough resolution and accuracy, for the average sparky, which was what my comment was directed at.
  10. DIY Speaker cable using RG/213

    A standard multimeter isn't sensitive enough, and doesn't have the resolution to measure resistances that low. You need a low ohms meter. There wouldn't be many electricians that would use, or even have, a low ohms meter.
  11. hahaha, I've never had a problem with MoOde, but I thought you may have been inundated with calls from others who have been suffering in silence. LOL. See what I did there... :)... suffering in silence.... get it?.. huh..huh.. get it? LOL
  12. how many phone calls have you had so far?