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  1. Hello!

    Maybe? Anyway Merry Christmas djb This is my akai tuner 2450 with blue leds Its is very sensitive great buy for $50 i think
  2. Hello!

    I love how 53 people have seen my intro and only one person has commented. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Hello!

    The marantz 1180dc is 90 watts each channel. I wanted a fairly large speak . I thinking something i could run between 10-80watt , in a shed / games room. Will line the wall with foilboard insulation. Any advice
  4. Hello!

    Thanks djb
  5. Hello!

    I am into vintage hifi 70s 80s. Actually i am finding? i collect alot of 70s 80s stuff. I was going to add some new speakers to the Marantz 1180dc, any recommendations . Budget is $500
  6. Hello!

    I am a new member. I have owned a pioneer sa 7500 that a bought 2nd hand in the late 80s and still use it. I have acouple of accusound speakers . I have recenty bought a marantz 1180dc that i plan to use in shed/games room once it built. I have not tested in yet. Also got a kenwood tuner and technic equalizer coming. Had a bit of an ebay buying spree.