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  1. In a share student house in the late 70's the of one of the residents boyfriend set up his ham radio in the back room. He would always come loud and clear through the stereo in one of the rooms, with a consumer-level Japanese amp. It would not come through my stereo with a JVC-VN300 amp. The radio operator boyfriend thought it was really funny because he said that it was the fault of the stereo owner for having an amp with a design fault. He would also skite about how it would be a very easy and cheap for him to fix the amp, but he would refuse to do it, despite continuing to broadcast on his radio. I'm glad to to have to put up with share-household politics any more.
  2. Worrying request

    The classifieds policy also gives the seller discretion on who to sell to:
  3. Great Buys on Gumtree

    Autographed music memorabilia: The highly desirable and sought after artists who are normally out of reach such as Simon Gallaher, Demis Roussos and others. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/docklands/collectables/music-autographed-items-and-memorabilia-/1101054106
  4. HiFi Rack shortage

    Here is info and a FAQ on the DIY threaded rod approach, from TNT audio: http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/flexye.html http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/flexyfaq_e.html
  5. Thinking back to Monash Uni late '80's

    The record store at LaTrobe uni was very good in the 1980's, had imports and other albums that were hard to find, sometimes at very good prices. It was a drive to get to, a LaTrobe housemate would let me know when they had sale items of interest. Got quite a few good blues and R+B albums from there.
  6. Thinking back to Monash Uni late '80's

    I wasn't a student then, I was there for a professional meeting on that day. I wasn't sure how I could turn up to the meeting carrying more studio audio equipment than I could carry! I did look in the dumpster, and there was nothing small enough to take that I thought I could use. I've never been too proud to dumpster dive (without climbing into it) or to take from the roadside collections. Mrs.Feline doesn't like me doing it, or bringing the stuff back. Even though she has benefited from some of the finds. I think I'm doing a sustainable community service by recycling and reducing tip-fill. I don't get why councils ban it.
  7. Thinking back to Monash Uni late '80's

    I believe that Monash had some obscure and rare items in their collection. The best my institution's library had in the late 70's was Rolling Stones - I devoured their collection. I recall being at Monash Clayton, possibly early 2000's, and saw what looked like a multi-track studio tape recorder and other equipment tossed into a dumpster. I recall sadly looking at it thinking it was equipment that deserved to be preserved. Unfortunately it was too big and heavy for me to lift it out of the dumpster and it wouldn't fit into my car. Would have loved to alert people to it, but didn't know how to.
  8. [deleted, accidental double-posting]
  9. Whenever I hear some noise on remastered 78 recordings I am always happy. It tells me that the noise reduction has not been over-applied, and there is some "life" left in the recordings. A perfectly-silent remastering of 78's usually has had the life sucked out of it and is unpleasant to listen to.
  10. Need a little help near Surry Hills NSW

    Which is why I sometimes need the obvious pointed out to me! Thanks, I'm closer to the one in Vic. Hope someone can help Pops.
  11. Stolen Audio Gear

    Bad news, esp. as you hadn't had a chance to enjoy the speakers before they went. I hope you have success recovering these items. Vandersteen are not very common, so they may be easier to track down on the preowned market.
  12. Need a little help near Surry Hills NSW

    Are you aware that there are two Surrey Hills - one in Vic and one in NSW?
  13. And then you close the car door and the woofer is only inches away from the car seat. Probably so you can feel the bass in your bum and be deluded that it sounds really good. And $8K? It's 10x more than my old car is currently worth!
  14. Damn it....DIY is better!

    It's amazing how little a brand name can add to the sound quality of some equipment, but how much more it can add to the cost.
  15. The Song Game Mk III

    Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over