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  1. I recall making several trips to Southern Sound, when I lived in Brunswick (had a friend who liked to drive). They had the best prices on Maxell UD cassettes, we bought several boxes at a time. I also bought Philips speaker cones from them to update the drivers in the 2-way AWA speakers I got with my first stereo; I recall thinking the improvement in sound was incredible and I probably would be happy with them for life (well, that wasn't so). Money was tight, so I didn't get the crossover and retained the capacitor used in the original speakers, and I have often reflected how I should have spent the extra to do the upgrade correctly. For some reason the drivers were always referred to as "Dutch Philips". In later years would get another set of drivers, this time with the crossover network, to upgrade a friend's 3-way cabinets.
  2. I'm interested, if it will fit in my car. PM sent.
  3. audionote

    I thought it looked like the IIX! GLWTS.
  4. It looks like a mighty fine writing device. Unfortunately I've just purchased a fountain pen from China for $4 (incl.postage) so I don't need another one at the moment. I'm sure whoever buys this will appreciate the quality (which would be much greater than the one I bought!). GLWTS. Can you explain "nib creep", I'm not familiar with the term.
  5. I think it would be interesting to apply these stickers to the components of one audio channel only in a device and do a blind listening test. If they worked one would predict a noticeable improvement in the tweaked channel. However, if the effective range of these stickers is reasonably large, the channel untreated could still obtain the benefits from the stickers in the treated channel. This would then enable the manufacturer to explain why the treated and untreated channels sound exactly the same!
  6. In the words of that famous TV advertisement: "NOT HAPPY, JAN!" (with apologies to any Jan's reading this). Without going into predictable detail, have just had a repeat performance tonight, except our lovable fur-ball didn't let us know what she brought in. The cat's supposed to catch the mouse, but once again it was the AudioFeline that had to do the hunting, again in the spaghetti of cables behind the hifi. I'm seriously considering putting the speaker cables in conduit to tidy them up. I know power cables should be kept away from interconnect, would it be OK to run power and speaker cables together? I'm thinking that having the powerboards in a wooden enclosure would also tidy up things, but would having them enclosed create a fire hazzard?
  7. I've found sticky-side-up packing tape on top of things you don't want the cat to jump up on works. It stopped my cats jumping on top of my speakers (which have a cloth top, which would make for a nice cushioned cat bed). Except the my current cat (the mouser in question), would put a paw up and pull the tape off - but only when I was watching. Hasn't happened for over a year now, but now I have mentioned it she will probably do it in a week or so, just to remind me that she hasn't forgotten. I am looking forward to not needing the tape on top of the speakers. Fortunately, the speakers have a very low WAF already that the tape on the top doesn't rate a mention.
  8. Firstly, the Stereo Belafonte At Carnegie Hall does sound wonderful. Having said that, i recall a thread on the SH forums where there are some who prefer the mono. The original double LP's were edited to fit the CD issue, so get the originals if you can.
  9. What's your 78 setup?
  10. Also note the SNA classifieds require a format for your ad's presentation - a guide is in a "sticky" post at the top of the page.
  11. For the best quality mono sound when listening to records, remember to flick the "mono" switch on your amp - it will give much quieter and focused sound. If you don't have the mono switch, use double-Y RCA adapters to achieve the same thing.
  12. A good question. Some answers here: Scroll down to "Alternative Forms" Love the ducks and dancers. GLWTS.
  13. Have just finished watching Paul Kelly's "Live Apples" - a recording from the 2007 tour, featuring the album "Stolen Apples" in it's entirety, then lots of his greatest hits. Has Paul Kelly ever done a dud gig?
  14. The Baroque period produced some great stuff, just like some of the music preceding it. In my opinion, classical music went off the tracks after it, until some more interesting experimentation occurred last century. Always remember, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it!
  15. Sorry to hear your health is failing you, hope all goes well after the move. GLWTS.