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  1. hi

    Oh, and a request. It's polite to put an informative title to your topic, for example on this topic, "Advice please: How do I list an advert for some CDs here?"
  2. hi

    This is the forum most people will list CDs for sale: Note that there is a specific format to list your items, details are in the "UPDATED Classifieds Policy - READ BEFORE POSTING" topic pinned at the top of the listing. if you don't follow the requirements your ad can be deleted. FYI, there is another private classifieds forum for any non-hifi items you may want to sell. Good like with your sale.
  3. Chuck has reached the Promised Land. RIP.
  4. PM of interest sent.
  5. The eBay description let's the cat from the bag: the "boom box" is a just a promotion for a brewery, which explains the stickers.
  6. Off-topic, now you have made a sale. Where can I find info on using an Oppo to rip SACD?
  7. Low capacitance "Phono" interconnects are generally used from tonearm to phono stage. As far as I'm aware, they can be used from the phono-preamp to the main preamp without problems, but that cable does not normally require low capacitance (although it can't do any harm).
  8. Interconnects sold as "phono" cables should be low capacitance. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that the Crimson is a normal interconnect and might not be designed for phono signals.
  9. Don't tease me like that - I've been looking for that Perry Como album for years - and your stores have it in the rare collectable skid pan sleeve !!!!!!!! Boy, I sure do live in the wrong city.
  10. I don't understand the high prices people are reporting for used vinyl records. I have bought many great-quality LPs over the last few years and never paid more than $1-$2. Op shops are fantastic retail outlets.
  11. What, she wanted damages for physical injury but she didn't want the damaged cassette replaced? Where are her priorities!
  12. You could say that xxx manufacturer allegedly copied... (providing you are reasonably confident of your source).
  13. I have always disliked the stuttering on the song. Thanks for sharing the context for it.
  14. This is what is inside your box. Now that you know what it looks like, you can leave the box unopened, and admire the box with it's woodwork in pristine condition in your lounge for many years.