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  1. In my audiophile life for 18 years, I hv been listening many speakers, including ATC small to large model, n I founded ATC speakers like HIGH current amp not so much high power, for example I had Mark Levinson 100w compare w 25w valve amp, n the results was valve amp sounded more dynamic n control in many ways than a 100w Levinson amp , I tried many amp to drive my ATC before n didn't hv much luck. At the end I settle w Levinson 200 w RMS amp. So for smaller ATC speakers maybe a good 25-50w RMS high current amp is more suitable for SMALLER room , maybe some KT88 or KT90 amp ,if U play low volume n details music, this is just to share my personal experience. Not try to sell U anything.
  2. Can you give me the diameter of the watch pls ,I'm after a large faces watches
  3. Very good price for a European audio gear
  4. May I ask where is this arm made n how old , what's the best cartridge to match this arm ?
  5. Is this tonearm come w cables n complete packaging ?
  6. Bargain of the year, can't go wrong with this price
  7. Is your BAT amp have the power pack install ?
  8. Nelson Pass First Watt M2

    DIY just like home cooking u can use the best ingredients, nice job n looking good too .
  9. Can you use the Dec as a pre amp ? Or need a separate pre amp to operate as a complete system ?
  10. I've own 3pr of Trimax ,they are great amp n very musical, they run on EL34 tubes, driving a pr of Roger monitor the vocal R fantastic, but be careful due to the age ,almost 50 years old amp, some caps may need to replace, the transformers R build like a tank, shouldn't have any problems, some people maybe put off the colour ( battleship grey ), once in full operation n put some nice tubes they can really sing.
  11. Do U need a external power supply to run this preamp n come w any cables?