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  1. .....but a blissful slippery slope!!
  2. The above mentioned F9 arrived in the mail yesterday from Canada (9 days in transit, very quick!). I must say it looks absolutely spotless. I wouldn't mind betting it has been only lightly used or is actually NOS. I checked it closely with a Cree LED torch and my stylus magnifier and there is not a mark on it, no sign of a fingerprint, no dust or even signs of it being wiped clean.......absolutely spotless! Excited! Still deciding on what form the stylus body rebuild will be....depends on the pennies!
  3. 4 CD set.......pity they don't realise there is a global 'vinyl revival' happening...........all the same, that is a bargain!
  4. It looks superb....great job!
  5. I have bought the Steve Wilson remixes of both TAAB (2012) and Aqualung (2015 re-release) and they are excellent...... Can't comment on TAAB 2, but I agree with @Geoffcb that Aqualung is the better job of the's fantastic! Sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday.....
  6. I have a similar experience with the phono stage I was using before I upgraded to the Vincent pho-8 and that was with the QED Discsaver (QED are British and make high end audio cables and connectors), which I bought cheaply on Ebay. Very unpretentious in a quite 'no frills' plastic box, powered by 9V battery or AC adaptor, it certainly belied it's cheapish exterior. Not quite the dynamic punch of the Vincent but still quite refined and adequately dynamic. When my pho-8 was in for repair recently, I went back to the Discsaver and enjoyed it a lot (while still yearning for the Vincent!). I once read a review that described the Discsaver as "intruigingly musical". Indeed it is......
  7. @TerryO Great story......reminds me a bit of my return to vinyl and digging out the old collection. Very smile inducing and took me right back to 'excellent' times.....and sounds! Enjoy!
  8. Don't knock the stool (to sit something on),'s a coffee table!! Nicely isolated. Oh yeah, I work in Aged Care.....I see plenty of stools!
  9. You should give it a go...... it's more than likely it will upgrade your SQ.
  10. Maybe Japan made for a German company. Info on them is definitely scarce.......
  11. @catman Hi Felix....Did you realise your first post in this thread is being used on the Akitika link that you provided above as a 'stand alone' review of their product? Here's the line: A User Review of the Phono Preamp You can put this preamp into the PR-101, or you can make your own stand-alone arrangement. One customer did just that. Here's a link to his review
  12. The M97xE fits the brief or any F8 or F9 Grace cart (+ detail). + warm and lush speakers like @Wimbo said.
  13. I sent a message to them last week using their website 'contact' link re; retipping my soon to arrive F9 and have not received a reply yet...... ......but I have always heard good things about their work.
  14. @eltech I have found a pic of the interior, though I can't see the motor, just the cover....and I have also found out that this TT was also released as a Palladium NSP-730.
  15. Can''s in Spain!