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  1. Boosting my INXS vinyls. I have their self titled debut and 'Kick' on vinyl, but have others on CD so I have just purchased on Ebay the following: (Oz original pressing, NM) and : (Japan original pressing, EX++). Anyone heard the Japanese pressing of 'The Swing'? Hoping it is as 'bass dynamic' as the Oz pressing would be.
  2. @blakey72 Not a stupid question at all. It's what you heard and experienced......and it's what I heard and experienced when I first used my Vincent pho-8. Took around two hours before I heard it hit the 'sweet spot' inducing smiles of satisfaction. I, like @EV Cali, leave the pho-8 on 24/7. Sweet sounds from the start of every session!
  3. Nice review......a great pity that they are 'inactive'. Sounds like it's a relative bargain at that price.
  4. Very interesting update on an old concept. The design may be an acquired taste but looks beautifully crafted with some clever features plus built in Icon Audio speakers. Great for small apartments I suppose but products like this just reinforce vinyls return to relevance........ Oh yeah, yours for only 18,000 pounds....yes, pounds!
  5. Such a good album this one. I have four Dregs LP's and Steve Morse Band's (post Dregs) first release 'The Introduction'......all brilliant. Played two of those just the other night. Morse is a genius!
  6. I bought a second hand LP from a seller on ebay awhile ago and included was a Diskeeper inner sleeve. Very's like tucking your vinyl into bed! The rice paper style one's are similar and much cheaper too..... bar the shipping from the US.
  7. I have a PHO-8. Everyone knows I love it.......while the MM section (most used) sounds fantastic, the MC section is very quiet and my DL103 sounds incredible through it.
  8. Home taping in the 70's and 80's saved my LP's to enjoy to their fullest now. Most are mint or NM! I can't even find my tapes now nor would I want to, cassettes were shite, but they had a purpose.......saving vinyl.
  9. I presume it's good? I have a few Canadian pressings, all excellent, particularly FGTH's 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome', it's just stunning!
  10. I use 'Sticky Fingers'.....a kid's toy. Works a treat!
  11. Your welcome and glad your happy with how it's sounding ......even if you are blowing the budget!
  12. @spider™ A bit off topic but I noticed on your ad thread for the RP1 you said you were a bit underwhelmed by the Planar 3 when it arrived. I'm curious, do you have it sorted to a satisfactory level yet?
  13. Quick update on my ravings on the SQ of 'The Nightfly'.......I am spinning it now after a 'Revirginizing' and to quote an idiot AFL commentator from Victoria, "Goodness gracious me.....Wowee!" It's beyond sublime! I ask again "MOFI.....why bother!' I am really, really looking forward to appraisals of the MOFI 'Ultradisc' release, because if it's better, I want one......then again, maybe not, as I fear any improvement may be minimal at best. This German original pressing is simply brilliant and has pretty much topped my 'go to' list for SQ.
  14. To be fair, solid state came along at least 15 years before digital formats and the need for DAC's even existed and as such was front and centre in the vinyl/analogue 'glory years' comes down to listening tastes and subjectivity. I know what I like.....
  15. An OZ & NZ LP purchase from Vinyl Mine Records in Canada. Both Canadian pressings, NM and well priced. On their way now.