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  1. Purchased new last night on Ebay.......A truly great album! : (2014 US/Canada release on the Rhino label, pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany) If this one delivers good SQ, I will get 'Foxtrot' new as well. They are remastered and according to Discogs notes feature Half Speed Mastering of 2008 Mixes by Nick Davis & Genesis, so they should be pretty good you'd think. I have the original 1973 pressing of Genesis 'Live' which came out just before 'Selling'. It sounds very good for a live recording from that era.
  2. Never give up playing records Felix! Testing phono stages on the other hand..........
  3. ADC xlm mkii Improved

    You may have answered your own question.....the XLM II loves super light tonearms like the Black Widow and the G707. My XLM II sounds very bright on my medium mass arm and as such, remains in storage. My take on it is that it is an extremely accurate and detailed cart but from research, it does need to be paired with a low mass arm to shine and from all accounts, it really does shine.
  4. At 69 she certainly has still got it! I also checked out the 'Slave To The Rhythm' clip from the same show.....over 9 minutes and she's hoola hooping for the entire song! Amazing stuff!
  5. Show us your Turntables!!!

    One of these: http://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/opera/turntable.html
  6. I think I know where you're going with this Felix. The advent of the digital recording and CD's which lead to said 'loudness wars' brought instant dynamics and bass to even average systems (tricking people into thinking digital was superior to analogue!) but it was all added and boosted artificially, whereas in the peak analogue 70's, recordings were mastered to sound 'real' and it has to be said, with 70's recordings on a decent analogue system, bass and dynamics are certainly not in short supply, they're just purer and therefore better.
  7. $364 + free delivery here: http://www.audiotrends.com.au/hi-fi-stereo/vinyl-vault/phono-preamplifiers/vincent-pho-8.html .....and I highly recommend it! ....and it comes in silver as well.
  8. I haven't got all my circuit breakers worked out but do have some power circuits still functioning so I ran a long power lead from a good power point down to my AV power board and turned on the amp. No tripping! Listening to 'Magnification' now. Let me say this, you will not be disappointed! It sounds fantastic and is getting better as my Pho-8 phono stage warms up after being off for a few days now. Appears to be a very quiet pressing and the music SQ is very good. Bass down a little on the CD but I always thought the CD was a bit bass boomy, on the LP it is still plentiful and very present but nicely balanced. Mids and highs are excellent. Jon's vocals and Steve's guitar work shine. I am very impressed and still have side three to go.....there's no doubt it's more pleasant to listen to than the CD. When yours [email protected] .....enjoy! Post edit: Spoke too soon! Side 3 had a couple of pressing issues, a light crackle here and there and a light cyclic 'bump' that I heard at the quiet ending of the first song and the subsequent break between the two tracks but nothing too alarming....and the music still sounded great!
  9. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Nothing wrong with that! I think aesthetically it's very cool.....
  10. Catman's Analog Musings

    True.....but there are many better cart's than the M97xE Felix, give some a go! Through my Pho-8 phono stage the M97xE sounds great but my DL103 sounds much better and my Grace Level II RC sounds better again......maybe time for some cart experimentation Felix! I realise it potentially opens up a spending 'can of worms' and a gamut of phono stage /cart combination testing, but you'll be hearing your music in a whole new light with carts that are superior to the 'great for the price' M97xE. Just a suggestion.....
  11. Cartridge mounting screw

    Same part number might be a coincidence as these are made of SS not aluminium and are in different lengths and at $8.95 + $9.95 postage, they actually cost a little more. Comes down to whether you prefer SS or aluminium screws for your cart mounting needs.
  12. Cartridge mounting screw

    Don't know a shop but these would get to you before the weeks out......probably: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Audio-Turntable-Cartridge-Mounting-Screws-Nuts-Part-AS-01-Free-Post-/141778973214?hash=item2102af721e:g:OyoAAOSw91NTr-cN Two sizes are definitely long enough, only two nuts overall though...bit weird.
  13. It just arrived today, haven't played it yet and might not be able to for awhile until I work out what's going on in my 'power box'. Circuits keep tripping and at the moment, the power circuit which my audio is running off seems faulty, so I have been without music for a day or two. The other night when that circuit stayed on, I went to turn the amp on and it tripped off! Now it stays on but there's no power getting through....that particular circuit breaker may be faulty and the main circuit breaker could possibly be faulty as well, causing it to trip when it normally wouldn't.....very frustrating! Will report back when I have solved it and finally played the new LP. I can tell you I got it on ebay from 'importcds-au'. They were the cheapest....and free postage.
  14. Catman's Analog Musings

    I agree. When I was getting my Vincent phono stage repaired, I returned to the Discsaver in the interim and I quickly noticed the lesser dynamics but on the other hand was reminded of it's extremely satisfying musicality and impressive detail. It is indeed an impressive little unit.