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  1. Last night I purchased one of these: A much cheaper version than the Andonstar but basically the same thing. I have six carts now and it will be excellent for close inspection of styli, particularly my Grace Level ll RC, which I suspect may be a bit worn now after fairly constant use ('cos I LOVE it) over the past 9 months or so.
  2. I think that $40 price should be $30.......I'd pay that readily for something I really wanted, but baulk at $40. If it's a re-release, I search for a second hand original and inevitably get a better pressing cheaper.
  3. There has been vinyl pressing plants that have never shut down, some very large scale, eg: Optimal Media GmbH in Germany, and new ones popping up regularly in the US and even here. Vinyl is way past cottage industry size and continues to rise, but the business people who distribute are different these days.....far more greedy than in the past.
  4. I can see the point you're making and we all except inflation exists......but at that rate we'll all be paying $80 per LP in about 20 years. Whatever happened to the theory that prices lower when supply/demand increase? I never paid more than $20 for a new LP in the 80's and demand for and supply of vinyl has risen since the 90's, when LP's hit the $20 mark. This leads me to believe there is a level of greed and 'gouging' in play here.......but hey, it's just part of the capitalist ethos these days is it not? The 'greed is good' Gecko code is in play big time these days......power companies, petrol companies, gas companies, banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, hearing aid companies, aged care providers, online betting companies (read 'scum'), even local councils and state and federal governments.....they're all in on the 'extract as much money from clients as you can even if you cross the line of what is fair and reasonable' attitude that is making it so hard for many people to make ends meet. Yes, I'm ranting but it's true and vinyl sellers are no different......and all these companies and JB HiFi have 'shareholders' and governments have 'vested interests', all insatiable 'haves' who are the enemy of struggling Australian 'have nots'. Rant over.......
  5. After the success of the S/T debut, Dylan invited two of Dire Straits to play on the "Slow Train Coming" album, Mark Knopfler of course and yes, Pick Withers.......
  6. I've seen MK interviewed in years post Dire Straits and he always seems a bit 'awkward' but as far as DK goes, a fractured brotherly relationship for sure......
  7. Likewise, I had forgotten I had this as well: Mark's brother David Knopfler's debut solo release after he left Dire Straits to escape his big brother's control and get some creative independence. It's not bad either...........a bit more commercial with a DS vibe. Both Mark K and John Illsley play on it.
  8. I could live with that turntable!
  9. Some current Grace tonearm prices on Ebay.......G-860F $722 (most relevant), G-940 $431, G-707 $523, G-704 $719, G-714 $915, G-545 $523. As you can see, they can command a pretty nice price.
  10. Yes, it appears to be an 840F, or an 860F. They're very similar. As for the price, I've seen Grace tonearms go for $400 or more on their own, more for G707's. The TT in good nick, a few hundred....the BD1's are pretty good (my Dad used to have one) and the cart's a throw in. As a package and if all in good condition.....$500+ and it's a pretty good package with that high end tonearm. PS; Give it a really good spit and polish, that dust is not a good look.
  11. Great advice, but you're not thinking of the 'ironbark' plinth are you Full Range? If so, correct TT brand but different guy. Here:
  12. Well HELLO....I should think that set up should do for now.....lovely TT there. Have fun! PS: Did your Sperling mate think you'd just won Tattslotto?
  13. Have to say though, at around $50,000 RRP for just the cart and TT you mentioned, it will be the most expensive (2nd) entry to analogue in history........
  14. I have a better understanding of your 'lack of subtlety''s all good, I do understand you were trying to help.
  15. Buy that and you go straight to the top!! If you can afford it, why not......