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  1. There is a good group test in a recent hifi choice which picks the slightly smaller Denon 1600 over similarly priced Yamaha, Technics, Arcam, Hegel and NAD. Hegel and NAD were runners up.
  2. Nice choice. I wish this could drive my C1s
  3. Sooooooo good. This is where high end lives.
  4. Make sure you have the room for it.
  5. There is one. The JBL Charge 2+. It is crazy good. If you can find one. Beats all the B&O ones.
  6. Bluetooth speaker for Bedroom room

    JBL Charge 2+ is the best regardless of price. It is crazy good. You can still get them on ebay for about $150. You can buy blind with confidence
  7. I would add Carlton Audio Visual to that list if you are in Melbourne. Best customer service.
  8. Dynaudio Contour s1.4 LE

    If you need flat all the way up to 16khz and beyond looks like the C1 is your speaker. It starts to dive just before 20khz. I agree with you that there is something different about the treble of the C1 but not sure if it is an extension issue. It is as if it has been a little bit 'sweetened' versus hearing live wind or strings. I find the ATC SMC11 brighter although funnily enough from the charts it is the more 'muted' speaker. I think amp choice for that Dynaudio range is important. You need something neutral and extended to get the full benefit of that tweeter and its flat response. Here are the Stereophile response charts from top to bottom for the C1, the ATC SCM11, the 805D3 and the TAD CR1:
  9. Bowers and Wilkins 803 D2

    I would are argue that these ARE big league B&W.
  10. Flat, boring sound at low levels.

    Just to make this even harder: https://www.avforums.com/review/leema-acoustics-quasar-hifi-all-in-one-system-review.13515
  11. Flat, boring sound at low levels.

    Simaudio does no global feedback. They only advertise it on their expensive models but I think that is just differentiation marketing. Check out this old brochure: http://www.simaudio.com/DATA/PRODUIT/59_en_detail~v~integrated-amplifier.pdf There is also the new Simaudio Moon 240i 50w integrated which is $3k which has a DAC. So you could save $2K on the Moon Ace. Ayre is another one that does no global feedback.
  12. Flat, boring sound at low levels.

    Is it the Creek Evolution 100A? If so, does not seem to be AB but some kind of class G topology. From the Creek website: "After testing several methods of building a high performance and high efficiency power amplifier, suitable for this new model, David Gamble ­­ - Creek Audio’s Senior Engineer – created a unique Class G circuit especially for the EVOLUTION 100A. David chose to use four Sanken STD03 complimentary power Darlington transistors per channel, as used in the EVOLUTION 50A, which feature built-in thermal compensation. Compared to the EVOLUTION 50A, he improved the performance of the voltage gain circuitry, which, in combination with the output stage, now achieves extremely high open-loop gain and exceptionally low distortion, without sacrificing stability. The result is an exceptional power amplifier circuit with very low output impedance and high output current capability. This combination provides exceptional speed and control suitable for driving most loudspeakers. To increase the power output of the smaller EVOLUTION 50A, yet still retain the same case size, David Gamble developed a cunning Class G circuit which runs normally at a lower voltage for power levels up to 25 Watts into 8 Ohms. When required to produce more than 25 Watts, the amp automatically swings to a higher secondary voltage, to increase the output power capability to over 100 Watts into 8 Ohms. Statistically, average audio signals are mostly below half the maximum voltage swing available, which incidentally is only one quarter of the power. As the dissipation of lossy ‘idle current’ in a Class A/B amp (in the form of heat) is much lower for a 25 Watt amp than the potential 100 Watts in the EVOLUTION 100A, this solution dramatically improves the amplifier’s thermal efficiency and helps to keep it slim and attractive."
  13. NEW: Schiit Stereo/Mono Amp - Vidar

    Have you done any comparisons? Just wondering what league this combo plays in.
  14. This clip should help:
  15. Amp for Dynaudio Contour 1.4 LE

    I calculate USD1650 delivered for the pre and one amp. So about AUD2100. $600 over budget but still worth mentioning I reckon. An underdriven Dyn is a woeful thing and there ain't much in the classifieds at the moment.