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  1. Yes this and the AMR post... so so frustrating. Bryston is 20 years and Simaudio 10 years. But Brystons integrated is $6k+ retail and Simaudio seem to just start at that price if you want a bit of welly. So do you fork out the big $ and rely on the warranty or get it cheaper and pay to repair? Not an easy decision.
  2. Thanks for that. Good choice I think. You can't get that kind of power, even second hand, for anywhere near $600. How long is the Cambridge warranty? Hard to find on the web. Two years?
  3. Was it an expensive repair?
  4. PBS streaming link: RRR streaming link:
  5. Try this on SBT:
  6. I stream PBS through Winyl media player on my PC streamer. You can get the streaming link from the PBS website which I am sure plugs in to most media players.
  7. Maybe @twwen2 can provide some insight?
  8. Here is a blogger review where the c1 Platinum and s1.4LE are compared directly: "I also had the opportunity to listen to the older MK II and the new Contour 1.4 LE, which is around half the price of the C1 Platinum. The Contour actually gives you more: it goes deeper, so you get more bass impact, and the treble is a little more exuberant. But everything just seems a little less controlled. However if you like a more exciting sonic tone, the Contour may suit better, and give you more of the edge of your seat kind of tone. If HT is your game, or you have rather warm and smooth amps, this speaker may give you a little more treble shine. However after the initial impression, I found the C1 sound more easy to live with. The bass is more controlled, and the treble more forgiving, with better definition at all frequencies."
  9. Is this the one? The price is pretty good, and they look awesome.
  10. I understand what you are saying. All I am saying is that if you found an adequately powered integrated from Luxman, Accuphase, Hegel, Simaudio, Plinius, Leema or even the beautiful Marantz PM11 (just to name a few), no one is going to tell you that that amp is the bottleneck in your system (with any dyn standmount).
  11. Unfortunately you won't find similar gains. The law of diminishing returns is in full swing by then.
  12. Yes I agree with you there but there are some pretty poor $2K amps in my opinion. There are not many poor $6-8k amps.
  13. Actually, if you went for the c1, I don't think the preamp/amp or integrated is really the biggest issue. As long as it has the drive and you like the flavour, it will suit. It is still a standmount so does not need big big $$$ spend on all the watts you need for floorstanding/ multiple driver dyns like the c4. I think the biggest issue is DAC and source. It was for me anyway. Finding the right DAC and source good enough to make that tweeter sing took me a while.
  14. This combo of yours must be sublime. Can't imagine you would be adding much with a set of dyns. Naim ND5 XS Naim Nait XS2 ATC SCM 19
  15. I have not heard the LE version but have the heard the original s1.4 vs the C1. In my view they have a very different presentation. Here is a similar discussion from the past: I prefer the ATCs you have (curved?) to the s1.4s that I heard. The tweeter on the C1 might be one of the reasons people are trying to push that C1 in the classifieds on you. It's just sublime. Amplification for the C1s does not necessarily need to be 10k+. You just have to be careful with matching if you want the best out of it. I saw a Simaudio Moon i3.3 from the classifieds recently that went for $1500. A perfect match for the C1.