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  1. If Exposure is up to the task you should contact class a audio in melbourne. They have some crazy low Exposure prices for some reason. Basically half the price of some of the other retailers (also the "D" denomination on some Exposure products does NOT mean DAC strangely enough).
  2. A Moon i3.3 went for under $2k on the classifieds recently. Basically the same as the 340i. You could put a Wanted to Buy post in that section for a Moon or the Parasound Halo integrated that @georgehifi suggested. Here is a good group comparison of some integrated amps with outputs into 2ohm. @georgehifi would know better if any of the amps in the group comparison would have the drive required. I like the sound of the Exposure series.
  3. How does the Moon Ace stack up against the Elektra?
  4. After reading that review, I wants meself a Sugden and a pair of these (and some slippers): world.pdf
  5. For the Sugden fans: A21 Series 2 Hi Fi World Group Test Dec 2007.pdf
  6. I didn't know Sugden made a heated towel rack!
  7. Can't wait to hear what changes the ME brings when plugged in to the pre outs of the Sugden. Maybe I need to try the ME next!
  8. Remember that the OP prefers his Sugden over a 110w Luxman. The Luxman 507 is pretty well regarded in these forums and costs a pretty penny.
  9. Here is an extract from The Age in 1979: "is one has all you need Richard Allan Spkr. system $199 X&G 20w receiver $175 Rotelamps From $125 Shure VI 52w. parabolic tip $69' lOOw.RMSCh. amp $195 BIC Formula 2 spkrs. $1 99 BIC Turntable $89 AMW 4100 monitors $796 Front load Oolby Cassette $198 Stanton 681 EE cartridge $85 Connoisseur 8 02 A in carton $110 Kaltro 8" 2-way spkr. system $85 fm - fi-airai sre-! Mil" Fl STEREO SPECIALISTS ROAD, HAWTHORN 3122" Looks like they were pretty expensive. Rotels amps from $125!!!!!
  10. Sugden and Harbeth p3esr were a beautiful match to my ears. Well ahead of the Rega Elicit in the higher frequencies. Some experienced posters here though know the OP's speakers. If they say they need more drive, then they need more drive.
  11. Great post. Big fan of any room acoustics discussions. Room treatment is not some kind of 'option' in my opinion. It is as essential as any other hifi component. Would you get audio production done in a small studio with bare walls? You would think it was madness. What's the difference with audio re-production? First video, smart setup. Second video, tiny room, massive speakers!??
  12. Another. $2K now.
  13. Maybe?
  14. A Moon i3.3 came up on the classified recently. It sold for $1500. Bargain!! First one I have seen in years though. Perfect for classical music also but would not be as warm sounding as the Sugden. Sugden is generally amazing in my opinion, maybe just a mismatch in this case.
  15. I will take these.