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  1. Not sure if these rating completely support your argument. What these ratings seem to say is, at the 10k mark, get a Naim Supernait 2 integrated and be done with it.
  2. I think you have nailed it in the looks department. That is about as good as it gets. 150mm? I did not know XHD came that thick. Or did you use multiple 50mm panels?
  3. Agree with the aesthetics problem. What panels have you been using?
  4. Like you said, compromises must be made so we just have to make the right compromises. I must sympathise with the above and would have made a similar mistake but for dumb luck. I know people will disagree (usually to justify their massive speakers/tiny room problem) but the speakers have to match the room. They will keep flipping other components trying to compensate but not surprisingly, never reach their goal. I would love to have nice big floorstanders in my 3.5x5m room but I am glad I don't.
  5. You need way more panels.
  6. The latest Exposure 2010s2D has a fixed-gain AV input. The 'D' denomination is not a DAC confusingly. I think it stands for 'Direct' as in the addition of a direct input.
  7. That is a pretty good demo price for a great piece of equipment.
  8. There is still an Exposure in the classifieds I think. I would personally pick Exposure over your other choices. Awesome amp and big upgrade from what you have.
  9. I ran Kytes with a Cyrus DAC 8. It was a great combo with punchy bass. Very fun sounding system. Great speakers.
  10. I agree with this entirely. A2A was my go to store for everything while Ash was around. It's just not the same any more. Ash really listened to you and was interested in finding you the sound you wanted. He did not try to sell you something just for the sake of it or try to upgrade you just because there was an upgraded product. He cared about the sound. For that reason you could trust him and I dropped $$$$ there. The new sales people I spoke to all recommended things that cost plenty but would make negligible sound improvement in my setup. Don't they know we are smarter than that? They just did not give a ****. Guilliame is the last man standing as far as I am concerned. Otherwise Carlton Audio Visual gets my vote. Everyone I have dealt with there has been amazing. Great culture and environment.
  11. Just get some cut 1500mm x 600mm Polymax panels and play around with them. I have 21 of them in my office.
  12. Yes you are totally right. Editing now.