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  1. Now sold. Cheers. Ian.
  2. Hi Simon. Before your spend up on new equipment I`d have a sparky look at your grounding for both the power point and the house. The rotel shouldn`t trip the breaker, I use a 1098, ( 5x200w ) at times very loud with Movies. I`ve never had that problem. I have had earth hum through it with my Marantz AV7701, I tend to ignore it with movies but that's just me. I had my sparky set a new ground spike an it helped a lot, not as a total cure just enough to ignore. Cheers. Ian.
  3. I have a set of E70`s for sale in the classified`s at the moment. There are very easy to drive. Just a thought, there not in the Yammes league but sound excellent anyway. Cheers. Ian.
  4. Hi David. There are a set of NS 1000 at Len Wallis Audio in Sydney at the moment, Simon`s right about the price. Cheers. Ian.
  5. Sold pending payment. Cheers. Ian.
  6. Hi Dale. If Eyeofra doesn`t want them there your`s. Cheers. Ian.
  7. Hi Guy`s. Thanks for the replies. I don`t really want to part with them but not enough room for the extra set anymore. The new ones are just that little bit better. Tony M. I had mine set up one top of the other inverted, sounded even better, probably should try that again with the new setup. Not a good idea. Cheers. Ian.
  8. Item: Wharfdale E70 monitors Location: Belrose Price: $ 850 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: These E70`s were reconditioned early last year. While they were being repaired I got another pair of speakers so they have to go. I`ve had these since 89 and I still have another pair on my other system. The cabinates could use some TLC but the rest is in excellent condition. One of the photos shows the work that was done. They come with the stands, these make a big difference in the sound. Any questions please PM me. Happy to demo. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  9. Item: Panasonic 54" Plasma Location: Belrose Price: $ 1200 neg Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling: Finally setup the 65" Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: TH-P54S10A 54" Plasma with the original packing and remote. No screen burns. Happy to demo. Any questions please PM me. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  10. Item: Wall mount`s for front or rear speakers Location: Belrose Price: $40 Item Condition: Very good, never used. Reason for selling: Never used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Vogels wall mounts for surround speakers. Will take 20kgs weight and up to 50cms deep. All the bits are still in the box with the instructions. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  11. Greetings Neil. For a low power high current class A. I`d highly recommend the Musical Fidelity AMS 35i. 35 watts of pure class A. Biggest problem is finding one and they tend to chew power, 400w +. I`m a bit bias I`ve got the 35p. There are a few in Europe at the moment. Check hifi shark. Good Luck. Ian.
  12. Hi Dennis. I`ll take them. PM sent. Cheers. Ian.
  13. Hi Ben. I should have said the 35 is a class A amp. I listen at low level`s and the bias in the pre amp is set pretty high, this gives full dynamic`s at the bottom of the volume scale. I listen to a lot of instrumental, classical, easy listening, Jazz and some old heavy metal, AC/DC, Slade, Black Sabbath. Even at very low levels there is a full sound stage. lots of grunt, bass. the control the amp has over the speakers is brilliant. my speakers are fairly easy to drive. Ribbon tweeter, 5" mid and 10" bass in a large transmission line cabinate. I also use XLR`s not RCA`s as the system is a balanced one, I find it sounds more dynamic. If you have CM9`s by B&W they could probably use more power, or more to the point more current, as Trevor will tell you the ME`s are good for a shed load of it. As for the Electra it`s been a while, but I remember thinking that they were very musical, and controlled and had plenty of power they also have a great valve pre amp, made in OZ too. The 1090 or the 1095 would be a good choice, as for bi amping I wouldn`t bother, my understanding is that from the power fed to the speakers about 80% goes to the bass driver, that`s the energy hog. You can end up destroying the tweeter and mid if you shove too much power in. Hope that helps. Cheers. Ian.
  14. Hi Ben. I use a 1095 as my surround Amp, but sometimes when I can`t be bothered changing speaker cables, it doubles as my music amp. My main 2ch Amp is a Musical Fidelity AMS 35p, they are both run from the same source. Here`s the kicker, the 1095 is 200wpc, the AMS is 35wpc, The difference in sound is like night and day. The 1095 is a great amp for the money, but the ams is light years ahead in terms of control and power the music is very different, like listening to a hifi and having the artist in the room playing for you. As I said I like my 1095, but if I was after another multi channel I would go with the Electra, more control and fineness. But trust your ears as only you know what you like. Cheers. Ian.
  15. Hi Glen. I have an old set of Wharfdale E70`s that were fully reco`ed last year, they would fit your budget and spec`s, there are also very good with valve amp`s. Cheers. Ian.